Of the 7 Deadly Sins, I think I like Lust the most …

After all, Lust just sounds so … hot and sexy!  So I was very eager to see what La Bella Boutique {LBB} had put out for the exclusives and 10L gift for All Things Event, Theme: 7 Deadly Sins!  This event runs until April 15 here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet/99/213/22.  And when I saw what the items were, I had to agree – they definitely personified LUST!

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{LBB} did a variation on the Missy outfit for the items; first is Missy Bloom, the exclusive 10L gift  – and it is a stunner!  Translucent flowered fabric in very skimpy strips held up by straps at the tops of the top and skirt, and plenty of flounces to encourage ‘accidental’ exposure. 🙂  I wore this outfit at a bonfire and it was interesting to see how I could sit in a way that didn’t show off all my charms!  But if you think this outfit is stunning, wait till you see the event exclusives!

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{LBB}’s next iteration of the Missy outfit was Missy Flowers, an embroidered metallic-like thread on nearly transparent tulle, and again designed to incite lust 😉  This outfit also included embroidered shoes and sparkles on the skirt and top!  Just gorgeous – this is one you have to see to believe; I tried to show some of the sparkle effect in the hangout pic, but it still didn’t show it in all its glory.  The outfit comes with a hud that has over a dozen colors for shoes, skirt and top, plus you can use it to switch on and off the sparkles.

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{LBB}’s Missy Sparkle was the last variation, and as you might have guessed, this outfit is all about the sparkles!  I did manage to find a couple ways to show off the sparkle, and it gives this outfit total POW!  Skirt, top and shoes all included, with hud to give you just as many options as the Missy Flowers one.  I so enjoyed getting out in nature to showcase these nuclear-hot outfits (well, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the lustful stares of others without the worry of having to miss them to take pictures!) and I can imagine I would enjoy them on the dance floor as well!

If you want these lustfully sexy outfits, best hurry to the All Things Event – you’ll miss out on enjoying those oh-so-deadly-but-fun sins if you don’t!

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