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Bento Poses from Image Essentials -Hallelujah!

If you are, like me, someone who adores tech-y toys and wish you could have all the latest fun, you have probably jumped on the Bento craze.  I mean, who can blame you?  If you love mesh heads, Bento mesh heads give you a LOT more control over your image, as you can adjust many of the sliders to customize your face.  And if you have always wanted to show people how you feel via hand gestures, Bento hands are a godsend.

And now, Image Essentials, the company that’s brought awesomely great poses and props to SL, has given us richness with Bento poses!  With these poses, you can see how Bento gives you so much more expression, and how much more realistic that expression can be.

But first, some adorable cuteness:


IE Reindeer (with pose)

Isn’t that just too cute?  This is an adorable reindeer with included pose; if you think the world is a much scarier place, hugging a sweet little reindeer is so psychologically comforting. 🙂

And more adorableness:


This is a Bento hand pose, which is so darn cute!  You can find this and a couples pose, My Soulmate V2, at 2nd Level Event, which begins Jan 13th: .  Now, you can let people know you love them without using gestures!  And it really is toooo sweet!

You can find more loveliness at Designer Showcase which runs until the end of the month, at , such as this Bento Poses set Heaven…and oh are they heavenly!

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Oh, you may have noticed there’s no #3 in the poses…well, let’s just say there’s a giftie for you – a really cool sit pose!  And also a mirrored pose!  But I’ll let that be a surprise…guess you’ll just have to go and see!  But these are the most adorable poses, and so applicable for so many situations.

And since my friend has been busy offline, I’ve lost my photo partner…so I’ll just pass on these photos to whet your appetite for the Pretty Things Showroom Event, , which began on the 11th.  I think these poses are very pretty things, don’t you?

Last, but not least, some photos to remind you of the fun you had Jan 1:

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LOL!  This snarky-fun pose comes with the Technicolor Waterfall (hahahaaaaa!) and a green or blue party hat.  So now, you can relive in full color all the fun you had New Year’s Day (because if you’re like me, you don’t quite remember it, lol!)…isn’t that great? 😀

Want to know more or go visit the store? (which I recommend, because not only are there amazing poses, some with props, but there’s a photo studio also!):

Flickr page:



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