TODA4, Twe12ve – Fetish, TSCH7 and {LBB} – more sexy fun for your February!

In the Northern Hemisphere, February tends to be cold and gloomy … but Evil Bunny Productions and La Bella Boutique {LBB} has the answers to heat up your chilliest winter night!

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First off is TODA4 (The Truth or Dare Affair), which starts us out with a sexy and cool hairstyle from EscalateD; it’s the 10L Special, with special huds for colors not usually available (and not in the fatpack).  It’s why it pays to visit the events!  Baily is a short, fun hairstyle that fits perfectly with {LBB}’s Micah outfit, a lacy, peek-a-boo dress and lace heel open-toe shoe design, available at {LBB}’s mainstore (not part of the TODA4 event).  You will feel uber-sexy in this outfit!  There’s a reason I’m showing this from the side … !  To get to TODA4, take this taxi:    Or if you want to go to the EscalateD main store, this taxi is for you:  And to get to {LBB} and all the amazing and hot-hot-HOT fashions, take this taxi:

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For Twe12ve this month, the theme is Fetish – and ooooh, the designers have really stepped up their game! Lush Poses has a set of female Bento poses called, appropriately enough, “I Own You”!  Very strong poses to let the love of your life know who is the boss …!  Changed Seasons offers the Fantasia outfit, with shoes and outfit – so much lace, so many chains!  I can see a lot of fantasies played out with this!  And Khargo provides a tip jar perfect for those BDSM sites, with a triskelion medallion and a woman touching herself in provocative ways – wonder if the tips will go up with this jar?  😉   To get to Twe12ve, here’s your taxi:  To go to Lush Poses to see some more awesome poses, ride this taxi:  To find even more sexy and fun fashions at Changed Seasons mainstore, take this taxi:  And for more funny, sexy, cool tip jars, just catch this taxi here:

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And last, but certainly not least, TSCH7 (The Stupid Cupid Hunt) has two fantastic items for your wearing pleasure!  First, Atlantis Design has the Dark Heart Dress, in both classic sizes and most mesh body sizes; it’s a sly spoof on all those red, red hearts that are so ubiquitous at Valentine’s – show your preference for the dark side of love!  And KEKA has a complete makeup palette for Catwa, Lelutka and omega-compatible mesh heads – and this palette will make you feel sexy and oh-so-ready for that romantic day!  You get eye makeup, lipstick, and a cursive ‘love’ tattoo under your right eye.  Love is in the air … and on your face …!  To start the hunt, go here:; you will also want to go here for hints, URL links, and previews: and paste this in your search bar to join the group:  cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04.  Although you can get the LMs for these stores on the website, I’ll just help you out by posting them here as well 😀

Atlantis Design:


Most of these event items will only be available until Feb. 28 – so hurry!

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