Fashion is fun…even when you’re not so much


I’ve come down with some awful bug, but I am so wanting to share with you the gorgeous designs I’ve received recently!  You’ll see why I am so excited when you see the pics!

First is a Fashion For Life designer, whose fashions will make you feel like running out and getting them NOW!  [Jenara] has some of the sweetest, sexiest dresses and blouse/skirt sets I’ve ever seen…but don’t just take my word for it:

Don’t you just love the keyhole opening in the back of the Annie dress?  And the polka-dots on the Betty dress are so sweet!  But the Nina dress just has me drooling…it looks so comfy yet sophisticated.  Love the sheen of the velvet top!

I also wanted to share with you the latest releases from JK Style…and she’s done it again!  I usually take you out on an adventure when I blog, but right now I don’t feel so good…so it’s an imaginary adventure!  Time to dust off those brain cells and pretend!  We’ve got the Gwyni Wedge Sneaker, in both black and denim, that pairs nicely with the Gwyni top and skirt, either plaid or houndstooth; the Charli jacket, crop top, and flared skirt; and the Jacqueline dress with pearl choker.

In either of the Gwyni outfits or the Charli outfit, I can see me heading out to a picnic, or outdoor concert…someplace where I’d want to be more casual but still look amazingly good!  (And of course, in any of these outfits I would totally succeed!) The Jacqueline dress, on the other hand, needs to be seen at a cocktail party, or the opening night of a play – someplace sophisticated and luxe, because this dress is all that and more!  I adore how the silk dress dips so low in the back – a real attention-getter!  And all of these outfits, in part or in whole, have the dresses conform to the major mesh bodies!  Sweeeeeet!

For the JK Styles looks:

In-world store:

Marketplace link:

For Fashion For Life:

Sim 3 – Beatles:

Sim 4 – Moulin Rouge:

Sim 5 – David Bowie tribute:

Sim 6 – Pin Up City:

Sim 7 – Narnia:

Sim 8 – Bladerunner:

Sim 9 – The Vikings:


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