Go To The Sims of Fashion For Life!

For those who have not checked out the Fashion For Life, why not???  It’s amazing, gorgeous sims, splendid fashions, a hunt full of exceptional prizes, a contest to win a HUGE amount of prizes, fantastic entertainment…and to put the cherry on the sundae, it is all to help raise funds for cancer research!  If you don’t believe me, check out the guidebook:  https://issuu.com/eclipsemagazinesl/docs/the_2016_fashion_for_life_guidebook.  It will show you all of the wonders to be had at Fashion For Life.

The following will also show you a few of the wondrous designers featured at FFL:

Deluxe Body Factory has given us two skins, Coralee (with freckles) and Kiara, both in chai, and three makeups, Hunny Bunny 2.1 (with red lips), Hunny Bunny 2.2 (with pink lips), and Hunny Bunny 2.3 (with coral lips).  The skins have Omega appliers, so no problem applying them to mesh bodies!  Gorgeous and worthwhile additions to your wardrobe!


Carrie’s Lingerie created this confection of frothy and delicate teal lace, CB~Shelly FFL Teal, and this sexy delight is available at FFL!  Imagine how your significant other would feel to see you greet him/her in nothing but this and a smile…!


PRISM has donated seven outfits to the cause, each and every single one of them a delight to the eye – whether your eye or someone else’s! 😉  Bijoux is a jewel of a dress, with its fur collar and midriff-baring top, in both Amethyst and Teal; Jasmine Coat set, including boots, pants and coat, in Black Blue and Black White, Kendall Skirt Set, with midcalf floral print skirt and cutoff sweater in Green and Navy Blue; and last but oh so not least, Faye Sequin Cocktail Dress in Pink with a sexy cutout that will make you the center of attention at any social situation!

Now if this doesn’t prompt you to go to FFL and shop till you drop…well, maybe this will:

It only takes $100 (L$25,000) pays for one night for a patient and their caregiver at one of more than 30 Hope Lodge facilities when they need to travel for treatment.

100 US dollars.  To help patients and their caregivers feel a little less stress when they have to travel to get treatment.  That’s it.  And all it takes is people like us to help out.

Please, help out.

FFL logo

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