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Fashion and Fun Right At Your Fingertips… ;)

Being a bit cheeky in that title, because I am blogging one of the hottest nail designers on the grid – and they are at Fashion For Life!!

Koffin Nails (love the pun!), a division of Dark Passions, has offered two truly gorgeous and fun nail sets – both toenails and fingernails – for your enjoyment!  I remember, when I was going through modeling class, one of my instructors telling me, “Never EVER go out without a hairbase and nails!”  And yay, now I have fun polish to put on my nails!

The first set is Tribute, a homage to David Bowie – and the fact that they are on the David Bowie sim (Sim 5 – David Bowie tribute: is SO fitting!  The eye-and-lightning-bolt design is instantly familiar to Bowie fans, and it comes in a bunch of delicious colors – just look at some of the examples:

The other lovely design is a lace-and-ribbon pattern; the ribbon should look familiar, as it is often used in all kinds of campaigns, but the pink and purple ribbons around this time of year just shout “Cancer Research!”  And of course you will want to wear this design year-round; isn’t it adorable???  And it comes in a LOT of color combinations that will make your toes wiggle with delight and your fingers waggle with pride!  Here is the simply fab Winged Hope from Koffin Nails:

Okay, I am simply SQUEEEEEEEEEEing with delight – one of my favorite jewelry designers is part of FFL AND I just got a couple boxes with some amazing jewelry!!!  Glint makes the jewelry that rocks my world, and this jewelry will rock your world too!  It just might even make you squee too!

First is the Choices set, consisting of earrings, necklace, bracelet and earrings, all of whom have a script to change the stone and metal and to also resize the pieces.  Gorgeous, delicate yet a standout with any outfit!

Time to Heal necklace and Hope watch are two more entries; the necklace is unisex and the watch comes in both male and female versions.  Perfect for those who always like to know the time!  So beautiful as well as practical!

Gatcha - Zodiac charm necklace_001

And at the gatcha area, Glint has these gorgeously funky and cool Zodiac Charm necklaces – isn’t it toooo cool?  Nice and casual, or dressy cool, either way, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe!

Glint is in Sim 8 (Sim 8 – Bladerunner:

Only 5 days left, so hurry!!!

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Fashion is fun…even when you’re not so much


I’ve come down with some awful bug, but I am so wanting to share with you the gorgeous designs I’ve received recently!  You’ll see why I am so excited when you see the pics!

First is a Fashion For Life designer, whose fashions will make you feel like running out and getting them NOW!  [Jenara] has some of the sweetest, sexiest dresses and blouse/skirt sets I’ve ever seen…but don’t just take my word for it:

Don’t you just love the keyhole opening in the back of the Annie dress?  And the polka-dots on the Betty dress are so sweet!  But the Nina dress just has me drooling…it looks so comfy yet sophisticated.  Love the sheen of the velvet top!

I also wanted to share with you the latest releases from JK Style…and she’s done it again!  I usually take you out on an adventure when I blog, but right now I don’t feel so good…so it’s an imaginary adventure!  Time to dust off those brain cells and pretend!  We’ve got the Gwyni Wedge Sneaker, in both black and denim, that pairs nicely with the Gwyni top and skirt, either plaid or houndstooth; the Charli jacket, crop top, and flared skirt; and the Jacqueline dress with pearl choker.

In either of the Gwyni outfits or the Charli outfit, I can see me heading out to a picnic, or outdoor concert…someplace where I’d want to be more casual but still look amazingly good!  (And of course, in any of these outfits I would totally succeed!) The Jacqueline dress, on the other hand, needs to be seen at a cocktail party, or the opening night of a play – someplace sophisticated and luxe, because this dress is all that and more!  I adore how the silk dress dips so low in the back – a real attention-getter!  And all of these outfits, in part or in whole, have the dresses conform to the major mesh bodies!  Sweeeeeet!

For the JK Styles looks:

In-world store:

Marketplace link:

For Fashion For Life:

Sim 3 – Beatles:

Sim 4 – Moulin Rouge:

Sim 5 – David Bowie tribute:

Sim 6 – Pin Up City:

Sim 7 – Narnia:

Sim 8 – Bladerunner:

Sim 9 – The Vikings:


Fashions For Life, Fashions For FUN!

Oh the fun of wandering the sims of Fashion For Life!  I have had SO much fun shopping and looking around – and I adore some of the cute packaging some of the designers use for their items!  One even packages her designs in a tall glass of iced tea!  It is so cute, it made me squeeeee with excitement!

Yeah, I find myself getting excited over the oddest things…

But trust me, getting excited over these designers isn’t odd at all!

Vintage Touch has the most amazing retro fashions – and yet they’re modern enough to fit into anyone’s closet!  From the strapless Charisma dress in mulberry and midnight, to the s-e-x-y Grable Pinup Dress in Shadow and Turquoise, to the Chloe Floral Dress Coat in Candy, Mint and Sky, you will find something to meet your needs!  There’s also the Omega-applier seamed stockings and Slink Mid Suede Stilettos in Chartreuse, Shadow, and Plum.  Yum, yum, yum!

Dulce Secrets is adding fun to fashion with the most gorgeous frosted masks, colorful lightning-bolt Legion makeups, and the cutest bandaids for all the owwies you might ever get – the band-aids will certainly ease the pain!  You will love the versatility and beauty of these items – the masks can even be worn in combination!

You really need to check it all out, because you are missing out on the beauty and fun – not to mention the warm fuzzies from helping fund cancer research. 🙂

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Go To The Sims of Fashion For Life!

For those who have not checked out the Fashion For Life, why not???  It’s amazing, gorgeous sims, splendid fashions, a hunt full of exceptional prizes, a contest to win a HUGE amount of prizes, fantastic entertainment…and to put the cherry on the sundae, it is all to help raise funds for cancer research!  If you don’t believe me, check out the guidebook:  It will show you all of the wonders to be had at Fashion For Life.

The following will also show you a few of the wondrous designers featured at FFL:

Deluxe Body Factory has given us two skins, Coralee (with freckles) and Kiara, both in chai, and three makeups, Hunny Bunny 2.1 (with red lips), Hunny Bunny 2.2 (with pink lips), and Hunny Bunny 2.3 (with coral lips).  The skins have Omega appliers, so no problem applying them to mesh bodies!  Gorgeous and worthwhile additions to your wardrobe!


Carrie’s Lingerie created this confection of frothy and delicate teal lace, CB~Shelly FFL Teal, and this sexy delight is available at FFL!  Imagine how your significant other would feel to see you greet him/her in nothing but this and a smile…!


PRISM has donated seven outfits to the cause, each and every single one of them a delight to the eye – whether your eye or someone else’s! 😉  Bijoux is a jewel of a dress, with its fur collar and midriff-baring top, in both Amethyst and Teal; Jasmine Coat set, including boots, pants and coat, in Black Blue and Black White, Kendall Skirt Set, with midcalf floral print skirt and cutoff sweater in Green and Navy Blue; and last but oh so not least, Faye Sequin Cocktail Dress in Pink with a sexy cutout that will make you the center of attention at any social situation!

Now if this doesn’t prompt you to go to FFL and shop till you drop…well, maybe this will:

It only takes $100 (L$25,000) pays for one night for a patient and their caregiver at one of more than 30 Hope Lodge facilities when they need to travel for treatment.

100 US dollars.  To help patients and their caregivers feel a little less stress when they have to travel to get treatment.  That’s it.  And all it takes is people like us to help out.

Please, help out.

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More Fashions For Life: Can You Handle It???

I have to say, this has been an emotional time for me.  I haven’t cried – or laughed – or felt so full of joy and awe as I have these last few days leading up to Fashions For Life (FFL).  It has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, but I am overall grateful that so many talented and dedicated people have given of their time and talents to make this event happen.

And when you see the fashions I’m blogging today, you will see why I feel that way!

First up, from Bliensen + MaiTai, are some of the cutest pumps, namely  Ne me quitte pas pumps, in some of the hottest colors of the season, such as amethyst and creme, and for mesh feet as well; a chic veil-and-flowers confection called Orchidea, and a lovely delicate Trinity necklace…just stunning!

Alaskametro has also entered some gorgeous items, including a couple items in one of my favorite categories, makeup!  We have “Extreme Wing II” eyeshadow in colors like copper and red, and “Nadia” lipstick in sexy nude hues of frost and clove, among others…and then to make it all sweeter, there’s one of my favorite types of skirts as well!  The “Joan” pencil skirt is so clingy and sexy!  And it comes in a half-dozen or so colors such as bronze and midnight!

Ever An’ Angel certainly lives up to its name, as its fashions are heavenly!  And these three dresses will make you feel and look quite heavenly too!  There is Morning Song – Hope, with those sexy 3/4 gloves and embroidered embellishments to enhance this sophisticated look, No Hesitation – Fraise, a gorgeously enticing sleeveless embroidered silk dress that ensures you’ll be so confident, and Hemp Top and Skirt – Suage, a cropped top and hip hugger hemp fiber skirt that is perfect for casual fun yet dressy enough for dancing the night away!  All of these fashions can be worn by either classic or mesh avis.  Too divine!

Emerald Couture has the most amazing complete outfits – from head to toe, this designer wants you to never have to worry about, “Do these shoes match this outfit?  Are the earrings too much?” and other such concerns!  Just go to the folder, put the outfit on, and GO!  Each and every one of these fashions comes with at least a top and bottom (jeans, skirt) or dress and shoes.  Some even have earrings and necklace for you!  All of these fashions can as well be worn by either classic or mesh avis.  There is Chickadee, in purple, Firefly Party in Teal, Just Jen with a teal-and-pink top and jeans, and last but not least Rock the Bunny in a dark teal and pink sweater with shiny light teal and pink tights.  Simply gorgeous!

The final designer for today is G Sloane, with four dresses that will make you feel so feminine and capable of handling any situation life throws at you, from a picnic for two to dancing the night away!  Two of the outfits, GSC Klimt Collection (shown in yellow) and Tenderness (in creme), include texture-changing huds, and all four of them, which includes GSC Hope (purple) and Periphery (floral), are for either classic or mesh bodies as well.  These dresses just make you feel so happy and alive!

And again, people, please make sure you check out the guidebook; here’s the link:  .  If you miss this event, you will truly be missing out on fabulous fashions for a truly deserving cause.  Let’s fight cancer and look fabulous at the same time!

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More Fashion For Life…It’s On NOW!

Yes, it’s official – Fashion For Life has opened!  Nine sims of wonderful fashion and entertainment!  If you’d like to see the entertainment guidebook, here is the link:  It will show you all the entertainment and fashion designers taking part in FFL.

But in case you need more tantalizing enticement, look at more of the fashions you can find at FFL!

Q’s Quties is soooooo adorable!  Mostly children’s clothing, and so cute it makes you wish you had a child avi!  But don’t dismiss this designer if you don’t – she does have some really fantastic adult fashions as well! (look at the mobster lady pic!)


-Culco- is offering this completely lovely peek-a-boo Crocheted Shift Dress…the sides and part of the chest is see-thru, an understated-ly sexy look for times you need to look classy yet holding out promise for the night ahead…!

The Curious Seamstress makes detailed and accurate reproductions of fashions from the past, from Victorian to the 1920’s!  This is a sexy and sultry outfit named {CS} 1920s Evening Dress – Glitterby and includes the sexy undies…a nice little secret under the golden flapper dress!

SP Courage Evening Gown, from Something Precious, is a rich purple silk top over a purple tulle skirt with gold filigree design  and ruffled purple open-toe pumps.  It comes with gold filigree earrings, necklace, and bracelets that complete this elegant and tasteful outfit.

Silk Dreams Mystic (Mesh) Dress w/HUD, from Silk Dreams Fashions, is a silky, sensual, fantastically floral confection that slides all down your curves and flatters your body as it stays cool and comfortable on you!  From an elegant night out to a informal summer party, this dress is a definite go-to!

And last, but certainly not least, is Hankii Pankii, with the most gorgeous, hot-and-sexy fashions you’ve ever seen!  From the Roxanne Pumps (shown here in Raven, with gold accents on the toe and heel), to the Bare Naked Flats in Pearl, to the Angelical Bra and Panty set in Berry Blue and the very Moulin Rouge-ish Let Them Eat Cake corset and stocking set with heels in black, you will always feel sexy and confident in these fashions! The skin I am wearing, [HP] Babyface 2016 Fatpack, is also from this designer and comes in nuget, caffe, and milk.

Please do check out these designers and more at the sims for Fashion For Life!FFL logo


The Sims of FFL

I wanted to take a small break from blogging the absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring fashions in Fashion For Life (FFL) to show you all some pictures of the absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring sims housing the designers’ fashions:

FFL 9 – The Vikings – Sponsored by NVhe

FFL 8 – Bladerunner – Sponsored by The Adult Grid

FFL7 – Narnia – Sponsored by the Curious Seamstress

FFL6 – Pin Up City – Sponsored by Lavian & Co

FFL4 – Moulin Rouge – Sponsored by Ever An Angel

FFL5 – David Bowie Tribute – Sponsored by The Grey Goose

FFL3 Beatles – Sponosored by Emerald Couture

Please, go and see them when they open tomorrow.  These sims are works of art and the builders deserve all the kudos for bringing out their best for FFL.  Thank you all, sim builders.  You are amazing and generous souls!

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Fashion, Fun, Life, and RFL!

Yes, I’m still here, whetting your appetite for the most gorgeous high-quality fashion SL has to offer…these designers have really given you their best to choose from.  But since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves (mostly!):

BPd fashions…gorgeous and can cover your needs,  from casual to the most elegant!  Their jewelry is perfect for each outfit, and notice the stunning shoulder scarf adorned with flowers!

Feyline Fashions, for fun and rp good times – notice the jewels and the adorable flower on the head!  It’s the small touches, that attention to detail, that let you know this is quality fashion!

Pink Ice, whose name belies how HOTTTTTTTTTTTT these outfits are!  You’ll certainly melt hearts, whether on the dance floor or in the bedroom…!  Versatile and gorgeous!  *fans self before continuing*…!

And last for today, but certainly NOT least, ~Shani~ gives you even more versatility!  Do you like goth, or casual woman-about-town?  Maybe a sexy jacket and pant combo? Or do you want to relive your high school years in a cool leather jacket and t-shirt combo?  This designer has you covered!

As you can see, Fashion For Life has so much to choose from!  Make sure you stop by March 6 and see what treasures capture your eye and heart!  And of course, you’ll feel good knowing your money will go to support cancer research.  🙂

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More Fun Fashions For a Great Cause!

If you read my last post, you’ll know that Fashion For Life is coming!  It’s a huge event, with several sims just chock-full of items that are so dazzling, so tempting, you will be hard-pressed to keep your Lindens in your pocket as you shop.  But don’t resist – the proceeds go to Relay For Life, so feel free to shop to your heart’s content!

And who wouldn’t shop, when you can find such gorgeous fashions as these from Posh Pixels:

There’s also some stunningly beautiful jewelry from S-P:


Cosmic Temptations lives up to its name, with the fashions they are offering the public:

The final preview teaser is LaVian&Co-BySage’s gorgeous gowns, dress, and shoes:

This is just a very small sample of what you can find at FFL – so make sure you pencil in on your calendar – you NEED to go and help a worthwhile cause…and get amazing fashion for your closet!  This is truly a win-win for everyone!

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Fashion is for Life, too…

“The Fashion For Life committee is proud to announce the dates for Second Life’s 10th Annual Clothing Fair benefiting Relay For Life of Second Life. This event has become a mainstay of the fashion community and  we are excited to continue the tradition with a special 10th anniversary event. The event will open its doors on March 6th 2016 and run for 14 days, closing at 6pm SLT on March 20th. ”

If you have always wanted to help out for Relay For Life, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society to raise funds for worldwide cancer research, and enjoy wonderful fashions, textures, etc, this event is for you!  I am especially proud to be blogging this event, as cancer has directly touched my life – my grandfather, favorite great-aunt, and husband all died of cancer.  I never pass up an opportunity to help out in any way possible.

So here I am, blogging some teasers, whetting your appetite for the event – and oh my, there are some AMAZING things you’ll just have to have – and you can buy freely, because it all goes to a wonderful cause!

For example, here is a lovely woven cotton tied shirt and pant combo, and a sparkling, shimmering jumpsuit, all by LUXE Paris by Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra:


and an adorable hoodie onesie pj set with head wrap and a really too cute gnome to snuggle with – he will certainly light your darkest night!  Made by *plowwies*, who also brings you the gorgeous military-style jacket and skirt set Shelia, with shoes:


I’ll finish up my teaser for the day with some sumptuously elegant and versatile textures by Kushi Textures; if you are looking for high-quality textile textures that are one-of-a-kind, these are for you!


Make sure you check it out!

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