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Romance and Fashion…it’s Valentine’s Day!

I must put in this disclaimer first – I am not a fan of Valentine’s day.  It has always seemed, to me, to be a holiday designed to make card-makers, florists and chocolatiers richer and those of us not in relationships envious and sad.  I disliked it even when I was in a relationship!  I’m personally of the opinion that you don’t need a special day to tell those you love that you love them…am I right??

But then I tried on the Vivica dress in red…and I thought, this dress certainly needs its own special day!  Tulle, satin, and metallic sheen fabric combines to create a dress that needs to be seen, admired, celebrated! (It also comes in other colors too)

So I went sim-hopping to find sims with the Valentine spirit.  I found two sims that simply screamed Valentines! and explored them with the dress on, to try and get me more into a Valentine mood.

The first sim was Valentine’s Day Village, a sim that is mainly for selling Valentine items but that does have some enchanting nooks and crannies.  So I decided to use them to show off how this dress can carry you through even such a tradition-rich evening as Valentine’s!


Even against all the other red items, this dress just stands out!


Not that I’m vain or anything, because it is all the Vivica dress – but don’t I look good?


And in a field of hearts, this dress RULED!


Getting ready to take a carriage ride – notice how this dress drapes gorgeously and shimmers in the light so beautifully!


Relaxing on a swing – I just love how this skirt hugs my curves and the bodice plays peek-a-boo!


Just lovely…if I do say so myself!  Vivica is perfect for a romantic night out!


Paired with the Vivica heels in silver-gray, the outfit makes a powerful statement – and that statement is, “I am ready for anything!  I am classy, lovely, and perfect from head to toe!”


I then went to 2016 Valentine Town, where I saw a HUGE Cupid…had to leave quickly, though, because frankly getting shot by that arrow could be fatal!


Hmmmm, wonder what these suckers say?  As if anyone could look at them with Vivica in their sights!


Oh, of course…lol!


Even with these brightly colored lollipops, my outfit stands out!


And since I am a kid who never quite grew up, I had to try the floating gumballs!  Yet Vivica manages to look awesome – I love outfits like this!


Oooh, pretty rainbow water!


Roses, hearts – and me in a fabulous dress!


On a chocolate heart…in a river of chocolate…and omg do I look great in this dress!


Vivica – for the woman who wants to shine no matter where her evening takes her!

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Fashion and Good Deeds

Models may seem like, and have been stereotyped as, airheaded, brainless stick figures that are obsessed with fashion and staying thin – and nothing else.

However, I have been in modeling long enough, and have known enough models, to know that it is just that – a stereotype.  Models have often contributed to, and organized, charity events to help others who are in need.  Models actually do care about others, since they are human beings.  Go figure!

Anyway, I found a wonderful sim which houses many non-profit organizations that are trying to make the world a better place – and what better place to explore in JK Styles’ Gwyni, a gorgeous dress with bangle bracelets and hoop earrings in silver to accompany the dress!  Alot Nonprofit Commons, the sim, is just full of organizations advocating everything from helping children who have experienced violence, to Boomer Esaison’s organization for Cystic Fibrosis, to the Kiva charity advocating microloans for small businesses in developing countries, to Volunteering in Kenya.

I love exploring places like this and seeing how people try to improve their little corner of the world…and how when all those corners come together, the improvement just keeps growing and growing!  But let me tell you, an entire sim is a lot to explore!  So the comfy silky dress (I chose to pick purple as the color for the dress, but the dress comes with a handy-dandy HUD to choose another color) was so comfortable to explore in!  The flared skirt and bare midriff provided plenty of cooling relief, so exploring didn’t leave me a sweaty, sticky mess.


I started out here at the One Billion Rising building, an organization dedicated to ending violence against women.  I participated in a dance for the charity; it’s how I discovered this sim.


I know a lot of people affected by diabetes so this display was especially meaningful to me.


I loved this little nook – even though I didn’t have a book to read, lol! – but it was just so cute, with the snow falling outside!  And my dress let me just relax into the cushions…mmmmmmmm!  cozy!


I have a special place in my heart for this organization as well – I have supported it and its mission of empowering women, especially in third-world countries where opportunities are not always available, to start businesses and be self-sufficient.


And let no one say models aren’t health-conscious!  And I was looking good while doing it, the silver of the bangles and earrings playing nicely off the deep purple of my dress.


Such cute kiosks, with information on all kinds of organizations, and the most wonderful freebies – yes, I can’t resist freebies and gatchas!  I was having a ball grabbing all the free stuff I could (and of course info about the organizations too…!)


And they had a dance area!  WOOOT!  I love love love dancing!  And notice that this place had wheelchair-friendly dances!  Truly thoughtful.


But after all that walking around, I had to rest my poor feet and drink a cup of lovely hot coffee…


…and then got quite a laugh out of the posters on the walls – this was an organization that helps other organizations reach out to people.


And since I am a closet nerd – or maybe not-so-closet, lol! – I had to check out the library.  It was full of incredible information!  I could have stayed in there for hours.


When I saw Pathfinder Linden’s bear on the couch, I just HAD to sit by him.


He really didn’t say much, though. 😦  But at least I looked awesome in my Gwyni dress!  Hmmm, maybe I looked so good, he lost the power of speech? 😉


This was probably one of the most beautiful and yet saddest places at the sim – a lovely memorial garden for people who are missing.  It really made me pause and think of how horrible that would be for a person’s loved ones, to not know what has happened to them.

I had quite a time at the sim – at turns laughing, others crying or getting angry, but overall I felt so much hope for a future with people such as these in it.

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When you think of fashion, think JK Styles!

More Adventures with Fashion…

I love how oddly my days manage to go…for example, today!

At first, I thought I would just lounge around my house, playing with my cat babies I got for free from Firestorm (and they don’t breed or eat, either!), in a comfy knit sleeveless split-hem tunic and skinny jeans from JK Styles; the outfit is named Angee.  You can see how much fun we had below:


Of course, my day just had to take a left turn, after a friend of mine invited me to check out a sim with bike roads and the ability to rezz without joining a group.  SQUEEEE!  (And yes, I do ride a bike, and yes, I do squee at times.)    Oh what fun!  And of course I look awesome in my outfit, with that split showing off my terrific abs *grins*


I like to look all tough and bad on my bike…Angee sure helped with that!  The jeans just molded themselves to my legs and the knit fabric of the tunic stretched with all my curves.  Perfect for motoring fun!


“Get your motor running…head out on the highway”…!


I paused to take in the sunset, and I did so comfortably in the stretchy pants and flowing tunic; the tunic also has a hud to help you find the color to complete your look.


Oh dear…I got so comfy in my Angee outfit that I sort of sank to the ground and stayed a LOT longer than I thought I would…the fog was rolling in!

Fortunately, a modeling friend, Lady Falina Katze-Elmer, sent out a notice about an amazing event, Autism Speaks Charity, at this location:  Since I am an inveterate shopper, and there were dozens of stores there donating at least 50% of their profits to autism charity. I thought:  Win-Win!!!


Oh did I also mention how much I love to dither?  There’s just so much lovely shinies there that I would love to add to my Angee outfit…who can decide?


I really did need to make some decisions, since I’m sure standing there forever would be frowned upon.  And getting thrown out of the event would possibly get my clothes dirty!  It would be a crime to muss up this outfit!


More decisions…


and more decisions…

(but wow, do I look good in Angee while deciding!)

GATCHAS!!!!  Yes, they always manage to get me…!


But eventually, I had to go, my wallet a little lighter but my heart a great deal warmer for having helped out for such a good cause.  In fact, I felt so good, I decided to go dancing at one of my favorite spots, Barnacle Bill’s!


And Angee, of course, was flawless, and I had a great time feeling sexy in my outfit.

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Fashion Is Fun – My Recent Adventure

I just love how much fun fashion can be!  I think that fashion should fit into your life, so if you are active, fashion should work with that.  Fashions that break or show some…um…well, embarrassing stuff when you are dancing just won’t work!  That’s why I am so glad to have discovered JK Style!

I decided to try out this totally cute outfit, Cherie, that includes a dress, shoes, necklace and earrings.  I LOVE total packages like this – it makes getting dressed for a date so easy!  I decided to take this one for a spin with my guy and see how this outfit would work.  Of course, since my guy and I like to explore, it was a decidedly different date…


Here we are, dancing at our favorite spot – and not a break nor a stab in sight!  I love how the dress just flows with me and keeps me looking totally hot and sexy!  (Not that I’m vain or anything…!)


And another view, showing this amazing outfit in action!


Yes, this dress flatters in any position!

But then the date went a bit weird…kind of like me…


Here I am, waiting for my guy to rezz a bus.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He was testing some repairs he was making to the bus so it would be a smoother ride.  (I get into these situations a lot).


Of course, with this dress, I couldn’t look better!  Cherie is an outfit that is so classy and yet sensual, you are completely prepared for any contingency – including a bus ride….


I tried not to sit too much on the seats…and wondered where my guy found this bus…but I still looked awesome in Cherie!  Look at those wrapped ankles on the shoes!  Shiny leather always makes me drool; what can I say?


A bus to nowhere…that so figures!


We ended up in this interesting place with greeter bots that just zooooom right up to you – a pretty disconcerting experience, but if I broke out in a sweat, my gorgeous jersey knit dress didn’t show it!  (I think the sexy vent at the hem helped, lol).

And the earrings were such a perfect touch – gold hoops and dangles that sway so nicely when your head moves.  It’s the final touch to an outfit that will take you from the dance floor to wherever your adventurous soul takes you! Snapshot_084

There is also a lovely necklace – I didn’t wear it that night as my guy wanted me to wear a necklace he got me, but here it is below:

Rhia's haedshot_002


And I wore this with my Belleza Venus body, so it does work with mesh bodies as well!

Cherie … a great name for a truly amazing outfit!  It will become a cherished addition to your wardrobe!

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