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It’s so blue…so royal blue…

It’s another entry for the Great CasperTech Grid Wide Easter Egg Hunt!  S0H0E SHOeS has put out the Dorothy Sparkle Pumps in Royal Blue for this event; it will be available from the main store only at  The hint is “There’s No Place Like Home” – well, unless you’re wearing these pumps in an RP bar…then be prepared to attract a lot of attention (as you can see…)!  Only available until April 3 at midnight SLT – so get your hunt game on!

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Amazing views at Ostara’s Altar…and some awesome boots for The Darkness event! But don’t forget the Bunneh…!

I want you all to see the gorgeousness of Ostara’s Altar…the designer, BCreative Wild from Dark Passions, goes all out to make this event not only varied, but detailed and lovely!  I took these pictures at the event’s windlight setting and it looks so dreamy and fantastical!  See what I mean here:

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These were taken soon after I got there; the light was dimmer and you could see the lights, fireflies, and glowing moths very clearly.  Just amazing!  There’s also a hunt – for $5L, you can buy eggs hidden around the event, like the pink one I found being guarded by a tree with a very serene face!

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These were taken when the ‘day’ began, and oh my, the event is even gorgeous in daylight!  With mists, rays of sunlight beaming through the leaves, unicorns, black horses, and mystic wiccan symbols galore, it was just absolutely amazing.  If you’d love to explore this magical place, you only have until April 3:

Ostara's Altar Event Poster 2018 - Final

And speaking of events, S0H0E SHOeS has made a truly adorable set of boots for the Darkness event!  For the April round, that begins April 5 and will go until the 28th of April with the theme “Dark Style,” the designer has given us the Ashlee Ankle boots, cute boots with a lot of metal embellishment and turned-down cuffs.  Who could not love this?

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I took the pictures at a couple of sims I rp at, Los Banos and Santa Ramona Valley.  The boots are controlled by a hud, so you can change the cuffs, main body, heels, and metals!  Just too cute!  AND…the heels can be plain or with a rose and stem motif which goes up the back of the boots!  Is that not totes adorbs or what??  After April 5th, you’ll be able to find it here:

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And last, but very certainly not least…Le Fashion Whore is providing a prize, Daddy’s Lil Bunneh in Mint, which comes with shoes, tights (via applier), huggable adorable stuffed bunneh, tail, outfit and ears. This prize is part of the Great CasperTech Grid Wide Easter Egg Hunt, which starts at midnight SLT on March 30th and closes at midnight SLT on April 3rd – so not much time to go get this amazing gift for Easter!  Or any other use you can think of…!   Will be available from the mainstore only, which is at   The hint for this item is: “I stand up tall and made of steel, with baguettes and garlic at my heel. I love the colours red, white & blue, but obviously not as much as you. I am a marvel for all to see, though to some I am a monstrosity! What am I ??”

Run, rabbit, run, see and get these amazing items!  Time’s a wastin’!

Shall I Tease and Tempt You…

Zoom Wicca Baby Dress_001
Zoom Wicca Baby Dress
Witchcraft Sybill top & shorts, Az Wiccan Mesh Eyes_002
Witchcraft Sybill Top & Shorts
Witchcraft Sybill top & shorts, Az Wiccan Mesh Eyes_001
AZ Wiccan Mesh Eyes
TLB Andromeda eyes and Goddess Dermal_Tattoo, ZS Syn Septum Piercing, Astara Ostara's Blessing Dress_003
TLB Andromeda Eyes, ZS Syn Septum Piercing
TLB Andromeda eyes and Goddess Dermal_Tattoo, ZS Syn Septum Piercing, Astara Ostara's Blessing Dress_002
TLB Goddess Dermal + Tattoo
TLB Andromeda eyes and Goddess Dermal_Tattoo, ZS Syn Septum Piercing, Astara Ostara's Blessing Dress_001
Astara Ostara’s Blessing Dress
SO Luna Dress_001
SO Luna Dress
Oubliette Fatpack Maia Dress_001
Oubilette Fatpack Maia Dress
Get Frocked Weird & Wonky dress gift item_001
Get Frocked Weird & Wonky Dress – Gift Item
Get Frocked Isleen Skirt and Top_001
Get Frocked Isleen Skirt and Top
Dreaming Thicket Butterfly Lily Top and Lotus Skirt_001
Dreaming Thicket Butterfly Lily Top and Lotus Skirt

…with all of the gorgeous items you can find at Deep Passion’s Ostara’s Altar event?

I mean, look at me, glowing with the pleasure I found in each of these items!  Dancing in an enchanted field of flowers…I am enjoying myself because all of these items are just amazing!  There’s even a Weird & Wonky dress that I thought was so totally me, I was listening for the “Amen!”s from those that know me!

But like all good things, this event does not last forever…so be sure to hurry up and get there to partake of the goodliness that is there!



From:  Mar 16 to Apr 3, 2018

Ostara's Altar Event Poster 2018 - Final

and for those of you who would like to see more from each of these designers:

Dreaming Thicket:

Get Frocked:









Fun in the sun with Jenna Trikini, Rhiannon Necklace! But first, a PSA…

Ostara's Altar Event Poster 2018 - Final

PSA Alert!

Yes, Dark Passions Events is bringing us the Vernal Equinox celebration, Ostara’s Altar!  It starts today and runs until April 3, with tons and tons of wonderful fashions, home decor, and more…and a great hunt!  It’s the softer side of dark fantasy, with dozens of fantasy fashion’s most talented designers participating.  Make sure you hurry – April 3 is not that far away!


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Meanwhile, on the beach at Santa Ramona…I’m taking in some setting sun in my Jenna trikini solid from BLOSSOM, a gorgeous sexy one-piece (that shows about as much as a two-piece!) that will make heads turn on the beach as you pass by!  It has a color hud to change one side to one color or pattern and the other side to another, or you can change the whole trikini, as I show on another day with the Jenna Trikini semi-transparent:

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Yeah, soakin’ up the rays, gettin’ in some sun…!  This is available in a solid fatpack, a semi-transparent fatpack, and a megapack at XXX Event, from Mar 15 to Apr 6:

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This next part that I’m blogging has a special meaning to me.  Trinity Yazimoto, the designer behind Petit Chat, designed this and named it after me.  If you thought that I cried when I found out…well, you’re right!  It was such a great honor by one of the nicest, most talented designers I know.  It is a gorgeous pendant with a design reminiscent of the symbol for Rhiannon in Celtic lore on a string; all parts of this pendant and string can be changed via included hud.  It is available at The Fantasy Collective event for the March round, Mar 10 – Apr 10:

And as always, you can find amazing items from these incredibly talented people at their main stores:






Petit Chat


Blog :

Flikr group :

Facebook :



Sexy, daring, and hot as all get out! Fashions for the wild child in you!

I don’t usually do posts like this…but you know, everyone has a wild side just waiting to get loose, and these fashions are perfect for that wild and daring side of me!

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First up (or off, depending on your viewpoint!) is Le Fashion Whore’s Chain Me Up panties and BLOSSOM’s Love Heart Pubic Patch applier.  The top is from Meva. called Dolly Bra and Chain – I thought it looked perfect with the panties, especially with the bra part off!  The top, if you like it, is at Meva’s main store: and the panties, with color-change hud, can be found at XXX Event, which begins on the 15th of the month and runs until the 6th of April:  The pubic patch, which comes in red, blond, black and brown on the applier hud, is available at the BLOSSOM main store:

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S0H0E SHOeS’ contribution to the XXX Event (LM above) is the Champagne Knee Highs, a deliciously strappy boots? shoes? well, whichever you call it, it’s sexy as all get out, with rows of studs on the straps and a color-change hud to change the main, straps, studs and platform parts to any color combination you can desire!  Le Fashion Whore’s second contribution to XXX Event is the Savannah dress, which comes in very racy fishnet or a more demure solid…but of course the back on both shows off your ass-sets very well!  The straps, bow, and main part are all controlled by a color hud for tons and tons of color options.

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And last, but certainly not least, is Kitty Creations’ contribution to sexing up your outfit choices!  All of these are available at the main store, and some are even on sale for either $99L, $30L, or $25L!  But even if not on sale, they are super-hot AND affordable!  The skirts are super-short, with no panties underneath for most of them; some, like the Endearing Soul in black or She’s Provocative in white, are just lace…what a way to show them what you’ve got!  Even the Siri, which looks so innocent, can have the bra part removed, and voila! you are topless…well, mostly, lol!  Sadie Dubratt, the owner, also has many many other fashions that are sexy, as well as medieval items for the roleplayer in you, home decor, etc. She also has men’s fashions for Gor or medieval roleplay…so it’s worth your time to check it all out!


Jewelry to comfort you when you are feeling down…

Into every life a little rain must fall…even in an avi’s RP life!  So, what do you do when things get a little dark and dreary?

Well, go shopping, of course!  And Petit Chat has some absolutely gorgeous pieces to lift your (or your avi’s) spirits:

First is the Poppy set, earrings, necklace and bracelets with texture HUD to change the metal or strings.  I personally have a deep connection to poppies, as every Veteran’s Day it used to be the custom to pass out paper poppies to remember those veterans who have given so much for all of us to have our freedoms and rights.  My beloved grandfather was one of those veterans, and I know he sacrificed much during WW II.  Now, every time I wear this set, I will remember him.  But it’s also a really gorgeous set that is whimsical and fun!  If you want this set, just go visit the Whimsical event, from Feb. 18-March 18th (

AND…if that isn’t enough…there’s a new group giftie!

The Atlas cuffs, which you might remember were released earlier, have been re-tooled with a new HUD for the limited edition monthly group gift, until Mar. 15th, at the Petit Chat main store.  Here’s the store info:    Petit Chat slurl :
Petit chat blog :
Petit Chat Flikr group :                                    Petit Chat Facebook :

PC Leila full set_001
PC Leila full set

And last but certainly not least:  The Leila full set!  This earrings and necklaces set has a HUD to change the colors on all parts of the set.  It’s so beautiful and delicate, yet would look great with casual clothing as well.  Versatility is a big plus with me, as I’m sure many of you will agree!  The set is available at The Chapter 4 event, from March. 4th-31st :  (  You can also find more info here:

flikr :
Facebook :

So…don’t wait!  March 31st is coming all too soon…!