Fashions For Life, Fashions For FUN!

Oh the fun of wandering the sims of Fashion For Life!  I have had SO much fun shopping and looking around – and I adore some of the cute packaging some of the designers use for their items!  One even packages her designs in a tall glass of iced tea!  It is so cute, it made me squeeeee with excitement!

Yeah, I find myself getting excited over the oddest things…

But trust me, getting excited over these designers isn’t odd at all!

Vintage Touch has the most amazing retro fashions – and yet they’re modern enough to fit into anyone’s closet!  From the strapless Charisma dress in mulberry and midnight, to the s-e-x-y Grable Pinup Dress in Shadow and Turquoise, to the Chloe Floral Dress Coat in Candy, Mint and Sky, you will find something to meet your needs!  There’s also the Omega-applier seamed stockings and Slink Mid Suede Stilettos in Chartreuse, Shadow, and Plum.  Yum, yum, yum!

Dulce Secrets is adding fun to fashion with the most gorgeous frosted masks, colorful lightning-bolt Legion makeups, and the cutest bandaids for all the owwies you might ever get – the band-aids will certainly ease the pain!  You will love the versatility and beauty of these items – the masks can even be worn in combination!

You really need to check it all out, because you are missing out on the beauty and fun – not to mention the warm fuzzies from helping fund cancer research. 🙂

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