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{LBB} and the Noel Gacha – Welcome to the Christmas season!

I think I can finally accept that Christmas is around the corner; and {LBB} Noel gacha has helped me get in a holiday mood!  This gacha has a variety of items, from garlands to trees with and without presents, fireplace, photo frames, snowman, holiday signs, garlands and more!  And if you aren’t as thrilled at playing gachas, you can buy the Ultrarare full fatpack for 350L.  Heck, you can even play the gacha on marketplace instead of inworld – you just can’t get the special prize of the fireplace and 2 photo frames.  Garlands can be resized by clicking on them to activate the resize script, and the photo frames are mod so you can add your own pictures to them.  Hurry to the store (LM: or MP ( to get these adorable items – pictures below:

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More holiday joy with EBP events! And Khargo Christmas Store!

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I am still not feeling the best, so this will be a quickie.

Blog post, that is.

Minds out of the gutter, people … !

From Khargo Christmas Store:  the Christmas Hanging Chair, an exclusive for the Original Vogue November Event, and also includes the festive floor lamp!  It has 29 single and 48 couple animations and is also experience enabled (not to mention, gorgeous and a must-have!).  LM:  And of course, their store LM, as they have some truly GORGEOUS items!

Black Friday Bazaar (ends in 2 DAYS!)  LM:

!!Firelight!! Wilma Winter (high long ponytail style)  store LM:

Changed Seasons Harmony Laced-up Gown  store LM:

DRAMA Cutie Tree (in Black-Pink Plaid) store LM:

Grumble Sweater Dress (BRAT version) store LM:

Lush Holiday Chest Tattoo (Xmas Princess)  store LM:

The Jerky Turkey Hunt (ends Nov. 30)  LM:

EscalateD Talyia (with available special HUDs) store LM:

Applique Chic Feathered Dress (in Cream) store LM:

Prism Maple Snakeskin & Leather Jacket by Jezzixa Cazalet   store LM:

Twe12ve November (ends Nov. 30) LM:

CHARME Elena fatpack  store LM:

Prism Dani Dress by Jezzixa (Autumn Birds)  store LM:

{KT} Autumn outfit (includes applier for tights, shoes as well)  MP store:

~ASW~  Harvest Moon Photo Props (clouds, curtain, seat)  store LM:

Time keeps on tickin’ … tickin’ … tickin’ away …

Another round of the Evil Bunny’s Productions! YES!

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I seriously thought about cheesing out and just putting in pictures and the links you’d need … and then ask y’all to write the story for the pics!  But then, a guilty conscience popped up … well, that and I figured no one would do it anyway!  It’s actually a simple story – I got up early and slipped on a satiny robe over sexy, lacy undies, Fall’s Attraction outfit from Changed Seasons (Twe12ve November) and a pair of sassy boots, Althea, from {LP} (The Jerky Turkey hunt 8 [TJTH8]).  I love how I look so much, I take a selfie thanks to My Selfi-Poses Tiezzi (Twe12ve Nov.).   My hair is thanks to .EscalateD., Caddie (Black Friday Bazaar [BFB]) and isn’t it totes adorable?  My nails are just too elegant, thanks to PS…Nails Elegant Marble manicure (BFB); I so adore this manicure!  My cheeks have a sweet blush heart from Sweet Evil (TJTH8) and I am wearing the cutest headband and earrings from *De’Fient Unicorn* in yellow and orange fall colors (TJTH8).  I love a little bit of whimsy from my accessories!  As I slip off my robe, the crow tattoo from Lush is exposed – I adore how this tattoo makes me look bad-azz and yet classy, the arms looking like henna drawings and even a quote on my left (Twe12ve Nov.)!  I then slip off my boots and step into The Love Tub from Chalupa Digs (TJTH8).  (And yes, I know I am wearing my lingerie).  I love a deep tub I can soak in and the lights and wall make it perfect for my less-than-private bedroom.  I think about my day ahead as I soak away all my cares and get myself geared up for a new day.

All of the items except the selfie, the tub, the boots and the headband/earrings have huds to give you plenty of options to personalize your items. Some of the items, like EscalateD’s hair, is on sale during the event AND has special huds!  And you can find them all at the following events:

Black Friday Bazaar, runs from Nov. 17 – 27.

Twe12ve November, runs from Nov. 12 – 30.

The Jerky Turkey Hunt 8 begins here:, runs from Nov. 3 – 30.

So don’t delay – go shop there today!

A Cornucopia of Awesome Events and Items!

It’s that time of the year, I’m of course sick, and so I’m going to give you what Joe Friday always asked for:  “Just the facts. ma’am.”  But I think you will agree  there’s enough here to satisfy any and all appetites for fantastic swag!

LBB Scarlett, Sexy Schoolgirl, Vivian, Victoria, Nicole, outfits
{LBB} outfits, left to right: Scarlett, Sexy Schoolgirl, Vivian, Victoria, Nicole

La Bella Boutique – Black Friday Sale until Nov. 30th, 50% off the whole store (excluding gachas).  A sample of what you can get is above!

TDF Metallic Family Tree
The Dark Fae’s Metallic Family Tree

Adorable, only 7LI, and holds 11 photos!  It’s perfect for those of you with lots of loved ones to display, amazing pictures you’ve taken of places and events in SL … or heck, you can even fill them all with pictures of you!  Taxi attached:

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Petit Chat’s branching into decor, such as these gorgeous items, Chic Lamps and Blooming Frames!  Both available at the Boardwalk Event – Home and Garden Faire from Nov. 15th – Dec. 15th, LM:  The frames come in rectangular and square shapes and eight colors; the lamps come in four colors.  And for more delicious items, stop by the Petit Chat main store:

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Twe12ve –, goes until the 30th of Nov.:

EscalateD Asmara hair (with color huds, style hud and removable leaves –;

anny’s Fashion Asunya Long Top and Pencil Skirt (;

Go Makeup ColourPop Lipstick Makeup03 (;

Image Essentials Apple Picking, with water trough, apple tree, props and four poses (;

Khargo Frosty Cuddle Stump, with poses for 2 avatars to sit, single or couple (

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Womenstuff Hunt: goes until 30th of Nov,. hints and LMs found here –

Kitty Creations bench, table, rug, plants; Lindy Bevin Nude booties; U Refined Jessi handbag; Camellia’s Sanctuary Holiday Sweater dress; AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS Hangout Skinny pants

So run, rabbit, run and get these bargains!

Two – yes, TWO! – hunts and two gifts from Petit Chat!

Man, how I wish I had blogged this on Tuesday – it could have been a two-fer Tuesday!  But it’s still awesome fun and great value!  So, let’s see what all is on the awesome-ness menu:


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First of all is The Jerky Turkey Hunt 8, from Evil Bunny Productions, that runs from Nov. 3 – 30.  This hunt highlights the US Thanksgiving holiday that occurs in November.  This holiday used to mean celebrating our blessings and giving thanks for them; these days, though, it mostly means stuffing yourself to the bursting point and then snoring in front of the TV while some football teams bash each other.  But hey, we can still get a fantastic hunt, thanks be for that!  And all the amazing, fantabulous stuff you can get!  I’m wearing !!Firelight!! Quantu hair, in red and brown – I’m wearing the red.  Gorgeous, yes?  And it pairs so naturally with the Clementine dress from Changed Seasons – such a gorgeous confection of lace!  And it’s even comfy when I’m lounging around on Little 2 Large’s Food Coma Recovery Station (and yes, I totally laughed my head off at what they named that couch!).  An adorable pumpkin cart from Dreamscapes Art Gallery is so wonderful for providing a sweet decoration resource!  And speaking of adorable and pumpkins, PS…Nails has a perfect manicure for Turkey Day!  And finally, [NK] has a truly lovely frame with the word “Autumn” and a few leaves drifting down … such a treasure trove of beauty!  The hunt begins here: .

I decided to photograph the offerings from Petit Chat with these items, as both of the items were very fall-like and apropos with the other items.  First is the November monthly group gift, which you can get by visiting the main store:  The Harvest Heels – Romantic edition is gorgeous, with beautiful roses on a cream background (there is a hud to change the sole/heel, string, and beads), and totally free!  Just join the group – this is one of the few groups in SL worth joining, IMO, because every month is a new freebie and it’s exclusive – you can’t get it unless you are in the group!  And Petit Chat also has a set in Chapter 4’s November round, running from Nov 4 – 30.  The Acorn set is a necklace and three-strand bracelet made of beads and acorns!  Just look at the necklace close-up above – it is tres cute! It comes in several colors; I wore yellow, as I seemed to have a golden girl moment there (and no, not the TV show 😛 ).  To get this loveliness, just follow the LM: .


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And there is even more fun available!  The ‘stuff group is having a Womenstuff Hunt, which runs from Nov 1 – 30.  No group tag is required, and the gifts are  $0L or $1L — prices are listed next to the hints here:
The picture of the hunt object is also on the hint page.  I’m wearing three of the items you can find in the hunt:  Zuri’s Winter Wolf Mesh Pendant, **Mistique** Leala Black dress, and ALANTORI Sharona Hair in black.  Gorgeous, yes?  So hurry over to the plaza:, go to the Womenstuff lounge, and find your first prize!

Last day to Trick or Treat at the Lane!

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Normally, I would post something like this at the beginning of the event, and rhapsodize extensively on how gorgeous the sim is, but computer issues kept me from posting this until now.  I have to say, I have been blogging this event for a while and each year the sim gets more and more magical for me.  Bcreative Wilde is the genius behind the sim’s decor and deserves kudos for her decorative touches.  Tomorrow clean-up finishes up … so hurry before the sim goes poof! and the magic goes dormant until the next event.  And if you do go, I recommend putting on the region’s Windlight settings – I used those for the pictures I took and the sim looks even more amazing in that light!  LM:

And if you don’t get there … just look at these pictures and dream of next time …

How would you like to own a castle …? and the finale is extended on ToT!

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I have been lucky enough to blog for The Dark Fae, and even luckier that the first item I get to blog is this amazing castle!  The Cliffton Castle is massively awesome, looking absolutely humongous but only having a 40X40 footprint and 238LI.  That’s stunning, considering you get two stories above the cliffs and a HUGE basement/dungeon!  I’m including the promo photo so you can visualize it on your property … !  And in the pictures above, you can see the interior more – imagine what all you could do with those huge rooms!  And that reallllly huge dungeon!  The texturing is amazing as well, and you can just picture this castle sitting alone on a cliff top, battered by the wind and waves but shouting defiance and standing strong.  And it costs … wait for it … brace yourself … only $950L!

Adboard Cliffton Castle

Just look at it … imagine it furnished with your stuff … sitting on your land … oh it so makes me wish I had a sim …!

You just have to go here: so hurry!


Trick or Treat, by Dark Passions Events, is extending the deadline to shop until you drop until Sunday!  And if you need any encouragement to get there, here are some of the marvelous things you’ll be able to find!

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You could find:

DCKM Air Citrine Spider (only one of several options of spider chokers), plus Decorative Webbing White (also Dark option), Ghost Moon Kitty Cat and Webbed Witch Costume (dress and hat).  Raindale offers Shadewoods Crystal Ball (scripted, modifiable [somewhat], with HUD) & Table (with HUD) for all your fortune-telling needs. The Half Moon Market provides Finger Food (and Finger Pops) which always comes in handy when you feel a mite peckish, Lilith’s Den has more of its quirky and fun decor items, such as the Jute Pumpkin, {C&C} has assorted Luminaries & a cute Witch Moon Lamp.  {RW}’s Pumpkin Pals are an adorable mom, dad and kid combo & its Seasons Harvest Bale Seats are surprisingly comfy to sit – or lie down! – upon.  [WitchCraft]’s Jasmine dark dress is a lacy confection of tulle and satin, and zOOm polishes it all off with the Sarah Outfit, complete with bento gloves, shoes, dress, hat, and three types of brooms – one to add and two more with riding animations with them.

But you can only find these if you go to ToT … so here is the LM:

and to go to the stores to see more amazing fabulousness:



The Half Moon Market:

Lilith’s Den:



[WitchCraft]:  (I was unable to find this one; if anyone has the LM, I’ll be thrilled to add it!)


But Sunday is just a few days away … so hurry …