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More yumminess from Petit Chat!

Yes, it’s been a while since I blogged…and I am very sorry about that.  Sadly, my health has again taken a downturn, and I and my medical team are trying to figure out what is going on.  And you know you are no longer young, or even middle aged, when you have a medical team you’ve never had before!  So I am also struggling to accept that the old lady I see in the mirror is actually…me…*gulp*  I have to tell myself that no, that is not frosted hair – that those are gray hairs!  I’m so not even going to address the wrinkles, sags and bags, etc….!

But anyhoo, I have some awesome stuff to blog from one of my fave stores, Petit Chat:  some gawjuss heels, fun and adorable bracelets, and rockin’ felt hats!  We’ll begin with the heels and bracelets:

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Petit Chat has released these sooooo fun bracelets and retro cool Harvest Heels – so terrif!  First, the heels, made of the most buttery soft leather with chains along the toes and a curvy fat heel that provides so much support.  These heels remind me of 1940’s glamour, with the slight platform sole and round toe cap.  You can slide your feet into them and pretend you are Hepburn, Bacall, Davis, et al!  The hud also lets you choose from a variety of colors, so you can match the shoes with your outfit.  Sadly, I missed out on blogging them during the event they were featured at, but you can find these at the Petit Chat mainstore!  (LM below)

The Ram bracelets are just as much fun, made of nacre, rubber, leather, or glitter fabric.  They come in a variety of colors, 3 per bracelet type, so you won’t have trouble finding a bracelet to match your clothing!  As you can see above, with a bit of judicious editing, you can wear more than one and rock them out!  Now, this event does end today, but you can still hurry and get them at Marvelous Monthly:

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Website :

or (eventually) at Petit Chat’s mainstore (LM below)!

And now, on to these fun and funky felt hats!

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I don’t know why, but for some reason when I put this hat on, I felt like an urban adventuress…yes, my brain is very strange and I don’t even try to understand it anymore…but anyway, that’s why I decided to stage this shoot in a more urban scene, at twilight…I guess it looked like I was a very stylish private eye!  I wore MPP Alexandra hair and pose IE Confidence 8.  The hats all come with a color hud to change the color of the hat, band, and the parts of the decoration.  The hat comes in Petals, Hearts, and Stars.  These hats look awesome in any situation, from casual to dressy formal.  So urban hip!  Available at the Lost and Found event until Dec 1:


website :


And be sure to stop by Petit Chat’s mainstore or look at its various links:

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Petit chat blog :

Petit Chat Flikr group :