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“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu …”

Do you hear that?  The sobbing?  The wailing?

That’s you if you don’t go to the Evil Bunny Productions’ events and hunt!  Because today is it – the end, the finale, roll the credits and t-t-t-that’s all, folks!  So to entice you to go get the good stuff before it’s all gone, here are some of the amazing, fantastic stuff you can get:


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At the Twe12ve event, there are so many things to make your holiday night special!  First, The Crones Garden offers a truly stunning Mystic Sky Island, a perfect addition to your place – so beautiful!  And The Crones Garden also offers a Samhain Altar table, perfect for ushering in the Wiccan fall season!  Changed Seasons has a fabulous outfit, Spellbound, of boots, dress, mouth jewelry (a ouija board!) and a cute witch’s hat to top it all off.  [bh] has a great Black Magic Gown with hud – those side cutouts are sexxxxy! – and Prism has a siren-with-class Dani dress, off the shoulder, pencil skirt and too hot for words!  Last, but certainly not least, Lush has a pumpkin candy bucket with hud and adorable poses, perfect for those Halloween cards! (What, you mean you don’t send Halloween cards?  Tsk tsk! xD)


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The Mad Circus 4 also offers {zfg}’s wonderfully quirky products, such as the Drink Me cup!  You can rezz it or wear it; either way, you’ll enjoy it!  Suave Shapes has this lovely Day of the Dead rug – so colorful!  sass [jax] boots are made for stepping out all night long and pairs beautifully with Applique Chic’s Harness Halloween Bats dress; there’s Ghosts and Spiders dresses as well.  Totally cute and fun!  The dresses all come with a hud to change your look whenever you want.  Lush offers a Day of the Dead face makeup tattoo, more subtle and understated compared to many others, and ~WW~ has a totally cute Trick-or-Treat Tree that will make all who come to your home smile.  So much to see, and very little time to see it all!


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The Gacha Life – Haunted still has some fantastic outfits, including ::LL::’s Scare Pretty line; I’m showing the Mystic outfit; I just love the jagged hem on the shirt and the straps holding the skirt together! {Melt} gives us the Sophia outfit, with headdress, necklace, arms, and tank-style dress.  Perfect for celebrating El Dio de los Muertos!  And finally, for all those of you who worship at the altar of Java, {zfg} has the Witch’s Brew; I’m showing one of the cups you can get.  But that’s not all the Witch’s Brew has … !


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Boo! Bunny Hunt also wraps up today, but you can still get your hunt on and find these adorable items!  Items like Prism’s Maezie Knotted Tee with hud (I’m showing it in blue with skull and crossbones), or JellyRoll’s Autumn Sweater, with such cute ghosts and jack o’ lanterns!  Or you could find Ink Blot’s Female Gift dress, with lovely autumn leaves silk-screened onto the knit fabric.  So many choices, so little time … tick, tock … !

To get to the events/hunt, follow these LMs:

Boo! Bunny Hunt:

The Mad Circus 4:

Gacha Life – Haunted:


and to get to the stores:

Ink Blots:



Applique Chic:



Suave Shapes:






Changed Seasons:

The Crones Garden:

Tick … Tock … will you make it in time …?

Through the looking glass … and a witch finds her true home

Today, folks, we’re going to enter a dimension of sound, of sight, and of mind, a dimension of imagination* …  Two stories to entertain you as we approach the day honoring spookiness and oddities, Halloween.

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To this day, she doesn’t know if she was dreaming or actually in this world of impossibilities.  All she knows is that she was entering her apartment, or at least thought she was.  Of course, her apartment never was that big as it was that – day?  And it had had four walls and flooring.  But not that time.  She walked into her place to find prints in frames (from DCKM) hovering at impossible angles all around her.  She was dressed in an outfit from {KT}, a sexy dress with shoes, makeups and nail polish.  Yes, she seemed to remember, she had been out somewhere, she just couldn’t remember where.  “I must have really hit the bar hard,” she murmured to herself as she approached a Celtic vanity from JTDD. She looked in the mirror and gasped – she was wearing a different dress from Applique Chic, a lovely skull corset dress!  She sat down heavily onto the stool.  What was going on?  She tried to make herself wake up but couldn’t.  “Oh, this has got to be from too much to drink!” she thought as she stood up and looked around.  Surely there would be an exit … wouldn’t there?

A coffin from Khargo with candles and a skeleton caught her eye and she wandered over to it.  She felt something shift near her shoulder blades and turned her head to see the tips of bony wings; her dress again warped to Changed Season’s Twisted Alice outfit, with wings, hat, necklace, earrings and gown.  She looked down at her feet and almost screamed as she saw pillows near her feet, leaning against the coffin – one had written in blood on it “RIP.”  She squeezed her eyes tightly.  “No, no, no, this is not real!” she moaned out and turned from the coffin to nearly collide with a cauldron, also from Khargo.  This cauldron steamed as a raven and a rather tall woman with a skull in her hands just watched it.  She stumbled away from the eerie sight and sank down on a flamingo, her hair also inexplicably changing to no_match’s NO_WONDERLAND hair in blonde.  She shook her head, bemused for just a second.  “I guess only Alice would be in such a strange world as this!” she thought.  But this was getting very old!  And then to see a chair and lamp from The Dark Fae hanging in the air, the chair almost upside down …. ! She shook her head rapidly.  “Make it stop!” she cried out and she suddenly couldn’t see – a sleep mask from Lush was covering her eyes.  (I think it was good she couldn’t see what was stitched on it!)  She reached to yank it off – right now not being able to see was even scarier than the sights she was seeing – but it vanished on its own to reveal a purple chair, also from The Dark Fae, hovering at another impossible angle.  “What else could go wrong?” she cried out as a room from Something New – and no, she never did figure out how a room got into another room – pulled her in, and she found herself in a bizarre pose and dressed in another dress, this one more reminiscent of the Disney Alice, the Mad Alice Mini from Little 2 Large.

From there, she just materialized into another room from Something New … it made it look as if she were reaching into one picture on the wall while a teapot poured tea out of another picture on top.  “This is ridiculous!” she thought to herself.  “I certainly hope this is a dream; I don’t fancy living like this forever!”  Just as she was thinking that, her dress changed to the Mad Bad Alice dress, complete with red splatters, and she was doing trick riding on an upside-down horse from Something New with The Dark Fae’s spooky backdrop to provide just the right scare.  At this point, she was wondering just when it all WOULD end!

She did pause to wonder at what seemed to be a circus caravan, pulled by two elephants and illuminated by a floating hot air lamp, both from ~ASW~, going up into thin air.  She shook her head and saw a circus car from ~ASW~ that hadn’t been taken away with the others, Curious, she strolled up to it – and suddenly found herself inside the cage!  She slumped down, sighing in defeat.  “I’m tired of this – let me out!” she called, meaning the whole dream (if it was one), but the cage released her abruptly, revealing she had changed clothing yet again, into [AF]’s Ivy Dress DarkWeb.  By now, she was just numb to all of it.  She trudged over to ~ASW~’s Carnival Ride and flopped onto the seat, her head in her hands and elbows on her knees.  “I hope this all goes away soon,” she sighed in defeat as everything faded to black ….

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What a wonderfully spooky tale! Hope she does find her way out of the maze … poor girl!  But here’s a more heart-warming story about a little witch, trying to find her forever home …

It was a dark and gloomy night; the sky looked washed in a dreary green and black clouds scudded across the sky.  The little witch approached this next house carefully; it looked a lot like the Mildread’s Mansion from Dragon Magick she’d been sent to find, but so did the twenty others she’d seen so far!  She did notice that the outside was decorated with a candy dish from Khargo – a pumpkin on two hands coming out of the ground – and she smiled.  The rest of the yard was festooned with jack-o-lanterns and a pumpkin garland from LIVID and an altar, spider tree and wheelbarrow from Khargo.  She nodded approvingly – spooky, but not so much that children would be chased away.  She so hoped this house was the one!

She walked into the house, her adorable braids, courtesy of Sn@tch’s Wednesday Hair, bouncing on her shoulders and her Presley dress and Esme witch’s hat, from {Momoko}, flapping with every bounce as well.  Her nails were painted in a Halloween-colored webbed chevron pattern from Dark Passions and her hand held a cleaver, properly bloodied, from :Z.S:.  After all, a girl can’t be too prepared!  She shone her flashlight around and caught a couple of halloween wall tattoos (from Khargo) decorating the wall.  She smirked, “Boo and Happy Halloween!  What a nice way to be welcomed!”  Her eye caught a pentacle rug and two chairs (from Squishy Fluff) and then a wall with framed pictures of familiars from Oubilette and a wall sconce from Dragon Magick.  “Oh, very nice!” she said, falling in love more and more with this house.

As she twirled around, she saw the :Z.S: Pendulum Crystal holder by the door and then the ::OOPS:: Cross Wall opposite, near a hallway.  The cross glowed and she somehow knew – the house had accepted her!  This WAS her home, to live in, to play in, to tempt children in … and children made such delicious snacks!  She put on her ::OOPS:: Arachnid Strap and set out her -Extra- Into the Nether Conjuring set.  As four of the black candles floated about her, she lit the fifth one and began the chanting that would meld her powers into the house and decor, making it such a popular stop for the children this Halloween … !

Wasn’t that sweet?  It’s always good to see little witches finding their happy place!  And if you are looking for items (such as the ones featured in our stories) for creating YOUR happy place, here’s where you can find them!

Looking Glass story:

All items featured are from one of the Evil Bunny Production’s events/hunts this month or from Khargo Halloween Store:

Boo! Bunny Hunt:

The Mad Circus 4:

Gacha Life – Haunted:


Khargo Halloween Store:

and of course, more awesomeness at the following stores’ LMs:


Anny’s Fashion:

Applique Chic:

Changed Seasons:

Little 2 Large:

The Dark Fae:

Something New:





The witch trying to find a home’s featured items are from the event, Dark Passions’ Trick or Treat:

and you can find more coolness visiting the individual stores’ LMs:





Dark Passions:

Dragon Magick Wares:



Squishy Fluff:

Momoko – will be in-world soon; here is their Facebook link:

but hurry – the EBP events/hunts go only to Oct. 31 and the Trick or Treat until Nov. 2 … and that is a scary thought indeed!


It’s no hocus-pocus!

Forgive me – I’ve been watching the movie Hocus Pocus on TV – I’m a fan of Bette Midler and have made this movie a tradition every Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday of the year!  Dress up, eat candy, and no obligation other than to open the door and pass out candy.  It’s perfect!

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This blog post, though, is no hocus-pocus – it’s just chock-full of wondrous items that some of the most talented designers in SL have made!  First of all, the items I am wearing:  I worked my way up from feet to head.  I tried on two different stockings, one from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, called Fiona – adorable striped stockings with a gap over the knee!  Just too cute!  AND a hud to change colors!  Then Secret Oktober has this truly cute stockings and pumps, one set in orange stockings and one in purple. I love the jack-o’-lantern motif on the orange ones!  I’m also wearing [QE] Hura set Flouncy Dress Dip-Dye, with a hud to change all the parts of the dress into one of six Halloween-y colors.  I added Deadly Nightshade’s Infernal Prince horns with optional crown and particles and also the store’s Halloween Cat aura.  So cute!  There’s also bat and ghost bat auras as well.  The hair is Jessi, from Sn@tch, with a hud to change your hair into gothic-y loveliness; the eyeshadow and lipstick are from UniCult, the SpookyLooks eyeshadow and Spooky Gloss lipstick (there’s also Spooky Sparkle lipstick too!) which come with huds to change colors.  And of course Spyralle’s Bone Goggles, with hud to color-change parts, is a very chilling topper to the outfit!  Oh, and lest I forget, F&M has a Live Necklace gift … and I kid you not, the necklace MOVES!  Like worms crawling all around your neck!  *shudders*

For the decor, I rezzed out Rivendale’s Witchy Lair, a two-story  Gothic building with an underground part and aboveground part connected by a trapdoor.  Very spooky, especially with the windlight settings I used! (it also comes in a skybox option). Outside the building, I placed F&M’s Halloween Date Rotten Tea set and Table & Chairs.  Yummy moldy muffins, wormy tea … ah, just like Mummy used to make! ( xD ).  I put up Spyralle’s Halloween Star Lantern set in the doorway – it seemed to make such a nice, soft glow in the surrounding fog!  [Circa] created a really sweet “Midnight Coven” coffin armoire and chair set (with parts to click on!) and a moon phase wall shelf that seemed to set the proper tone in the front room of the building.  I paired them with [QE Home] Boho Decor set – hanging tapestry, rugs, and throw pillows, then added the Happy Halloween Wall Art grouping, also from [QE Home].

Ahhh, such a homey place – the wind whistling through the eaves, ghosts moaning in the belfry – home sweet home!

All of these items and more can be found at Dark Passions’ Trick or Treat event until Nov. 2, LM: .  And if this whets your appetite for more items from these designers, here are the LMs for each store:

1313 Mockingbird Lane:

Secret Oktober:


Deadly Nightshade:







But don’t dawdle – Nov. 2 is approaching fast!

It is finally fall – I think…

Sorry all, I’ve been having fun with the roller-coaster weather we’ve been having and haven’t been able to blog the past few days.  😦  I have to do some make-up blogs if I want to show you all the amazing awesomeness that SL’s designers have produced for our buying pleasure.  🙂  So you might see me a couple times on social media and in-world.  But hey, can you really complain when you can see such amazing stuffs as the ones in the picture below?

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I discovered an absolutely perfect Halloween store, Khargo’s Halloween store.  If you only know Khargo from their tech-y stuff like the free scanner or the tip jars, you are in for a treat!  The skybox I took these pictures in have fabulous poses, for singles or couples, surrounded by stone walls, iron gates, hay bales, skeletons, tombstones and pumpkins … and of course the fire in the middle, a necessity on those nippy fall nights!  I’m enjoying the fire in my JACKALOPE Sara outfit – I do love the cheeky sayings on some of the hud-controlled appliques for the shirt!  The skirt also has hud-controlled textures, so you should be able to find a texture that just screams HALLOWEEN! at you!  My hair is from EscalateD; Darla has what seems like a million color possibilities, thanks to the hud that controls base color and streak color!  My makeup is from Alaskametro, the “Kiss of Death” lipstick, and VileCult, the “Rebella” eyeshadow.  The gorgeous makeups are both in amazing Halloween colors in easy-to-use appliers for Catwa and Omega for both and additional Lelutka applier for Alaskametro.  The necklace is from The Little Bat and the pentacle bindi and earrings are from Astara; Astara has huds to change colors of the bindi and earrings.  I feel ready to get into the Halloween spirit as I relax by the nice, warm fire … now I just need some mulled apple cider and popcorn balls! 😀

And where can you find all this yummy stuff?

The skybox is from Khargo Halloween Store, LM:  The other items are at Trick or Treat, a Dark Passions event, LM:  Or, you can also check out the stores at their LMs:





The Little Bat:


Trick or Treat only goes until November 2, so don’t wait!  And that skybox is perfect for a truly Halloween party!  Hurry – only 10 more days to go … !

She’s a Black Magic Woman!

She walked into the woods that evening to her sanctuary, her favorite place to cast spells.  Her cauldron had already began to steam, and she grinned as the witch hat floated up and down on the clouds of steam.  She giggled as the tentacles tried to get out of the cauldron, but her spell was too strong to let them do more than wriggle around the rim.  Her hands shaped the familiar flames and she played with them for a while, merging then separating them again.  She practiced letting them float from her hands, loving how the flames were getting even more responsive to her and her thoughts.  She practiced until early in the morning, getting more and more proficient; she laughed as the flames danced to her will.


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This story would not have been possible without the generous and gorgeous offerings of Twe12ve (running from now until Oct. 31; LM:  and the following talented designers:

Face Spider Eye tattoo and body Spider Rose by Body Cult Tattoo & Fashion Lounge:

Morgana hair by !!Firelight!!:

Lippy Lipsticks Makeup06 by .::GO Makeup::.:

Halloween Witch Cauldron  by Khargo:

Vivian outfit by {LBB}:

FireLight poses and props by ~X.T.C. PoSes~:


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And of course, two new gachas from one of my fave designers is an event that I must mark in my blog!  La Bella Boutique has two new tattoo gachas, one on the theme of Alice (which is so apropos this time of year) and another on the astrological signs that are sooooo cute, of course they had to be called Cutie Signs!  You can see some of them above, including my fave sign, Libra. 🙂

{LBB} Alice Tattoo Gacha is at Hashtag event from Oct. 16th to Oct. 30th at this LM: and {LBB} Cutie Signs Tattoo Gacha is at the Mystery Fair event at this LM: 

Do not delay; it all ends far too soon … !

“I Put a Spell On You”!

Or at least I will by the end of this post – there’s so much amazing beauty to see and buy!  And I bring it all to you, with locations, so you don’t have to go seek it out.  Pretty awesome, yeah? 🙂

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First I’m featuring some of La Bella Boutique’s fashions in some pretty spooky but also hauntingly beautiful places, such as Calas Galadon’s Maze  (  This maze is utterly amazing, with a story you can follow – or you can just gape in amazement at the stunning displays of imagination and whimsy you’ll see there.  I wore {LBB} Glam Witch outfit, with a sexy halter spangled dress and strappy, spiderwebby shoes.  There’s also a hud to switch up colors for both dress and shoes.  This dress will be a go-to for your parties!  You can get the {LBB} Glam Witch Outfit at the 3E Event from Oct 15th to Oct 31st.  LM:

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Next is {LBB} Love, Harley outfit, cutout duo-color boots with a dress that has everyone’s favorite psycho screenprinted on it – and a hud that lets you change textures on the dress and shoes!  And of course I had to use a hellish place to take pictures of the outfit – I figured Harley was kinda used to being in hot situations … !  Walking over lava and through flames, even using a burnt corpse as a stepping stone – yep, that sounds like a Harley-friendly scene!  You can get this outfit at the Crazy Fashion event from Oct 8th to 30th.  LM:

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The last {LBB} fashion I’m featuring is the Batsy outfit, with strappy and spiked shoes and a dress with straps and spikes all up the sides.  This dress is daringly sexy, so short and so skimpy, you’ll want to definitely save this for a very special occasion … like the after-Halloween party with that special someone!  😀  It also comes with a hud to change colors so you’ll never have to worry about having the right color.  Handy, huh?  You can find this outfit at the Glow Event, from Oct 15th to 31st.  LM:

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I also cover this totally amazing event called Trick or Treat (ToT) from Dark Passions Events.  Dark Passions Events puts on these gorgeous spectacles, with a sim decorated to the nth degree and talented designers who work on the goth side of SL and are all insanely talented.  Missing this would be horrible!  I wanted to take pics on the actual sim, but my ancient computer threatened to go on strike. 😦  But here is the LM:  Hopefully your computers are better than mine!  But I decided to go over to the ‘stuff sim and look around at all the amazing gorgeousness there, in Sn@tch Jessi hair and zOOm’s Sarah outfit – hat, gloves, shoes and dress – from the ToT event.  I made a really hottttttttttt witch wandering around that sim!  As you can see, the stores are decorated for Halloween; there are wooden signs outside every store for you to vote for best decor.  And if you look at the pictures, you’ll see what I mean – the stores are color-coded nicely so you can easily find what you are looking for.  And each section has a lounge – and look at that wall in the lounge!  It’s like a solid wall of free-ness!  As you can see below, I even let my dude and my kid get out and have fun in their respective sections – and I swear, even though I am not really a vehicle-type chick, something about  being in that dude bod made me drool over the bike and car!  Never did decide which one would be best, lol!  And my child avi loved the tilting toys alllllllllll over the place!  If you have a child avi, you’ll love the outfits, but you’ll also really love the toys all around – makes me kinda envious of kid avis …!

To get to the ‘stuff sim, follow the LM:


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And don’t delay – Halloween is looming up on the horizon …!

“Oh darling I am not evil. I am fabulous with a twist!”

When I saw this meme quote, I just HAD to have it as the title of this blog post for Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) – although the group tag is “I’m EVIL!”  But I prefer to think of it as “fabulous with a twist!”

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There are three events and a hunt on at EBP this month, which is absolutely fabulous – and twisted – and a boon for those of us who love shopping, gachas, hunts, and other activities!  The first one is The Gacha Life – Haunted, which is full of those addictive, fun machines … and when you see what you could get, you’ll want to brave the scares and go get the designers’ amazing wares!  La Bella Boutique {LBB} has a bakery available with soooo many options to put out.  You can make it as low-prim as you want – the selection I put out was only 53 prims.  And omg, do those baked goods look yummy!  Baked treats of a different kind are in Infernal Alchemy’s The Horribly Haunted Kitchen, perfect for an old, abandoned house … where things go bump in the night … and people go missing … !  I love those pie crust tops – so creepily good!  Adorably Strange Wares (ASW) has a Ghost Town Film Set with all the trappings for a perfect ghost town experience – gallows, stocks, tumbleweeds and sandy patches.  You can almost hear the player piano, the clink of glass mugs, and of course the gunshots … !  Anny’s Fashion has a gorgeous Azhaar Salem dress (I’m wearing the rare Noir one) and Juna has the Gala tattoo for both men and women with a hud for multiple bodies.   Gecko Creations has provided the Melantha Halloween decor – wreaths, garlands, candy bowl, signs, just all kinds of decor to make your place spookily fun!  Khargo has provided for those of you who need tip jars with a Halloween vibe – these tip jars look amazing and really stand out!  Especially the blood-filled goblet … !

You can find all these amazing items and more here at The Gacha Life – Haunted LM: but it’s only going to be on until Oct. 31st – so don’t delay!

You can also visit the stores of these designers for more awesome-ness:


Infernal Alchemy:


Anny’s Fashion:


Gecko Creations:



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The Mad Circus 4 is the next event, and I can’t even tell you how chock-full of amazing stuff this event is!  I put together La Bella Boutique {LBB} Salem Witch outfit, GO Precious Purple Lipstick Makeup05, AppleTini SparkleBoo nail art, The Little Bat (!TLB) Hellfire eyes and Image Essentials (IE) The Marionette set (and I added in Truth’s VIP hair Batty) into a story about a scary circus in a spooky, foggy field, and at the very edge of the circus, a huge marionette stage with a live girl as the marionette.  Her gorgeous dress, lightly tinted lips, sparkly nails and glowing purple eyes hold everyone enthralled … but is that tears glossing her eyes?  No one will ever know, though – she dances on her ropes as if she is thrilled to be there.

Want to know how to get these amazing items and more?  Here’s TMC 4’s LM:  – but only to the 31st of October, so hurry!

And for more from these stores:


GO Makeup:




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And of course, who can resist a hunt – especially one with so many great items for you to find!  The Boo! Bunny Hunt is a ton of fun, with stunning gifts for you to find from many many talented designers that will add a lot of haunting fun to your decor and clothing fashion!  You can see from my place how it’s all looking cozy … well, ok, maybe not so cozy … but definitely in the Halloween spirit!  After I placed MOoH’s Floating Ghosties out, I had to try and listen to see if I can hear them moan, wearing Firelight’s Hubble hair in light brown (it also comes in dark brown too!) and Hope’s Creations [HC] Satine dress – an orange top and black skirt combo that’s really cute!  But then it gets a bit spookier …  I mean, I do put out Inner Demons {ID} Halloween Fence black and LOoLOo & Platypus (L&P) double-sided Fall Halloween decor (which I really love – it looks good coming and going!), which doesn’t look so sinister.  And I put out Salacity’s Fall Apples Throw Rug, to welcome my guests, and Dreamscapes Art Gallery Pumpkin Owl Tree Stump while wearing EscalateD Blair hair and Changed Seasons’ Too Cute to Spook outfit of leggings, hoodie and bodysuit …just don’t pay any attention to the Cranked Hallo Kitty Axe!  Makes you wonder why I’m inviting you all in, huh?  Oh, and then, while wearing Grumble’s Came to Slay t-shirt and garter skirt outfit (and paired with Sn@tch’s VIP Riley hair – I mean, how can you not pair the hat and t-shirt??), I stir the cauldron and put out the side table and treats from Little 2 Large (L2L) – just don’t look toooooo carefully at them if you like bunnies!  Hmmmm … maybe not so innocent … !  Especially when apparently Lush’s Electricity pose sends me pole-axed to the ground!

Anyway, if you love these items, begin the hunt here: but it only goes till the 31st of October!

And for more of these terribly creative designers’ stuffs, go here:


Firelight LM:

[HC] LM:

{ID} LM:

(L&P) LM:

Salacity LM:

Dreamscapes Art Gallery LM:

EscalateD  LM:

Changed Seasons LM:

#Cranked# LM:

Grumble LM:


Lush LM:

AND … the Twe12ve event just opened today and goes until the 31st of this month!  I’ll give you more info on that later, but for now, just know that it’s going to be as awesome and fabulous as the other events/hunt that EBP has put on, and here is the LM so you can check it out!

Hurry though – nothing lasts forever and neither do these events!



Where do you go to solve a puzzle?

Well, to the start, of course!

And since I have wondered what the hunt starts at Evil Bunny Productions look like, I decided to go and get a look – and, of course, share with y’all!

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As I got to the landing at the EBP/Grumble area, I switched to the sim windlight setting and then looked around … and around … with my jaw probably dragging on the ground.  It looks HUGE! Just chock-full of shopping opportunities!  I could hear my lindens leaving me, just jingling out of my pocket … !  But I reined in my imagination and reminded myself, I was a woman on a mission!  As I looked around, I saw the board with all the logos for the various hunts and events and headed over that way.

The board allows you to click on those logos if the event is live.  You’ll get a folder with info and a LM.  Now the Boo! Bunny Hunt is a hunt, so I only went to this point with that, but I was curious to see what The Mad Circus 4 and The Gacha Life – Haunted looked like.  So I grabbed the folders for those events and off I went!  The Mad Circus 4 had an entrance I could die for – so spooky and cool!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk in a giant crazy clown’s mouth?  And then to go in and see what looks like miles and miles of shops!  To go shopping!!  It was nirvana.  Fortunately, The Gacha Life was calling, so I took me and my endangered lindens to the next event area.  I only cammed in – I know what gachas are to me, and these had those delicious Halloween stuffs too.  I would have never got out!  But as you can see, there’s an adorable set of cabin-like booths with sponsors in those, and those lead back to a big building with gacha machines as far as the eye can see.

And of course, I HAD to wear something from every event/hunt!

TGL GO Makeup Caroline Lipstick 9, TMC 4 EscalateD Avacyn, B!BH LBB Halloween Candy Dress_001
TGL GO Makeup Caroline Lipstick 9, TMC 4 EscalateD Avacyn, B!BH LBB Halloween Candy Dress

From The Gacha Life – Haunted, I’m wearing the rainbow-colored GO Makeup Caroline Lipstick 9,  from The Mad Circus 4 I’m wearing .EscalateD. Avacyn, and from the Boo! Bunny Hunt, I’m wearing {LBB} Halloween Candy Dress.  I just LOVE Halloween colors too!  Don’t I look festive with these amazing designs?

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Dia de los Muertos and a witchy day in the neighborhood!

I think blogging has to be one of the most fun jobs in the world!  What other job lets you get the most wonderful stuff, for FREE, and then lets you take pictures of the items and post them?  You get to use your imagination and showcase the items in a way that is interesting and fun.  I love my job!

Especially at this time of the year – Halloween is the best. Holiday. Ever!  And when you add Dia de los Muertos to the mix … it’s just paradise!  And two of my favorite designers have made outfits that are perfect for these very important holidays.

First, La Bella Boutique {LBB} has an amazing Day of the Dead outfit and accessories!  I found a cemetery in the Sonora, Mexico sim and came up with this story:

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She comes to the cemetery, every year at this time, to remember her loved ones – and especially one very special loved one, who died too soon.  She comes in her full Dia de los Muertos outfit, including makeup, headdresses of white and red roses, eyepatch, dress and shoes.  She sits in front of her family’s gravestones and ponders, feeling the spirits of her family surrounding her, comforting her.  She closes her eyes and lets the peace flow into her heart.  As she feels the time to leave approach, she picks up the stuffed bat, then the stuffed rag doll, and places them on the grave.  As she does, her lips turn into bloody ones, and a few drops of the blood falls on the steps to the grave.  She nods her approval.  She has left a bit of herself behind, as she does every year.  Thanking her ancestors, she leaves to make her way home.

And if you’d like to make your own story from these amazing items, the Bat Doll, Rag Doll, and Bloody Lipstick can all be found at the mainstore in group gifts – and the group is free! LM:  The Monsterpack Makeup, which includes a headband of roses, makeups and lipsticks, and a hud to apply and change colors for all mesh heads and Omega, can be found at the Uncharted Event.  This event starts on the 5th at 3 pm SLT and closes on the 20th at 3 pm SLT.  To get there, here is the LM:  And for the Dia de los Muertos outfit itself, which includes the sexy, flounced dress, decorated shoes, eyepatch and rose headband and a hud to change colors and textures, it can be found at the Ultim8te Event, from Oct 9th to Nov 2nd.  A few days to wait, but oh-so-worth it!  Here’s the LM to get there:

(Oh, and btw, {LBB} is looking for bloggers!  Just go to the main store and click on the Blogotex!)


Next designer is Sadie Dubratt, who owns Kitty Creations and Black Larl Designs.  She makes the most fabulous clothing, furnishings, etc. for medieval and Gorean RP as well as some more modern designs.  All of them are made very well and many of them VERY sexy!  For this set of clothing, I came up with another tale:

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Once upon a time, a demoness who was easily bored went out to look over her pumpkins.  She adored pumpkins; she even wore a hat with pumpkins all around it.  She had cast a spell that would automatically change her clothing every few minutes, and it worked to perfection this day, as she began on the porch with the ultra-sexy Diamante dress in Purple, with silver patches for her … well, most intimate parts.  She walked off the porch after casting a spell to make it rain that afternoon – the lawn looked a bit dry for her taste.  She wanders around the yard, occasionally crouching down to look at a particular set of pumpkins as her outfit changes to Lexia in Lavender.  By the time she gets to her pumpkin patch, she has changed to Melissa in Purple.  She smiles at the pumpkins, looking wonderfully roundish and orange.  She thought, I will have to open the property to mortals soon, so they can get pumpkins – and I can get food!  Mortals’ essences do taste so wonderful …!

These fashions are on sale this week, so be sure to HURRY before it’s all gone!  Here’s your ride:  LM:

Halloween’s a comin’ … !


It’s a Haunted Gacha Life!

Do you want to know what’s just wrong?

Well, even if you don’t, I’ll tell you – combining my favorite holiday with gachas!!

How is a Halloween-adoring, gacha-addicted person supposed to stay away from this event???

Well … I don’t, of course!  And really, why should I?  After all, with these amazing items available, I’d be crazy NOT to attend!  And of course, buy. 😀

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The event I’m talking about is The Gacha Life, a bi-monthly gacha exclusive themed event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.  This month’s theme is Haunted – and you will be haunted with regret if you don’t make it to this event!  Look at the amazing items up in the slideshow and see what I mean – this is one stupendously packed-full-of-goodliness event!  This event goes on until October 31, so don’t be late!  (And no, I don’t mean late as in the phrase “the late so-and-so”  😛 ).  Here’s the LM:

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