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The end of this blog …

and the beginning of another.

I have concluded, after pondering some changes that have occurred, that WordPress and I need to have a parting of the ways.  I imagine this site will no longer exist after a certain point.  But as with any change, it opens up new and exciting possibilities, and I am excited to try new things with my new blog!  If you would like to follow me at my new home on Wix, just click on this link:

Hope to see you there!

Of the 7 Deadly Sins, I think I like Lust the most …

After all, Lust just sounds so … hot and sexy!  So I was very eager to see what La Bella Boutique {LBB} had put out for the exclusives and 10L gift for All Things Event, Theme: 7 Deadly Sins!  This event runs until April 15 here:  And when I saw what the items were, I had to agree – they definitely personified LUST!

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{LBB} did a variation on the Missy outfit for the items; first is Missy Bloom, the exclusive 10L gift  – and it is a stunner!  Translucent flowered fabric in very skimpy strips held up by straps at the tops of the top and skirt, and plenty of flounces to encourage ‘accidental’ exposure. 🙂  I wore this outfit at a bonfire and it was interesting to see how I could sit in a way that didn’t show off all my charms!  But if you think this outfit is stunning, wait till you see the event exclusives!

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{LBB}’s next iteration of the Missy outfit was Missy Flowers, an embroidered metallic-like thread on nearly transparent tulle, and again designed to incite lust 😉  This outfit also included embroidered shoes and sparkles on the skirt and top!  Just gorgeous – this is one you have to see to believe; I tried to show some of the sparkle effect in the hangout pic, but it still didn’t show it in all its glory.  The outfit comes with a hud that has over a dozen colors for shoes, skirt and top, plus you can use it to switch on and off the sparkles.

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{LBB}’s Missy Sparkle was the last variation, and as you might have guessed, this outfit is all about the sparkles!  I did manage to find a couple ways to show off the sparkle, and it gives this outfit total POW!  Skirt, top and shoes all included, with hud to give you just as many options as the Missy Flowers one.  I so enjoyed getting out in nature to showcase these nuclear-hot outfits (well, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the lustful stares of others without the worry of having to miss them to take pictures!) and I can imagine I would enjoy them on the dance floor as well!

If you want these lustfully sexy outfits, best hurry to the All Things Event – you’ll miss out on enjoying those oh-so-deadly-but-fun sins if you don’t!

Events galore to bring out the kid in you … the party-hearty, springtime-loving, candy-needing kid!

As colleges all over the United States prepare for that springtime ritual Spring Break, and many of us adults wish we had a spring break as well, in SL, we’ve got three events to celebrate Carnival, Candyland, and Ostara’s Altar – so for us here in SL, it is a fantastic spring break thanks to these events!

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Even if spring hasn’t made its way to your Northern Hemisphere clime, Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) brings us an event for those who refuse to grow up and give up candy! Candyland, which runs from March 15 -25, brings out the candy lover in all of us … well, a more, um, mature view of candy!  Since some of the outfits and stuff were perfect for those of us who want to postpone that adulting thing, I took these pictures at a DD/bbg sim, because it was so full of fun for people like me, who might have had to grow older but will not grow up!  I had fun flying around in Grumble’s flying anal plug and dildo (and of course I made sure they were clean – I mean, really!)  I also enjoyed the monkey bars in zfg’s candi boots and acrobat outfit, both with color-change huds.  Maybe the outfit is why I have such great balance! 😉  I thought I looked so sweet, sitting at a tea table, sucking on a lollypop and wearing Changed Season’s Lolly outfit, but then I went into OMG overload when I saw sass’ venellope outfit!  Wreck-It Ralph was such a fabulous movie, and this outfit was a perfect fit (with color-change hud too)!  I wonder if I can race as fast on that bike as Venellope could in her car … ?   To find all this fun and more, just race to:  

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Also from EBP comes Twe12ve, and this month is Carnival!  The event runs until March 31 and features all kinds of fashions and fun for the blowout party on Fat Tuesday!  And yes, Fat Tuesday is over – but c’mon, don’t you want to be ready for next year’s fun??  I certainly enjoyed hanging out against the tree, looking all cool and stuff in Roselle from Changed Seasons!  The dress, mask, panties and shrug are just made for dancing up a storm, whether you celebrate Mardi Gras in N’awlins or Carnival in Brazil!  But then my attention was caught by a cage – and nobody puts Rhia in a cage!  I checked it out while wearing Grumble’s Royal outfit – Masks and then Royal outfit – Meow.  (I thought Analog Dog’s Hot Lynx hair especially fitting for the Meow outfit!)  I didn’t think that cage could really stand up to me, but I did let it know I wouldn’t be trying it anytime soon!  For this and more party fun-ness, dance your way here!

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DP Events Ostara’s Altar is another event to remind us that Spring! Is! Coming!!  And this event celebrates the Wiccan calendar’s marking of the vernal equinox, a time of growth and revival, where winter gives way for the promise of spring.  And I feel very spring-like with the fashions and fun you can find at this event!  Since Ostara is a celebration of nature’s renewal, I decided to hang out in my swing, half-hidden by trees and bushes.  It was a fantastic place to relax and appreciate the gorgeous stuff I found at the event!  I’m wearing EscalateD’s Rebel hair – this hair has a TON of colors, including three special huds (sold seperately, 50L each)!  It’s a lovely, wavy, long hair perfect for setting off the makeup from Zibska; I’m wearing the Amarillis eyeshadow and lipstick, both with plenty of color possibilities from the enclosed huds!  The appliers come in Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, and Omega, so there’s one out there for all of you!  I also enjoyed playing around with the color huds for the filigree’d deliciousness that is Astara’s contribution!  Earrings (hunt prize), collar, and cuffs will make you look stunning – and so perfect for spring! (non-BDSM-scripted alternatives are also in the pack).  And finally, I so enjoyed the stunning Flora dress from Oubilette!  The fatpack comes in five ombre combinations and are just so perfect for spring, so airy and fresh!  If you’d like to get these lovelies and more, Ostara’s Altar runs until April 5, here:


Sweet, Sexy and Smooth … {LBB}, !!Firelight!! and Khargo give good event stuff for you!

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La Bella Boutique {LBB} has the Naughty Candy Girl outfit as its exclusive for Candyland Event by Evil Bunny Productions.  This is a completely sweet and sexy outfit including the cutout layered dress, ice cream decor shoes and a vibrator to hold, one with a static pose and one with a very sexy animation in it!  Hud allows you to customize the dress, shoes and vibrator in a galaxy of colors to suit your mood.  And the best part is, this item will be 50% off during the event only!

!!Firelight!! Zahara fatpack is also available at Candyland, in several shades and both standard and busty – a cute-as-candy braided updo with a poofed base and long braid cascading down one shoulder.  You’ll look twice as sweet in this!

Both items are at Candyland Event from March 15 – March 25 at this location:  Only eight days left – if you miss out, that will be so sour … 😦

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La Bella Boutique {LBB} has created two exclusives for the Paradise Event, the Selena Outfit and the 10L Gift Selena Forever Rose Bear.  Both of these were created in memory of  Selena Quintanilla.  The gift bear can either be held, with a hold animation, or rezzed out for display.  The outfit is a sexy combo of sparkling jacket, applier bra, leather pants with cutout sides and straps, and sexy strappy stilettos, all with a hud for personalization.  You can find these here:, from March 11 – March 25.

Khargo Carnival Tip Board, shown above, is available at Twe12ve, and it’s fantastic!  It allows for extensive personalization, such as gift giving, schedule info, name display, links to social media, etc.  All of this at only 9 LI!  Twe12ve goes from now until March 31 at this location:

{LBB} celebrates Carnaval and cartoon lips!

This time around, La Bella Boutique {LBB} is getting into fun – fun like Carnaval, with its celebration of music, dance, food, drink, and all the craziness that comes from enjoying all the weaknesses of the flesh before you have to renounce them for Lent.  And fun like cartoon lipstick that makes your lips shiny, cartoony fun!

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Both the {LBB} Carnaval Queen Makeup Set and the {LBB} Carnaval Queen Outfit are exclusive at  Twe12ve Event, which runs from March 12 – March 31.  The makeup gives you 8 eyeshadows and 12 lipsticks via hud; the outfit gives you 14 corset, shoe and wing colors and 14 applier colors for the panties for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies via hud; the hud also allows you to turn off the sparkles on the wings on and off.  Tons of fun for your celebrations!  I’m dancing in it in N’awlins … maybe not Carnaval, but still good!  Here’s you taxi:  LM:

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And {LBB} also provides some whimsy and fun with its Cartoon Lipstick Exclusive at Anti-Event from March 17 – April 7 – so a few more days to wait!  Ten colors (via hud) of quirky cartoon lips for those times when you want to stand out from the crowd and have some fun!   Appliers for most major mesh heads, so you should be able to find yours.  Taxi: LM:

{LBB} wants you to take a break from winter and think spring & summer fun!

Yes, winter is still the reality where many of us live, and I imagine (unless you are a hard-core winter lover!) you must be as tired of winter as I am!  Fortunately, La Bella Boutique {LBB} has just what you need to enjoy summer fun – and even some makeup and tattoos for those summer nights!  🙂

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And let’s just start there with the {LBB} Luna Tattoo & Makeup.  This is just absolutely gorgeous, with two different color lips, four eye colors and a mask-like tattoo on the top half of the face, with and without eyebrows.  The applier huds come in the major mesh heads and omega. It is stunning and certain to make you catch people’s notice!  Plus, it’s a fabulous accessory for masked balls and parties!  It’s an exclusive at the Anti-Event from March 17 – April 7.  So you have a few days before the event …!  LM:

{LBB} also has the Floral Bikini, with a hud that gives you 14 color combos and the option to turn the water droplets on or off.  Gorgeous tropical prints will transport you to the islands, with sun and waves … or at least transport you in your mind!  This lovely bikini is an exclusive at the Spotlight Event from March 7 to March 22.  LM:

And last, but certainly not least, there’s the {LBB} Cherry Blossom Nails, a sweet reminder of spring, when cherry trees bloom, filling the air with their gorgeous scent.  With the huds for the major mesh hands and omega, you can decorate your nails with this promise of the spring to come – and the polishes are utterly fantastic as well!  This is a new store release, so you can take this taxi:  You can also look around and find even more amazing items from {LBB} there too!


{LBB} makes the month of March dark, wet and wild!

Minds out of the gutter, people …!  Just letting you know what you can find and where you can find them – the fabulous fashions from La Bella Boutique {LBB}!


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For example, {LBB}’s  Psychara Outfit is an exclusive for The Darkness Event, which runs from March 5 – 28.  This outfit comes with a dress and pair of shoes which are just-on-this-side of macabre, but oh-so-stylish as well, with an embroidered cross on the front, lace insets on the edge of the bodice, and a flirty double flounce skirt hem.  Both dress and shoes come with a color hud, 14 colors you can choose from to your heart’s content.  I couldn’t resist posing in my dress like the woman in the painting on the wall, although I’m pretty sure my dress was a bit sexier!  You can find this outfit here:


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{LBB} Sexy Wet Bikini is super-hot!  Very sheer and sexy, this bikini is adorned with moving water droplets (you might be able to see them in the closeup pic).  The hud gives you 14 solid color choices for both top and bottom, along with the ability to turn off the water droplets.  It’s an exclusive for the Up Event, which runs from Mar 1 – 15.   LM:


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{LBB} Wild Bikini is also a great bikini set for getting wet and wild … and this bikini is also adorned with moving water droplets (you might be able to see them in the closeup pic).  The hud gives you 14 color choices for both top and bottom, along with the ability to turn off the water droplets, as the Sexy Wet bikini does.  This cute little number is an exclusive at the Hashtag Event, from Mar. 16 – 30 (so you have a few more days to wait…!)  LM:

And if you’d like to see even more of the gorgeous items for sale at {LBB}, take this taxi here!

{LBB} is Truly Outrageous @ Twe12ve!

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Last time I blogged about {LBB} (La Bella Boutique) at Twe12ve, I highlighted the Truly Outrageous Outfit, a sparkling dress, shoe, and earring combo with one heck of a WOW factor!  And now I’m featuring the Truly Outrageous Makeup set that is meant to go along with the outfit.  This makeup is certain to get you noticed, with six eyeshadows and fourteen lipsticks (via hud)!  I included a couple of pictures that are meant to show you how versatile this makeup is (thanks to those lovely mesh head sliders!); one is the makeup blended about halfway, the other the makeup at full force.  I’ve also included a picture of the makeup in different lighting to show you some of the glow factor this makeup has.  It’s stunning and a fantastic accompaniment to the outfit.  I dare you to fade into the wallpaper with this gorgeous makeup – even without the outfit!  If you want to be Truly Outrageous, be sure to visit Twe12ve today – you only have seven days left!  Here’s the LM:  And if you’d like to go to {LBB}’s mainstore for even more amazing items, go here:

Looking for spring (and a no-Valentine’s zone)? EBP and have what you need!

One of the things that stays constant every year for me is that I hate February.  It’s cold and dreary, snow and ice have become daily irritants, and to top it all off, it has … Valentine’s Day.  Seriously?  A depressing month, and we had to plop a ‘holiday’ into the middle of it to make those of us without a love in our lives feel even worse!  Right now, all I want is spring – well, and for Cupid to go far, FAR away, but I am a realist.  I’ll take spring!

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Thanks to, a group that offers wardrobe and home decor makeovers, I can pretend spring is here, because it has now expanded into providing items for you to add to your wardrobe!  The Doll dress, a gorgeous and sexy dress in six colors, is one of those versatile items that you can wear as a dress or as a smock-like top (looks adorable with capri tights!).  I decided to feature the polka-dot and floral colors as I frolicked in a flowery field – I love that word “frolicked”!  And I managed some kick-a$$ alliteration there as well!  To get this dress (and check out the other services provides), just go here:

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Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) continues to provide that tongue-in-cheek sexy vibe that makes February and Valentine’s Day bearable.  Twe12ve especially, with the Fetish theme, can distract you from both cold and pesky cherubs with arrows!  La Bella Boutique {LBB} has provided a Truly Outrageous Outfit, shoes and dress with a multi-color hud and a heaping helping of SEXXXY – and that’s not even including the Starlight earrings!  All the items in this outfit come with animated sparkles that can be turned on or off.  This outfit is so hot, you will be sure to turn heads (and maybe even get a proposition or two…!)  anny’s Fashion is not far behind, with the Neyge Sexy Dress, a dress with more cut on than left on – so ooo-lah-lah!  GO Makeup has the lipstick to plump up those lips and make them hot, the Cherie lipstick, a peachy color that looks amazing on all skin colors.  And finally, !!Firelight!! has the Miranda hair, a style that is poufy at the top and then cascades down to lovely curls sliding down your back and chest.  All of this and more can be found here:  You can also visit the individual stores here:


anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup:


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The Gatcha Life – Fantasy (TGL – Fantasy) has another great set of items from anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup.  First, anny’s Fashion has the Helen Flowers Black Dress Summer Fantasy, with sexy crossed stripes and a net midriff and hem; the applique roses adding a splash of color to liven up the dress.  GO Makeup has given us a nude lipstick, BareAgain Makeup04, which is a lovely understated lip color that still manages to make your lips shine.  And both of these, along with many other items, can be found at:  Stores LM is above. 🙂

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OK, I think I might have a bit of a love affair with anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup …!  At Truth or Dare 4 (TODA4), these two stores show up again, this time with a Winter Leather Dress, a minidress with a seriously plunging neckline and ten lovely shades (via hud) to make this dress fit your mood, and two lipsticks, MeltDown 01 and 05, one a shiny peach and the other a shiny beige that emphasize your bottom lip for that kissable mouth.  Who needs Cupid when you look this hot?  For this and more awesomeness, go here:  Stores LM is above as well.  😀

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And at The Stupid Cupid Hunt 7 (TSCH7), there’s a bunch of items to remind you that who needs love when you have these items?  EscalateD has the Macon hair in two versions with three special huds for dozens of color possibilities – and a sexy updo is just the thing to make access for those hot kisses!  Little 2 Large (L2L) has the Anti-Valentine Doll – and this is by far my most FAVORITE item!!  Take that, you crappy fake holiday!  (No hating please, just my opinion :P)  There’s a doll-and-pillow decor item, a small holdable doll and a larger one – the better to stab the right areas …!  Lush has provided a tattoo, Hand me a Rose, that places lovely tattoos of roses up and down your forearm – who needs a guy to bring you roses when you always have your own?  Prism by Jezzixa Cazalet has TRACEY in Valentine, pink and red striped bodice leading down to pink hearts on a red background skirt, so flirty and fresh!  And lastly, the dress that always makes me laugh when I see it – :TTC: Twisty’s YourMyFavorite Dress.  I don’t think I can add anything more to it than the picture above … just perfect!  The hunt begins here: and the website with store links is here:

But on the 28th, your opportunity to get the EBP event items is gone – so HURRY!!!

TODA4, Twe12ve – Fetish, TSCH7 and {LBB} – more sexy fun for your February!

In the Northern Hemisphere, February tends to be cold and gloomy … but Evil Bunny Productions and La Bella Boutique {LBB} has the answers to heat up your chilliest winter night!

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First off is TODA4 (The Truth or Dare Affair), which starts us out with a sexy and cool hairstyle from EscalateD; it’s the 10L Special, with special huds for colors not usually available (and not in the fatpack).  It’s why it pays to visit the events!  Baily is a short, fun hairstyle that fits perfectly with {LBB}’s Micah outfit, a lacy, peek-a-boo dress and lace heel open-toe shoe design, available at {LBB}’s mainstore (not part of the TODA4 event).  You will feel uber-sexy in this outfit!  There’s a reason I’m showing this from the side … !  To get to TODA4, take this taxi:    Or if you want to go to the EscalateD main store, this taxi is for you:  And to get to {LBB} and all the amazing and hot-hot-HOT fashions, take this taxi:

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For Twe12ve this month, the theme is Fetish – and ooooh, the designers have really stepped up their game! Lush Poses has a set of female Bento poses called, appropriately enough, “I Own You”!  Very strong poses to let the love of your life know who is the boss …!  Changed Seasons offers the Fantasia outfit, with shoes and outfit – so much lace, so many chains!  I can see a lot of fantasies played out with this!  And Khargo provides a tip jar perfect for those BDSM sites, with a triskelion medallion and a woman touching herself in provocative ways – wonder if the tips will go up with this jar?  😉   To get to Twe12ve, here’s your taxi:  To go to Lush Poses to see some more awesome poses, ride this taxi:  To find even more sexy and fun fashions at Changed Seasons mainstore, take this taxi:  And for more funny, sexy, cool tip jars, just catch this taxi here:

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And last, but certainly not least, TSCH7 (The Stupid Cupid Hunt) has two fantastic items for your wearing pleasure!  First, Atlantis Design has the Dark Heart Dress, in both classic sizes and most mesh body sizes; it’s a sly spoof on all those red, red hearts that are so ubiquitous at Valentine’s – show your preference for the dark side of love!  And KEKA has a complete makeup palette for Catwa, Lelutka and omega-compatible mesh heads – and this palette will make you feel sexy and oh-so-ready for that romantic day!  You get eye makeup, lipstick, and a cursive ‘love’ tattoo under your right eye.  Love is in the air … and on your face …!  To start the hunt, go here:; you will also want to go here for hints, URL links, and previews: and paste this in your search bar to join the group:  cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04.  Although you can get the LMs for these stores on the website, I’ll just help you out by posting them here as well 😀

Atlantis Design:


Most of these event items will only be available until Feb. 28 – so hurry!