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Sassy poses for sassy hair (and shoes!)

I have some awesome awesome-ness to show you!  I have some new hair and new flipflops thanks to Morgaine at My Pretty Pixels (MPP).  And I thought that they worked soooo perfectly with the Inna Sass poses from Image Essentials (IE) that I had to put them all together!

Inna Sass poses come with this really cool prop, three cubes with tunnels bored through them, and as you can see quite a variety of poses on and around them!  From what looks like pouting and begging, to pensive thinking, to sassy and strong attitude, all of these poses say a million things without saying a word!  You can find these poses at the House of Swag event from Oct 21 to Nov.4:

or at Image Essentials:

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And the hairs and the flipflops added to the scene, I could just envision when I was a teen…full of angst and attitude, changing my hair every other day, living in tees, shorts and flipflops!  And with these hairs and flipflops, you could change every day and still not exhaust all the possibilities!  First, we have four hairs, Alexandra, Chloe, Juliette and Sarah, long, short, curly, straight, even a ponytail!  AND they come in duo (highlighted) and regular  non-highlighted hair, plus then then come in a variety of colors, as you can see!  There’s also two kinds of flipflops, plastic and VIP (more satiny straps).  They both come in a variety of colors and each part can also be changed to increase the looks you can get with them.  Summer has never looked better!

Hair and flipflops can be found here:


This Is A Penumbra Of A Blog!

Penumbra: 1a :  a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Penumbra [in SL] is “…a very much anticipated one week event [that] takes the pioneer to display and express varied new styles in Second Life. The fashion fiesta, first and unique of its kind, is a contemporary platform envisioned and designed to unite established designers with designers who aspire being ‘BRANDS’ of tomorrow.” (It goes from Oct. 22 – 30)

Penumbra in SL occupies that space, between the light of established brands and the dark of anonymity.  It gives newer designers an opportunity to show their creations and attract customers and aficionados, to make their mark in the fashion world.


And I am thrilled to feature a designer who is part of Penumbra:  Petit Chat!

Petit Chat entered two outfits: Ella gown and Rendez-Vous pant and shirt combo.  I decided to use some terrific poses by Image Essentials to display these items.

First, the Ella gown, with Burn It With Fire poses and props…I love the contrast of me wearing the elegant gown while trying to kill a poor, unassuming spider…although did you see how the spiders really multiplied???  These poses are the October exclusive from IE for Pose Lovers and in a gatcha set – perfect for pose lovers, gatcha addicts and Halloween enthusiasts! (It goes from Oct 14-30)

The gown is lovely, a silky sheath that flares at the feet, with velvety contrasts at the bodice and waist in six different colors. It’s beautifully designed to be sleek and a trifle sexy, demure and dignified while having elements of play incorporated.  Perfect for your nights out to SL’s glamorous nightlife sites!

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Rendez-Vous, the 2-piece outfit – although the 2 pieces of this outfit (top and pants) are sold separately, so you can create your own color combinations – is the other offering Petit Chat gives at Penumbra.  The frilly 3/4 sleeve cropped sweater is a comfy addition to your fall wardrobe, cool enough for warm fall days, warm enough for cool fall nights.  The checked pants, with matching belts, are woven and cling to the legs allllllll the way down. You would be forgiven if you thought the pants were simply a preppy-style addition to the sweater…until you take a second look at the sides of the pants, with the lacy cut-out all down the legs and rings of fabric connecting the two sides.  Cleverly sexy, just like the top, and a great look to add to your wardrobe!  I used the Swag poses, eight poses with mirror image poses, from Image Essentials and a backdrop of a disco floor – cause what else is more full of swagger than a dance-off?  And these poses SCREAM attitude!  These poses are from the Haus of Swag event from Oct 21 to Nov.4:

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Hurry…like any good thing, these events won’t last long! 🙂

PS – I apologize…the title is absolutely awful.  What can I say…the Cubs were doing a terrible job when I finally got around to writing a title…I was emotional, I was devastated…

Oh who are we kidding, I’m a Cubs fan, I’m used to defeat…I just had a brain freeze when I was thinking of the title (although it was way easier to blame the Cubs!). 😛

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Shops, shoes, sofa! It’s alliteration!

Alliteration: :  the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables (as wild and woolly, threatening throngs) —called also head rhyme, initial rhyme:

Didn’t know you’d get an education on this blog, huh?

BUT…I digress

I need to talk about one of my favorite stores, MPP, because she has come out with more yummy fashion goodness!  Knotted Ballerina shoes in satin, with either plain, polka-dot, or vichy (checks)…they are adorable!  And the hud lets you switch up the colors of the soles, bow ties, trim, and shoe itself!  I love that kind of stuff, ’cause I love to mix and match my clothes – and shoes with single colors just can’t keep up!

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I took these pics inside Morgaine’s new Futuristic Mainstore build – another thing my talented friend does is build mesh structures!  (These are at the same MPP mainstore as the shoes)  I also used Image Essentials 20’s Sophistication chaise lounge with 6 mirrored poses and 10, 10! fabrics!  I adore how easy it is to look…well, sophisticated in this chaise!  I tried to show all the fabrics and poses in this blog to convince you this is an essential part of your decor!

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And speaking of the Mainstore, here are some more pics of this fantabulous build!  It’s HUGE (you can see that in the pics where I included myself) and will hold a ton of merchandise in a very sophisticated setting.  You can control how it looks too, thanks to the HUD Morgaine includes in the package.

You dying to find these items and make them your own?

You ask, I supply!



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French Fashion, Ooh-La-La!

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Indian summer, where I live, is a brief respite during the autumn when the weather warms back up…before the chill of deep autumn and then the cold of winter comes in.  I would always wish I could go someplace sunny and very wet during Indian summer…like a beach…and so when I got this outfit named Indian Summer from Petit Chat, home of French fashion, I knew where I was going to take the pictures – on the beach!

The outfit, a skirt and loose tank top combo, is gorgeous, everything summer should be – airy, light, and casually cool.  The top, with a v-neckline in the front and almost nothing in the back (very sexy!), seems to float around your body.  The belted skirt brings the lines back in and softly controls everything in a how-short-can-you-go-and-still-look-classy vibe.  Can you imagine lounging out on the beach or dancing in a club, looking soooo hot and yet so cool?  This dress does it all!  And with the enclosed huds, you can mix and match colors endlessly…it’s like an entire wardrobe in an outfit!

This outfit can be found at Marvelous Monday from Oct. 1 – 25th, so hurry down and get them before they go away…!



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