Events galore to bring out the kid in you … the party-hearty, springtime-loving, candy-needing kid!

As colleges all over the United States prepare for that springtime ritual Spring Break, and many of us adults wish we had a spring break as well, in SL, we’ve got three events to celebrate Carnival, Candyland, and Ostara’s Altar – so for us here in SL, it is a fantastic spring break thanks to these events!

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Even if spring hasn’t made its way to your Northern Hemisphere clime, Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) brings us an event for those who refuse to grow up and give up candy! Candyland, which runs from March 15 -25, brings out the candy lover in all of us … well, a more, um, mature view of candy!  Since some of the outfits and stuff were perfect for those of us who want to postpone that adulting thing, I took these pictures at a DD/bbg sim, because it was so full of fun for people like me, who might have had to grow older but will not grow up!  I had fun flying around in Grumble’s flying anal plug and dildo (and of course I made sure they were clean – I mean, really!)  I also enjoyed the monkey bars in zfg’s candi boots and acrobat outfit, both with color-change huds.  Maybe the outfit is why I have such great balance! 😉  I thought I looked so sweet, sitting at a tea table, sucking on a lollypop and wearing Changed Season’s Lolly outfit, but then I went into OMG overload when I saw sass’ venellope outfit!  Wreck-It Ralph was such a fabulous movie, and this outfit was a perfect fit (with color-change hud too)!  I wonder if I can race as fast on that bike as Venellope could in her car … ?   To find all this fun and more, just race to:  

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Also from EBP comes Twe12ve, and this month is Carnival!  The event runs until March 31 and features all kinds of fashions and fun for the blowout party on Fat Tuesday!  And yes, Fat Tuesday is over – but c’mon, don’t you want to be ready for next year’s fun??  I certainly enjoyed hanging out against the tree, looking all cool and stuff in Roselle from Changed Seasons!  The dress, mask, panties and shrug are just made for dancing up a storm, whether you celebrate Mardi Gras in N’awlins or Carnival in Brazil!  But then my attention was caught by a cage – and nobody puts Rhia in a cage!  I checked it out while wearing Grumble’s Royal outfit – Masks and then Royal outfit – Meow.  (I thought Analog Dog’s Hot Lynx hair especially fitting for the Meow outfit!)  I didn’t think that cage could really stand up to me, but I did let it know I wouldn’t be trying it anytime soon!  For this and more party fun-ness, dance your way here!

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DP Events Ostara’s Altar is another event to remind us that Spring! Is! Coming!!  And this event celebrates the Wiccan calendar’s marking of the vernal equinox, a time of growth and revival, where winter gives way for the promise of spring.  And I feel very spring-like with the fashions and fun you can find at this event!  Since Ostara is a celebration of nature’s renewal, I decided to hang out in my swing, half-hidden by trees and bushes.  It was a fantastic place to relax and appreciate the gorgeous stuff I found at the event!  I’m wearing EscalateD’s Rebel hair – this hair has a TON of colors, including three special huds (sold seperately, 50L each)!  It’s a lovely, wavy, long hair perfect for setting off the makeup from Zibska; I’m wearing the Amarillis eyeshadow and lipstick, both with plenty of color possibilities from the enclosed huds!  The appliers come in Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, and Omega, so there’s one out there for all of you!  I also enjoyed playing around with the color huds for the filigree’d deliciousness that is Astara’s contribution!  Earrings (hunt prize), collar, and cuffs will make you look stunning – and so perfect for spring! (non-BDSM-scripted alternatives are also in the pack).  And finally, I so enjoyed the stunning Flora dress from Oubilette!  The fatpack comes in five ombre combinations and are just so perfect for spring, so airy and fresh!  If you’d like to get these lovelies and more, Ostara’s Altar runs until April 5, here:


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