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Gothic Garage Sale is ending SOON!!!

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Gothic Garage Sale ends Feb. 3, so there are still a few days to go get some crazy-discounted items and to enjoy some gorgeous scenes like the ones above.  But February is just around the corner, so don’t wait!

DP Gothic Garage Sale is ON! Twe12ve still going strong, and a cute item from Khargo!

I just love events – it’s always fantastic to see what the designers have created, the new, fabulous, beautiful and tempting items they conjure up!  And there are two events happening right now, Twe12ve from Evil Bunny Productions and Gothic Garage Sale, from Dark Passions Events.  Not only that, but I blog for a company you might know from the ubiquitous free scanner they provide – but they have so much more!  I’m talking about Khargo, makers of tip jars, amazing seasonal decor, and fantastic decor for every day of the year!

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Above, you can see the items from Gothic Garage Sale, found here:  and the plant stand from Khargo, which you can find at their store here:  The plant stand is from a gacha machine called, appropriately enough, Khargo Flower Gacha. 😀  And it’s only 30L a spin!  The plant stand is incredibly detailed and only 10 prims.  I am sitting on a past item from Image Essentials, Sophistication sofa, from Retro Rewind sale event – if it’s still available, you really should buy it.  As you can see, I am as comfy as can be on it. 🙂  I’m wearing a few items from the Garage Sale, two offerings from Adoness, bestia eyes darkV sand sour cherry, and poinsettia integrity hair.  I love these items!  The eyes make me look dark and mysterious and the hair is soooo adorable!  The poinsettia decorations are really cute and go with the casually mussed look of the hair.  I’m also wearing Dark Passions Koffin Nails Foiled Goth, a series of crosses on a black background and surrounded with an outline of different foil colors and two different outline styles.  The hud appliers come in Omega, Maitreya and Slink and can be applied to finger- and toenails.  So spookily elegant!  And a new designer for me, but one I can tell I’m going to love, Nerdy Birdy (that name rocks!), has designed a Red Silk Jumpsuit that is casual yet dressy, sexy and yet not too over the top, and all around an item that I will be thrilled to have in my closet!  The garage sale goes until Feb. 3, so no dawdling!  And here are the LMs for the featured stores, in case you want to check out their other offerings:


Dark Passions Koffin Nails:

Nerdy Birdy:

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And Twe12ve, which is still going strong but ends on the 31st (LM here:, is where you can find the next two items I’m featuring.  First is BodyCult Tattoo Love Butterflies Leg Belly, a gently winding vine with butterflies on it instead of flowers.  It is GORGEOUS!  It comes in Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega with a system tattoo for you classic avi beauties out there.  I’m also modeling BouBouki’s Sissy Red dress (it also comes in brown and silver) and comes in most mesh body sizes.  I love how slinky sexy it is – perfect for a night of dancing!  These items and more are available at Twe12ve, but the 31st is only a few days away … !  Here are the store LMs as well, so you can stop by and visit them to see their other offerings:



More wonderful and beautiful items from La Bella Boutique and Petit Chat!

Yes, La Bella Boutique {LBB} has more in store for you lucky shoppers at Twe12ve!  And Petit Chat has two gorgeous offerings that are for two different events but go so well together!   Shall we take a look-see … ?

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First, here are the last two offerings {LBB} has for Twe12ve, the Cheshire Cat nail polish and the Drink Me nail polish, both with appliers for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Vista and Omega – so no one need feel left out!  The Cheshire Cat has five designs, the Drink Me has 12 colors with the very memorable “Drink Me!” bottle with label on it.  (You can see two pics of each of the collections above)  You can find them at Twe12ve until the 31st of this month: or for more fun stuff, check out {LBB}’s mainstore:

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Next is Petit Chat’s offerings for The Chapter 4 and Boardwalk events – The Vintage Glass Frames and the Emma set, respectively!  The Vintage Glass Frames are gorgeous, with a wooden frame holding in the stained-glass design.  It looks remarkably much like antique windows in older houses in the town where I live – they are so stunning!  And so are these frames.  The fatpack is 20% off, and Natural & Teal versions are 69 L$ (2 for the price of 1), Candy & Mint versions 69 L$ (2 for the price of 1).  You can find them here at The Chapter 4 until Jan. 31 –   The Emma set is a delightful set of chairs and tables with a doily and cake stand, all copy-able and just too cute!  I’m featuring the Mint and Chocolate tables and chairs; the doily and cake stand is on the Chocolate table. (Just saying that makes me crave a chocolate-mint anything!)   You can find these lovelies here at the Boardwalk event – Home and Garden Faire until Feb. 15:

But why wait?  That just causes needless stress!  So hurry and go shopping TODAY!

Twe12ve and {LBB} – a real Wonderland for you!

I love how the Lewis Carroll books bring out so much creativity in designers!  I’m featuring La Bella Boutique {LBB} and a few of the Alice-themed items you can find at Twe12ve!

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{LBB} has gone all out to evoke a sense of otherness, the mingling of the bizarre with reality – and has added a pinch of kinkiness to boot!  First is the Alice latex outfit, an adorably sweet polka-dot dress with cap sleeves, arm warmers and stiletto thigh-high boots.  What gives it that kinky touch is the zipper going straight up from hem to scoop neckline – and of course, the fact that it’s made out of latex!  You can look innocent and alluring at the same time!  I also am blogging the Alice nails, with omega, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and Vista nail appliers.  You can have one of five different adorable nail polishes – I chose the floral one.  And finally, the Rose and Cheshire Cat tattoo – a pair of white roses dripping red paint on your upper chest, the Cheshire Cat curled up on your back.

And of course, I had to display these items with a perfect setting – a huge archway of books leading to some roses and a crazy tea party set-up, all from Boudoir.  I felt it gave the right kind of whimsy to this set of photos – as if I was actually Alice at the tea party.  I could have had a cuppa, but poor Alice never got a drink of tea, so I decided to just converse instead.

With a bunch of empty chairs at empty tables …

Well, that’s just so Wonderland, don’t you think?  😀

To get these and other fabulous items, make sure you stop by Twe12ve VERY soon! (at least before Jan. 31st!)  Taxi is here:

And to go to {LBB} mainstore and see the other delights created, take this taxi:

Twe12ve and Wonderland Delights!

As promised, I am blogging about the items I wore for the Twe12ve event, whose theme is Wonderland – and it is a wonderland of amazing delights!

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I am posing at the event itself with some gorgeous fashions – first of all, the dress I’m wearing.  It’s from one of my favorite designers, Changed Seasons, and is named Victoria.  It’s so sexxxxxy!  Short, with slits to either side tied up halfway by some very thin ties – I can imagine when your significant other looks at you in this dress, s/he is imagining untying those ties … !  Comes with a hud to personalize the colors of the dress and comes in most mesh body configurations.  I paired it with the Slackgirl Monica shoes, which come in Belleza, Maitreya and Slink sizes, a logo hud and a texture hud.  Very hot!  I also added two items from GO makeup, the DreamCatcher lipstick Makeup04, with Omega and Catwa applier huds, and Tattoo Chest9, which comes in Black, White and Red omega appliers.  You’ll feel so pretty with these items adorning your avi!

These items can be found at this address:  But don’t wait – the 31st gets closer and closer every day … !

And if you’d like to see what other items these designers have, here are their home addresses:


GO Makeup:

Changed Seasons:

It is time for more Evil with a new round of Twe12ve!

Yes, another round of Twe12ve has begun and to give you an idea of what you can find here on the sim, I decided to take a little tour of the Twe12ve area and take you along with me:

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(also in the pictures: a preview of what I’ll be blogging about next post!)

When you port into the event site, you’ll see a mall-like structure with the exclusives from each designer – a great way to get introduced to new products, as well as to find the products only available for this event.  I love the quote on the floor, giving the definition for the word of the month:  Wonderland!

Outside and to the right is a teleport board to teleport to the individual stores, where you will find even more items from the participating designers.  And a bit further down from that, you’ll see a wonderland-worthy chess set – I’m a sucker for those kinds of things.  🙂

And one last bit of fun – in front of the teleport point, there is a huge 12 with a spotlight shining on it – a great place to take a picture or two … !

And to get to all of this amazing stuff, just take the taxi:

But you only have until the 31st, so don’t delay!

Want to stand out on the dance floor? {LBB} and Petit Chat have just the things for you!

Well, the holidays are over, hopefully the stress level has gone down, and so of course, what do you want to do?  Sit around your house and relax?

Heck, no!  You want to go out dancing!  And La Bella Boutique {LBB} and Petit Chat have just the stuff to make you shine on the dance floor!

lbb jessica outfit, pc emma, louison full sets_002
{LBB} Jessica outfit; PC Louison full set, January group gift – Carly bracelet

{LBB} gives us the uber-sexy Jessica outfit, with translucent, lacy panels front and back, an asymmetrical hem and lots of lovely cleavage!  Trust me, this one will get you compliments galore!  Paired with the heel-less, studded shoes (inset, above), it’s a definite eye-catcher; with a hud to change the color of the dress and shoes, you’ll have no trouble at all making this dress a mainstay of your dancing wardrobe!  Fits most major mesh bodies and mesh feet.  It’s at the main store:

lbb jessica outfit, pc emma, louison full sets_001
{LBB} Jessica outfit; PC Louison full set, January group gift – Carly bracelet

Petit Chat also has some gorgeous offerings for your pleasure, such as the January group gift, the Carly bracelet, with all new colors for the band and pearl (inset, top picture).  All you need to do is go to the main store, put on your group tag, and click! it’s yours!  Not a member?  Just click on the group joiner; it is worth the price!  Store LM:  In the inset in the picture above, you can see the Louison full set – left and right bracelets and necklace – and it is beautiful!  A hud allows you to control the string, beads, and flower petals and centers, allowing you to customize this to your liking.  You can buy the full set or just the bracelets or just the necklace – and they are all half price!  You can find this at The Chapter 4: until the 31st.

But, as with anything in this life, nothing is forever – including these sales!  So hurry and grab yourself some dance floor awesomeness today!

“Slam it to the left … shake it to the right …” with Spice Girls outfit from {LBB}!

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La Bella Boutique {LBB} has brought out a very sexy dress-and-shoes outfit named for the seminal ’90’s girl band that promoted “girl power,” Spice Girls!  Sexy strapped stilettos in sparkly colors and a daring dress that plunges down-to-there front and back and a hem that goes up-to-there in sparkly colors (all controlled via hud).  How can you not NEED this dress and shoes combo?  You will definitely stand out on the dance floor in this combo!  Party your heart out in this awesome outfit – here’s the taxi to get to the store:  But don’t delay – you never know when you’ll need that perfect dress to stand out at a party!