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Twe12ve and {LBB} – a real Wonderland for you!

I love how the Lewis Carroll books bring out so much creativity in designers!  I’m featuring La Bella Boutique {LBB} and a few of the Alice-themed items you can find at Twe12ve!

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{LBB} has gone all out to evoke a sense of otherness, the mingling of the bizarre with reality – and has added a pinch of kinkiness to boot!  First is the Alice latex outfit, an adorably sweet polka-dot dress with cap sleeves, arm warmers and stiletto thigh-high boots.  What gives it that kinky touch is the zipper going straight up from hem to scoop neckline – and of course, the fact that it’s made out of latex!  You can look innocent and alluring at the same time!  I also am blogging the Alice nails, with omega, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Vista nail appliers.  You can have one of five different adorable nail polishes – I chose the floral one.  And finally, the Rose and Cheshire Cat tattoo – a pair of white roses dripping red paint on your upper chest, the Cheshire Cat curled up on your back.

And of course, I had to display these items with a perfect setting – a huge archway of books leading to some roses and a crazy tea party set-up, all from Boudoir.  I felt it gave the right kind of whimsy to this set of photos – as if I was actually Alice at the tea party.  I could have had a cuppa, but poor Alice never got a drink of tea, so I decided to just converse instead.

With a bunch of empty chairs at empty tables …

Well, that’s just so Wonderland, don’t you think?  😀

To get these and other fabulous items, make sure you stop by Twe12ve VERY soon! (at least before Jan. 31st!)  Taxi is here:

And to go to {LBB} mainstore and see the other delights created, take this taxi:

Twe12ve and Wonderland Delights!

As promised, I am blogging about the items I wore for the Twe12ve event, whose theme is Wonderland – and it is a wonderland of amazing delights!

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I am posing at the event itself with some gorgeous fashions – first of all, the dress I’m wearing.  It’s from one of my favorite designers, Changed Seasons, and is named Victoria.  It’s so sexxxxxy!  Short, with slits to either side tied up halfway by some very thin ties – I can imagine when your significant other looks at you in this dress, s/he is imagining untying those ties … !  Comes with a hud to personalize the colors of the dress and comes in most mesh body configurations.  I paired it with the Slackgirl Monica shoes, which come in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink sizes, a logo hud and a texture hud.  Very hot!  I also added two items from GO makeup, the DreamCatcher lipstick Makeup04, with Omega and Catwa applier huds, and Tattoo Chest9, which comes in Black, White and Red omega appliers.  You’ll feel so pretty with these items adorning your avi!

These items can be found at this address:  But don’t wait – the 31st gets closer and closer every day … !

And if you’d like to see what other items these designers have, here are their home addresses:


GO Makeup:

Changed Seasons:

It is time for more Evil with a new round of Twe12ve!

Yes, another round of Twe12ve has begun and to give you an idea of what you can find here on the sim, I decided to take a little tour of the Twe12ve area and take you along with me:

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(also in the pictures: a preview of what I’ll be blogging about next post!)

When you port into the event site, you’ll see a mall-like structure with the exclusives from each designer – a great way to get introduced to new products, as well as to find the products only available for this event.  I love the quote on the floor, giving the definition for the word of the month:  Wonderland!

Outside and to the right is a teleport board to teleport to the individual stores, where you will find even more items from the participating designers.  And a bit further down from that, you’ll see a wonderland-worthy chess set – I’m a sucker for those kinds of things.  🙂

And one last bit of fun – in front of the teleport point, there is a huge 12 with a spotlight shining on it – a great place to take a picture or two … !

And to get to all of this amazing stuff, just take the taxi:

But you only have until the 31st, so don’t delay!

Want to stand out on the dance floor? {LBB} and Petit Chat have just the things for you!

Well, the holidays are over, hopefully the stress level has gone down, and so of course, what do you want to do?  Sit around your house and relax?

Heck, no!  You want to go out dancing!  And La Bella Boutique {LBB} and Petit Chat have just the stuff to make you shine on the dance floor!

lbb jessica outfit, pc emma, louison full sets_002
{LBB} Jessica outfit; PC Louison full set, January group gift – Carly bracelet

{LBB} gives us the uber-sexy Jessica outfit, with translucent, lacy panels front and back, an asymmetrical hem and lots of lovely cleavage!  Trust me, this one will get you compliments galore!  Paired with the heel-less, studded shoes (inset, above), it’s a definite eye-catcher; with a hud to change the color of the dress and shoes, you’ll have no trouble at all making this dress a mainstay of your dancing wardrobe!  Fits most major mesh bodies and mesh feet.  It’s at the main store:

lbb jessica outfit, pc emma, louison full sets_001
{LBB} Jessica outfit; PC Louison full set, January group gift – Carly bracelet

Petit Chat also has some gorgeous offerings for your pleasure, such as the January group gift, the Carly bracelet, with all new colors for the band and pearl (inset, top picture).  All you need to do is go to the main store, put on your group tag, and click! it’s yours!  Not a member?  Just click on the group joiner; it is worth the price!  Store LM:  In the inset in the picture above, you can see the Louison full set – left and right bracelets and necklace – and it is beautiful!  A hud allows you to control the string, beads, and flower petals and centers, allowing you to customize this to your liking.  You can buy the full set or just the bracelets or just the necklace – and they are all half price!  You can find this at The Chapter 4: until the 31st.

But, as with anything in this life, nothing is forever – including these sales!  So hurry and grab yourself some dance floor awesomeness today!

“Slam it to the left … shake it to the right …” with Spice Girls outfit from {LBB}!

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La Bella Boutique {LBB} has brought out a very sexy dress-and-shoes outfit named for the seminal ’90’s girl band that promoted “girl power,” Spice Girls!  Sexy strapped stilettos in sparkly colors and a daring dress that plunges down-to-there front and back and a hem that goes up-to-there in sparkly colors (all controlled via hud).  How can you not NEED this dress and shoes combo?  You will definitely stand out on the dance floor in this combo!  Party your heart out in this awesome outfit – here’s the taxi to get to the store:  But don’t delay – you never know when you’ll need that perfect dress to stand out at a party!

More loveliness from Winter’s Hollow to brighten up your Yuletime!

There’s still some time left to get these goodies, but not much – so let’s get to it!

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First, [QE] and [QE Home] bring you color-coordinated and gorgeous offerings for both your home and you!  [QE Home] brings you the Handcrafted Christmas Tree in Floral Arcana – the tea candles on the branches are an especially lovely touch!  Or you can forego the candles and put up the tree without.  🙂  There’s also the Tassled Rug in Floral Arcana, perfect for under the tree!  And to continue the color motif, [QE] has the Daphne Sweater Dress in Winter Magic, with the Silvan Boots, also in Winter Magic.  Gorgeous!  You can go to the store here:

WH 2c_001

:{MV}: {Alternative Fashion} offers up its own stunning outfit and scarf for your fun in the snow, or even fun inside away from the snow!  The Solstice scarf is a hunt gift; there is also a Solstice dress and leggings outfit that fits most female mesh bodies available in the event :{MV}: store.  Warm and cuddly, it’s perfect for a Yule-time good time! The store location is here:

The event location is here: but hurry – time waits for no one … !

EBP events, Dark Passions’ Winter’s Hollow … the magic is going soon

Yes, it is sad but true – events eventually end, and the Evil Bunny Productions events and the Winter’s Hollow event from Dark Passions are ending the 31st!  But there are still a (very) few days left … so let’s see what other fabulous-ness you can find!

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From The Grumpy Santa Hunt comes :TTC: Twistys Elf outfit, with hat, jagged-edge top, and cutout pants – so cute!  Store LM:;  event LM:

From The Gacha Life – Season comes Lush’s Snowflake dress and poses gacha and Holiday Pouf gacha – beautiful and fun!  Store LM:; event LM:

From The Naughty List 3 comes BouBouki Dionne set, with pasties, patch and harness – you’ll want to wear this on those cold nights to warm things up!  Store LM:; event LM:

From Twe12ve Dec. – Glam comes anny’s Fashion AnaClara Sexy dress with texture change hud and GO MostClassic Lipstick Makeup04 with Omega and Catwa huds – perfect for New Year parties!  Store LM (for both anny’s Fashion & GO Makeup):; event LM:

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And at the Winter’s Hollow event, there’s even more amazing stuff to find, as you can see in the pictures above.  Dark Passions’ Koffin Nails has the most adorable Halloween Hoots nail polish – owls with little witch hats on them and various backgrounds!  The appliers come in Slink, Maitreya and Omega, so any nail can wear them proudly!  Store LM:  [CIRCA] has provided 5 sets of vases, 2 different colors of vase in each set.  Perfect for setting outside … or inside, for that matter!  Store LMs:  Architechture & Landscaping,;  Living, Aurora Vale,     ::SO:: provides a pair of Blue Ice High Peep Toe Shoes and a lovely Stitched Netting Long Sleeve Shift Dress-Burgundi, both of which will make you the belle of the New Year’s ball!  Store LM:  If you want to go long, .Viki. has a Boreale dress fatpack with hud, to personalize your own way!  Store LM:  1313 Mockingbird Lane has a Little Gothmas gacha collection of hats, horns, and hats with horns to liven up your Christmas outfits (comes with hud for the Rare only)!  Store LM:  And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without *NW*’s Crystal Horns (hunt gift) and Ornament earrings – there’s dozens of kinds of earrings to collect – even some sparkly ones!  Store LM:  Event LM:  But don’t wait – you will miss out!



Winter’s Hollow is alive – Joy to the (SL) World!

I love when Dark Passions has an event – besides the fact that the designers at the events are amazing and so creative, the sim is utterly magical.  BCreative Wilde has a magical touch when it comes to the event sim, as you can see in the photos below:


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Not only that, you can get such amazing items there – to buy, to find in the hunt, and to receive as gifts, as you can see below:


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TNB starts out our shopping trip with the Butterfly Wonderland dress, butterflies embroidered on a striped white on blue fabric – it’s so delicate and pretty! !TLB (The Little Bat) has two items, Holly mesh nails with hud for Maitreya and Slink and Spiral Horns with hud.  Lovely!  EscalateD has Kinzey hair, all included pack with huds, and two gifts, the solstice gift Ashara with winter edition hud and the hunt gift Avacyn with the special huds and a style hud – the gifts will not be available after this event.  I’m wearing Kinzey hair and it is fabulous.  ~DN~ (Deadly Nightshade) has Nityr’s Staff and Spells – the Spells is a hud, which you attach first, and then the staff.  You can do some really impressive stuff with this staff/hud combo – attack, shield, or even teleport!  adoness has the vonks : integrity hair, with several parts and color huds; there’s even a hair tint hud!  Senzafine has the Eirwyn gown with color hud – I feel like a queen in this gown!  And to cap it all off, SynCo offers the Fire & Ice set gacha, a collection of either diamond or ruby gems in a jewelry set of bindi, choker, earring set, septum piercing and tiara.  Fabulous!

If you would love to see the items above and the sim, just teleport to here:  But don’t wait – it’s all over on the 31st!

Seasonal goodies and free membership – it really is the season to be jolly!

In the interest of full disclosure,  in RL I am not a Christmas-phile.  But I LOVE to decorate and wear seasonal clothes here in SL!  So, I have learned to accept that I don’t always make sense.  🙂

LBB Santa Baby outfit, Santa's Reindeer_001

Of course, with offerings like La Bella Boutique’s ({LBB}) Santa Baby outfit – boots and dress, with a color-change hud and in most major mesh body sizes – and Santa’s Reindeer – one you can hold with texture changes hud, one for rezzing for decor with texture changing hud, and 9 reindeer for decor – how can you be anything but excited about dressing up and decorating the house?  Both available at the main store:  Don’t miss out on this amazing offering!

MPP Chic Party Dress, MPP Leather pumps, The Dark Fae's Holiday Side Table in Gold_001

MPP Chic Party Dress, MPP Leather pumps, The Dark Fae's Holiday Side Table in Gold_002

My Pretty Pixels (MPP) is also giving some Christmas joy with its gorgeous Chic Party dress, with color-changing hud and in most major mesh body sizes, and Leather pumps, also with color-changing hud for each section of the shoe.  AND not only that, but until the end of the month, joining the group is FREE!  Here’s where you can get the shoes, dress, and free membership:

And the lovely table next to me in the photo is The Dark Fae’s offering for The Wash Cart Sale event,  a quarterly event where most items are only 10L.  You can get some amazing offers at this event, such as the table above, which comes in 6 colors to match your decor and looks so festive, with its star motif inlaid into the top!  The Wash Cart Sale event, which runs until Jan. 2, is here:  and The Dark Fae’s store is here:

- MPP 2018 - Join group without fees

But hurry – there’s not much time, and you don’t want to be like the White Rabbit, singing, “I’m late, I’m late” … !

Have a holly jolly shopping time at EBP events!

Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) certainly knows how to put on a great event; considering they’ve been doing about four a month for a while now, they’ve become quite the pros!  And you can find so many awesome items for you, your home, and your loved ones this season.  With four shopping possibilities, how can you go wrong?

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The first event is a hunt, The Grumpy Santa Hunt, full of awesome gifts – and all yours for the hunting!  I previewed some of these before, but now you can see what designers are providing you all this amazing gorgeousness!  You can start the hunt here:  and you will want to stop there first, as there aren’t any LM’s in the gifts for the next store.  You will need the nc provided!  I also recommend joining the in-world group (joiner at start) and checking out the website (which will also work for the other events):

!!Firelight!! Stevie Raven hair  store LM:

*DU*Melody Reindeer friend (two versions, adult & kids) store LM:

.EscalateD. Agnes (two versions, special HUDs and styleHUD included)  store LM:

Atlantis Design I Tried PJ (fitmesh and mesh bodies versions)  store LM:

Changed Seasons Holiday Sweater outfit (mesh bodies versions)  store LM:

MOoH! Christmas Snowglobe  store LM:

Sweet Evil Gold Star Body Glitter (with Omega sppliers)  store LM:

The Dark Fae Grumpy Santa Snowglobe (limited edition available only at the event)  store LM:

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The next event is The Naughty List at  If you’re like me and sort of skirt the edge between naughty and nice … this event is for you!  It’s the naughty side of Christmas, which makes it so much fun!  The designers featured above are listed below, along with their store LMs if you want to find more of their fabulous stuff.

.EscalateD. Genova and Letty (with all HUDs included!)  store LM:

7 Deadly Skins Stormy dark and light pack skins and shape  store LM:

Changed Seasons Wren gown with choker (mesh bodies versions)  store LM:

Khargo Christmas Crashed Santa and Winter Scene with Raccoon  store LM:

Prism Winona Lingerie Set by Jezzixa (sets in multiple colors)  store LM:

Sweet Evil Christmas Hair Pins (various styles) store LM:

The Dark Fae Holiday Cocoa, Holiday JOY blue, Holiday Reindeer Candle Blue, Snowflake Winter Bench and Sparkly Light White (the designer admits she got caught in the Nice net, lol!)   store LM:

L2L Almost Midnight Dress in Gold (in both Dinkies and Classic)  store LM:

Tooty Fruity Hollie Top (main mesh bodies)  store LM:

{zfg} Dorcas 6 pack (most major mesh bodies)  store LM:

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Next event is The Gacha Life – Season, LM:, a fun event for those of us who are terminally addicted to gachas!  And you will find many, many items there to keep you feeding those machines with your lindens, like the offerings from these two stores:

Khargo Christmas Giant Baubles (with various slogans and colors) and Christmas Snow Jars (various Christmassy items in them!)   store LM:

{LP} Santa Gacha Pack (boots, hat, lingerie and masks)  store LM:

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And last but by no means least, is the Twe12ve December – Glam round, with gorgeous and sophisticated items to jazz up your holiday!  LM:  Here are the designers whose items you can see above:

Khargo Christmas Cuddle Shelf Decoration  store LM:

Sweet Evil Tipsy Drinks (various types) store LM:

Tooty Fruity Rose Heels (main mesh feet)  store LM:

~ASW~ The Midnight Photo Prop collection (backdrop curtain, glitter, sign and stars)  store LM:

PS…Nails Frosted Evening (Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers)  store LM:

Changed Seasons Harlow (wrap, dress, heels for most mesh bodies)  store LM:

[NJ]Jessica (pasties and corset)  store LM:

C H A R M E – Cher (two sizes and huds)  store LM:

All of these end on the 31st, so hurry and get your holiday swag before the New Year comes!