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{LBB} is Truly Outrageous @ Twe12ve!

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Last time I blogged about {LBB} (La Bella Boutique) at Twe12ve, I highlighted the Truly Outrageous Outfit, a sparkling dress, shoe, and earring combo with one heck of a WOW factor!  And now I’m featuring the Truly Outrageous Makeup set that is meant to go along with the outfit.  This makeup is certain to get you noticed, with six eyeshadows and fourteen lipsticks (via hud)!  I included a couple of pictures that are meant to show you how versatile this makeup is (thanks to those lovely mesh head sliders!); one is the makeup blended about halfway, the other the makeup at full force.  I’ve also included a picture of the makeup in different lighting to show you some of the glow factor this makeup has.  It’s stunning and a fantastic accompaniment to the outfit.  I dare you to fade into the wallpaper with this gorgeous makeup – even without the outfit!  If you want to be Truly Outrageous, be sure to visit Twe12ve today – you only have seven days left!  Here’s the LM:  And if you’d like to go to {LBB}’s mainstore for even more amazing items, go here:

Looking for spring (and a no-Valentine’s zone)? EBP and have what you need!

One of the things that stays constant every year for me is that I hate February.  It’s cold and dreary, snow and ice have become daily irritants, and to top it all off, it has … Valentine’s Day.  Seriously?  A depressing month, and we had to plop a ‘holiday’ into the middle of it to make those of us without a love in our lives feel even worse!  Right now, all I want is spring – well, and for Cupid to go far, FAR away, but I am a realist.  I’ll take spring!

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Thanks to, a group that offers wardrobe and home decor makeovers, I can pretend spring is here, because it has now expanded into providing items for you to add to your wardrobe!  The Doll dress, a gorgeous and sexy dress in six colors, is one of those versatile items that you can wear as a dress or as a smock-like top (looks adorable with capri tights!).  I decided to feature the polka-dot and floral colors as I frolicked in a flowery field – I love that word “frolicked”!  And I managed some kick-a$$ alliteration there as well!  To get this dress (and check out the other services provides), just go here:

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Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) continues to provide that tongue-in-cheek sexy vibe that makes February and Valentine’s Day bearable.  Twe12ve especially, with the Fetish theme, can distract you from both cold and pesky cherubs with arrows!  La Bella Boutique {LBB} has provided a Truly Outrageous Outfit, shoes and dress with a multi-color hud and a heaping helping of SEXXXY – and that’s not even including the Starlight earrings!  All the items in this outfit come with animated sparkles that can be turned on or off.  This outfit is so hot, you will be sure to turn heads (and maybe even get a proposition or two…!)  anny’s Fashion is not far behind, with the Neyge Sexy Dress, a dress with more cut on than left on – so ooo-lah-lah!  GO Makeup has the lipstick to plump up those lips and make them hot, the Cherie lipstick, a peachy color that looks amazing on all skin colors.  And finally, !!Firelight!! has the Miranda hair, a style that is poufy at the top and then cascades down to lovely curls sliding down your back and chest.  All of this and more can be found here:  You can also visit the individual stores here:


anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup:


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The Gatcha Life – Fantasy (TGL – Fantasy) has another great set of items from anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup.  First, anny’s Fashion has the Helen Flowers Black Dress Summer Fantasy, with sexy crossed stripes and a net midriff and hem; the applique roses adding a splash of color to liven up the dress.  GO Makeup has given us a nude lipstick, BareAgain Makeup04, which is a lovely understated lip color that still manages to make your lips shine.  And both of these, along with many other items, can be found at:  Stores LM is above. 🙂

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OK, I think I might have a bit of a love affair with anny’s Fashion and GO Makeup …!  At Truth or Dare 4 (TODA4), these two stores show up again, this time with a Winter Leather Dress, a minidress with a seriously plunging neckline and ten lovely shades (via hud) to make this dress fit your mood, and two lipsticks, MeltDown 01 and 05, one a shiny peach and the other a shiny beige that emphasize your bottom lip for that kissable mouth.  Who needs Cupid when you look this hot?  For this and more awesomeness, go here:  Stores LM is above as well.  😀

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And at The Stupid Cupid Hunt 7 (TSCH7), there’s a bunch of items to remind you that who needs love when you have these items?  EscalateD has the Macon hair in two versions with three special huds for dozens of color possibilities – and a sexy updo is just the thing to make access for those hot kisses!  Little 2 Large (L2L) has the Anti-Valentine Doll – and this is by far my most FAVORITE item!!  Take that, you crappy fake holiday!  (No hating please, just my opinion :P)  There’s a doll-and-pillow decor item, a small holdable doll and a larger one – the better to stab the right areas …!  Lush has provided a tattoo, Hand me a Rose, that places lovely tattoos of roses up and down your forearm – who needs a guy to bring you roses when you always have your own?  Prism by Jezzixa Cazalet has TRACEY in Valentine, pink and red striped bodice leading down to pink hearts on a red background skirt, so flirty and fresh!  And lastly, the dress that always makes me laugh when I see it – :TTC: Twisty’s YourMyFavorite Dress.  I don’t think I can add anything more to it than the picture above … just perfect!  The hunt begins here: and the website with store links is here:

But on the 28th, your opportunity to get the EBP event items is gone – so HURRY!!!

TODA4, Twe12ve – Fetish, TSCH7 and {LBB} – more sexy fun for your February!

In the Northern Hemisphere, February tends to be cold and gloomy … but Evil Bunny Productions and La Bella Boutique {LBB} has the answers to heat up your chilliest winter night!

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First off is TODA4 (The Truth or Dare Affair), which starts us out with a sexy and cool hairstyle from EscalateD; it’s the 10L Special, with special huds for colors not usually available (and not in the fatpack).  It’s why it pays to visit the events!  Baily is a short, fun hairstyle that fits perfectly with {LBB}’s Micah outfit, a lacy, peek-a-boo dress and lace heel open-toe shoe design, available at {LBB}’s mainstore (not part of the TODA4 event).  You will feel uber-sexy in this outfit!  There’s a reason I’m showing this from the side … !  To get to TODA4, take this taxi:    Or if you want to go to the EscalateD main store, this taxi is for you:  And to get to {LBB} and all the amazing and hot-hot-HOT fashions, take this taxi:

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For Twe12ve this month, the theme is Fetish – and ooooh, the designers have really stepped up their game! Lush Poses has a set of female Bento poses called, appropriately enough, “I Own You”!  Very strong poses to let the love of your life know who is the boss …!  Changed Seasons offers the Fantasia outfit, with shoes and outfit – so much lace, so many chains!  I can see a lot of fantasies played out with this!  And Khargo provides a tip jar perfect for those BDSM sites, with a triskelion medallion and a woman touching herself in provocative ways – wonder if the tips will go up with this jar?  😉   To get to Twe12ve, here’s your taxi:  To go to Lush Poses to see some more awesome poses, ride this taxi:  To find even more sexy and fun fashions at Changed Seasons mainstore, take this taxi:  And for more funny, sexy, cool tip jars, just catch this taxi here:

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And last, but certainly not least, TSCH7 (The Stupid Cupid Hunt) has two fantastic items for your wearing pleasure!  First, Atlantis Design has the Dark Heart Dress, in both classic sizes and most mesh body sizes; it’s a sly spoof on all those red, red hearts that are so ubiquitous at Valentine’s – show your preference for the dark side of love!  And KEKA has a complete makeup palette for Catwa, Lelutka and omega-compatible mesh heads – and this palette will make you feel sexy and oh-so-ready for that romantic day!  You get eye makeup, lipstick, and a cursive ‘love’ tattoo under your right eye.  Love is in the air … and on your face …!  To start the hunt, go here:; you will also want to go here for hints, URL links, and previews: and paste this in your search bar to join the group:  cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04.  Although you can get the LMs for these stores on the website, I’ll just help you out by posting them here as well 😀

Atlantis Design:


Most of these event items will only be available until Feb. 28 – so hurry!

Khargo and Petit Chat have you covered, from home to work!

Need a new tip jar?  Maybe a new shabby kitchen set for that new house you just bought or a revamp of your current house?  There’s something at both The Gacha Life – Fantasy, Khargo tip jars, and at The Chapter 4, Petit Chat Shabby Kitchen set, that will fulfill all those needs!


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Khargo has really taken the title of The Gacha Life to heart, as there is an amazing set of fantastical tip jars, some that even are animated!  The dragon, above, flaps its wings and raises and lowers its head, maybe trying to point out the sign at its feet: “Donate or Burn!”  The mushroom tip jar glows with a magical luminescence, which should draw attention all by itself.  Just gorgeous!  LI varies, as do the themes, so go check out Khargo’s gacha machine at the event.  LM: (until the 28th).

(and if you are like me and prefer your tip jars to be copiable, here’s what you can do, from the Khargo nc in the gacha items:  “By design, gacha items are transfer but no copy. so you can give away or resell. However, should you want a copy version, please send your tip jar to Keanu Kharg and he will replace it with the same tip jar but with copy permissions.”)


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Petit Chat’s Shabby Kitchen set is perfect for summer dreaming, with a basket of oranges, a rolling pin, a tray with a pitcher and tumbler, all resting on a counter with a stool to sit on.  All parts are individual so you can put out only what you want, and some parts even come with menus (click on the parts to bring up menu), such as the sits on the stool or the colors of the pitcher/tumbler.  This gorgeous set is at The Chapter 4 event, February 2019 round on Street 2X1.  LM :  Only the full pack is available, at the low price of 285L!   The event is open from Feb. 4th – 28th, so don’t wait too long!

And if you’d like to take a look at the stores’ other items, here are the taxis to get there:

Khargo Tip Jars slurl:

Petit Chat slurl :

Beautiful decor (and a great group gift!) from Petit Chat and sexy fun from {LBB}!

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For your viewing pleasure today, I have a gorgeous rustic furniture set from Petit Chat and a sweet pair of shoes from Petit Chat as well for the February group gift!  The monthly group gift is a product revamp (usually a color/texture change), available only to members of Petit Chat group – this month, it’s the Sophia heels in a very spring-like camo color pattern!  Just join the group at the store and pick it up!


The other offering, the Rustic Set, is a very cute set for your indoor or outdoor decor!  It comes with a table, bench, chair, table runner, towels, fruit bowl and hat.  All the pieces are individual, so you can use whatever you want.  You can get it at the Versus Event February round (Feb 1st – 28th); taxi is here:

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February is just made for fantasy, at least where I live – it’s usually cold, dreary, wet, more cold, throw in some possible ice storms or snow … well, you get the picture!  So, since the weather is frightful, I tend to fantasize about going to a nice, warm, sunny beach somewhere – and I imagine I’m not alone!  Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) understands this, as The Gacha Life event this month is Fantasy (TGL – Fantasy)!  There’s also Valentine’s Day to consider this month, so EBP also has the Truth or Dare Affair (TODA4) and The Stupid Cupid Hunt (TSCH7) going on as well.  I’m featuring two of those events in this blog with two products for TODA4 and one for TGL – Fantasy from La Bella Boutique {LBB}.

For TODA4, {LBB} has the above pictured Angel outfit – shoes, leg decorations, panties, corset, and sparkling static wings (think Victoria’s Secret!) that are sure to make you dare to wear them and let your sexy truth out!  All parts are color-controlled by hud, as are the lights on the outfit.  I added in the other offering, Bento wings that have a hud to control movement and light and a movement AO – when you enable both, the effect is stunning!  I just wish I could capture it in this picture!  To grab yourself a set of each (cause you know someone in your life would LOVE to see you in this!), just catch this cab:


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And for TGL – Fantasy, {LBB} has given us the Shemone Queen gacha set, inspired by Michael Jackson.  I was having fun pretending I was in the “Smooth Criminal” video in this outfit!  This outfit can inspire quite a few fantasies!  This gacha comes with:

– ULTRARARE: FULL FATPACK (can be purchased for 350L)
– RARE: Full Outfit in black (no HUD)
– COMMON: Hat, Bodysuit or Boots in 13 different colors
– SPECIAL PRIZE: Glove Applier for hands

The hat comes with a resize script, and the full outfit has materials enabled for better details.  You can really sparkle in this outfit!  To grab it, catch the bus here:


But remember, people – all of these items will be gone at the end of the month – and February is a short month, so HURRY!!

Are you getting that loving feeling? Well, TODA4 and TSCH7 are on the way!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day month, when lovers celebrate their love with cards, chocolates, flowers, lingerie and other tokens of affection (or at least desire!).  But there’s also Evil Bunny Productions’ That Stupid Cupid Hunt 7 (TSCH7) and Truth Or Dare Affair 4 (TODA4), two events that will give you plenty to celebrate your love (or celebrate being single and free!).

TSCH7 runs from Feb. 3rd-28th, and it is a fun hunt at various stores (go to for hints, URL links and gift previews).  I really do recommend going to the website and also joining the in-world group to get the help you need:    cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04  (paste this in your search bar to pull up the group or touch any hunt poster)

LM for the beginning of the hunt:

There’s also the Truth or Dare Affair (TODA4) Valentine Event, which runs from Feb. 2nd-28th.  This event also has Valentine’s on its mind, with the designers bringing the sexy and sweet to their creations just for you!



Want to see some of the awesomeness you can find at these two events?  Just look below!


Changed Seasons   (store LM: has given us the Beth sexxxxxxxy lingerie set – garter belt and suspenders, panties and bra – that will make your significant other drool!  But if you don’t have a SO, nor do you want one, keep that pesky little winged archer away with {zfg}’s Cupid spray!  (No guarantees given, however) 😀  (store LM:


For this event, there’s KEKA’s gorgeous eyeshadow and lipstick offerings with appliers for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega –  and the right amount of makeup can sure make you look even better than you already do! (store LM:   sass has brought out the [xarah] dress and shoes, with texture hud – sweet and a bit sexy, perfect for that special someone on that special night!  (store LM:

Hurry though – the end comes VERY soon!

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No, say it ain’t so! GGS ends tomorrow!

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Sadly, tomorrow is the deadline for Dark Passions Events’ Gothic Garage Sale – but there’s still time to get these gorgeous fashions!

From ::SO::, we have Charcoal Skullies Spiked Skull Heels and Stitched Netting Long Sleeve Shift Dress, sophisticated and oh-so-Goth!  Store: (because there’s even more goodliness there!)

From Hexen comes either the Black or Golden Spell outfits (I modeled the Golden Spell outfit), which literally covers your body from neck to toe!  It features shoe-and-stocking combo, panties, dress, and choker.  Store:

And from zOOm, the gorgeous and slinky Indila dress, with a drawstring feature up the whole front of the dress and off-shoulder sleeves, glittery texture and bold striped textures you can change via hud.  Store:

And for the next few hours, you can find these and more at:

But HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!