And now, the femme’s turn…

So, you thought yourself clever, when you had me go into that basement room, in the dark, with only thin strips of leather to wear?  Well, my dear, as they say, turn about’s fair play, so why don’t you come into my playroom?

LFW Femme Fatale gatcha_004

Welcome, come on in!  Why are you hanging back that way?  Are you…afraid? *laughs evilly and taps the crop on the side of her boots*  Nothing to be afraid of, darling!

LFW Femme Fatale gatcha_003

If you’ll just follow me…

LFW Femme Fatale gatcha_002

Mmmm, let me slide this dress off – I do so love to work without…encumbrances… *laughs*  Oh, so now you follow me a bit more enthusiastically!  Just remember, though…

LFW Femme Fatale gatcha_001

when we agreed to this tit-for-tat, we agreed – if I followed your directions, you’d follow mine the same way.  *serious face*  So shall we get ready…?

Looking to enact your own version of 50 Shades?  Or maybe you just really love the feel of a good leather dress and riding crop – well, whatever the motivation, you’ll find the perfect outfit from Le Fashion Whore – the Femme Fatale gacha!  Boots, gloves, riding crops (one animated, one not AND comes with a hud), panties, corset (it has two huds: one for the rares and one for the commons), and dress (only rare dresses hud-compatible).  Imagine the fun you’ll have collecting all parts of this – and then how much fun you’ll have trying out the various combinations!

And you’ll find all this potential wicked fun-ness at the XXX Event (where else? lol!), which runs from Jan 16 – Feb 6

(oh dear, you do have to wait a while, don’t you?  BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!)

um…I might have got into my role of dominatrix a bit toooo much…

but anyway, you’ll find the event here:

and if you want to see more awesome fashion with a bit of whimsy, look no farther than here:

Le Fashion Whore:


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