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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time, I went to another virtual world, InWorldz.  It turned out to not be my cup of tea, but I met some very amazing people, including MorgaineParis Parx.  She was the proprietor of MPP, My Pretty Pixels, and she had the most amazing fashion designs!  I fell in love with them.  I also got acquainted with Morgaine, and found out she was a truly warm and friendly person.  In fact, two of the few things I REALLY missed from InWorldz were her fashions and friendship…until I found out she was also in SL.  Shopping ensued!  When I applied for a blogger position for MPP, I renewed my friendship with her in SL as well.  And ohhhh, was I thrilled she was making mesh goodies!

Here are some of the yummy mesh goodies for you to take a peek at:

Hawaii dress

Alice hair, fades and regular

Sling-back shoes

Slink nails for fingers/toes

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And just to let you see the amazing choices you can get, here is a picture of the HUDs; each hud has many choices, such as the shoe hud, which offers both classic and fashion colors on all parts of the shoe:

MPP huds_001

Now can you see why I LOVE her stuff? It’s amaze-balls!

And if you want to find how to get these gorgeous items, here’s where you go:



I Blog the Hair…I Blog the Poses…

Sorry – I was listening to a show about the 90’s…or maybe 80’s… and the “We are the world…” recording session was playing while I typed that headline.

Proof positive that TV kills your brain cells. 😛

So, going on…I have some rawkin’ poses from Image Essentials and some gorgeous hair from Alli & Ali.  Plus, I am now a blogger with MPP (My Pretty Pixels) so yay! I have more fun to blog today!

First are a set of poses I did for the Women Sit Set 1, wearing Alli & Ali’s Astrid in light blond and MPP’s flower dress.  I am crazy about these poses!  They went perfectly with my bench by the lake… and I can see them going equally well in a chair – so feminine and classy!  Also perfect for a nice meditative bench…well, kinda like my bench by the lake, lol!  And Astrid hair is a gorgeous short hair style with shaved neck, in a variety of colors, including the usual 11 choices, but also including Light Blonde, Dark Blonde, and Moonlight!  MPP’s dress is a gorgeous summery mesh confection with hud that gives you a choice of colors!

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I also tried out the Lucky Lingerie poses and prop, from IE, wearing MPP Baroque Corset, JK Styles boyfriend shorts, and Alli & Ali Sye and Zarga heads in ombres.  Sye and Zarga are both all-mesh hairs and so comes with huds to change colors – I am a fan of ombres so I styled two of the ombre’s colors! The poses are very sexy too – perfect for putting the ooh in ooh-la-la! for your sexy pictures!  You can even allude to the die – as in, you wear this and you just might get lucky…!  The corset from MPP is very sexy, in mesh, with a hud for changing colors.  Unfortunately, JK Styles seems to have shut down her in-world store :(.

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So…want to know where to find all this gorgeous-ness?

Image Essentials:


Alli & Ali in-world store:

Alli & Ali Action Wall:

Alli & Ali blog:

Alli & Ali Twitter:

Alli & Ali Flickr:

IE  Logo Black

Loving the LAQ!

When I first came to Second Life, I was told if I wanted a good looking avatar, Laqroki (called RAC at the time, now known as LAQ) was the place to go.  And when I did and got a complete avatar from them, including eyes and hair, all I heard was how amazing, how beautiful my avatar was.  Thus began my love affair with LAQ.

I of course strayed from time to time, going to other skin designers and trying out their wares, especially as the new mesh heads started coming out.  I was thrilled that LAQ had appliers for their skins for the mesh bodies, including omega appliers, but then I would be stumped by the fact that mesh heads just couldn’t line up…until now!

LAQ has come out with its own mesh head!  Trinity mesh head 1.0 is out, and is it a stunner!  First of all, I ADORE the hud!  Nothing confusing, everything easy to understand and it gives me all the options I want in a mesh head!  Here is the HUD, and as you can see, it’s a breeze to operate:


From left to right, the first tab you encounter are features.  Here is where you can adjust your neck size, apply a neck blender, apply a skin tone, eyebrows, hairbase, lashes, and makeup.  The next tab is for expressions, such as blinking, mouth open or not, and smiling.  I love the simplicity of this – I’ve never really needed all the other expressions (and some of them were downright scary!).  Last tab is where you can save certain looks to load quickly, so you can save changes to your look and access them when needed.

The head also has several looks for it already – LAQ has put out twelve different looks, including a gorgeous middle-age woman skin and an African-American skin.  The looks vary enough that you could easily find many different looks to fit any situation.  Here are the ads LAQ sent out, and you can see how the different looks give a LOT of options:

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I have quite a few of the looks, so I took pictures of how I look with some of the different faces:

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There’s also the different expressions (the control you have over blinking SO comes in handy when taking pictures!):

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Simple to use, many different looks, and it’s from my favorite skin company!

I think I’ve fallen in love again…!

The initial head cost is 3100L, and then individual looks and skin tones are 990L each; you can also get a fatpack of all the skin tones for each look for around 3000L each.

Want to know where to get them?

LAQ Avatars:


Not the S-Word! Oh No!

Yes, the one word that struck fear into my heart every time summer’s end loomed near…


(One of the reasons I had such a hard time getting this blog done…although I could claim it’s always tomorrow somewhere!)

Of course, if my school was as fun as Image Essentials’ poses look, I might have sung a different tune!

With the help of my friend Coreig, I got to try out the IE Schoolies poses…which is amusing as neither he nor I are really all that scholarly…but anyhoo.

I am a bit more academically inclined than he is – which is why I love this pose, Lean, cause lord knows he would need MAJOR help from me!

schoolies lean

And yes, I do wonder why he likes me – maybe it’s because we’re more like siblings than friends…but I suspect it’s more he really likes being able to check out my …assets…with this pose, Stroll!

schoolies stroll_001

And of course, the flirting cuts both ways with this adorable pose, Whisper.  I wonder now, how on earth did any of us when we were teens get any studying done??  ‘Cause I gotta be honest, I remember desks in high school being that empty…and not a whole lot of studying being done!

schoolies whisper_001

Well, the trip down memory lane was fun, and Coreig did grumble less about these poses, so it was winner time all round!

Wanna know where to find them?

The Alchemy (until the 20th):

Image Essentials:

IE  Logo Black

Summertime Romance…with IE poses!

Yes, summertime romance deserves sets to commemorate that love…especially since it’s so fleeting!  Just like summer is…:(

So I asked (OK, bribed!) a friend, Coreig, to help me show off these amazing poses, from the offerings Image Essentials has at The Alchemy, which runs from the 1st to the 20th. ( if you want to know where to go!)

First pose is Girlfriend; of course Coreig had to tease me about how he was sacrificing sooooo much, holding me up…*sighs*.  But yeah, he had it soooo tough – pffft!  As if – you can tell in that photo he was enjoying it!

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Hmmm…well, you can’t see his face…and after I punished him for his snarkiness by holding me through a bunch of windlight changes..well, anyway, you can see how this pose is a very romantic one perfect for those moments of cuddling with a loved one, or for those wrenching emotional summer-romance-breakup-scene pics…

Weeeeel anyway…want something a bit less…strenuous for your guy?  This couples pose is perfect then!  And I did let Coreig sit…but he had to sit on a rock, hahaha!  But hey, he enjoyed sitting with me on his lap.  Least, that’s what I told him he did! ;D

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Played around a bit with windlight settings here too.  🙂  And yes, he had to sit on the rock the WHOLE time! XD

Tomorrow, I’ll show you what follows summer romance…SCHOOL…(cue “Jaws” music…!).

Want to know what other awesomeness IE has?

Image Essentials:

IE  Logo Black


Aw no, say it ain’t so! The end of…

the Medieval Fantasy Fair!

Tis true!  BUT…

there are still some fantastic items to find!  AND, they are available after the Fair too!

For someone like me, who occasionally suffers from late-itis, that is fantastic news!

And I have some awesomesauce things to show you!  From RYL and BamPu Legacies comes some of the most rawkin’ stuff EVAH!

First of all, RYL, whose creator is not only talented at making items, she is VERY talented as a photographer!  She’s got some awesome artwork for your walls, some gorgeous artwork on rugs you can lie or sit on (although I gotta admit, it’s a bit odd sitting on a FAB photo!), and some OMG yousexythangyou swim trikinis!

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Next is BamPu Legacies, who have the most adorably spooky trees, greeters and baby dragons.  And yes, I know that adorable and spooky are rarely if ever put in the same sentence, but when you see these, you will agree with me – Adorably spooky is the perfect way to describe them!  I photographed them in a variety of windlight settings so you could get an idea of what they would look like in YOUR yard….!

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Hurry – you still have time to get to the fair, but if you miss it – no worries!  I’ve included the LMs to the creators’ stores and another event where you can get the trikinis:

Medieval Fantasy Fair:



For the trikinis:


BamPu Legacies: