Khargo and Petit Chat have you covered, from home to work!

Need a new tip jar?  Maybe a new shabby kitchen set for that new house you just bought or a revamp of your current house?  There’s something at both The Gacha Life – Fantasy, Khargo tip jars, and at The Chapter 4, Petit Chat Shabby Kitchen set, that will fulfill all those needs!


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Khargo has really taken the title of The Gacha Life to heart, as there is an amazing set of fantastical tip jars, some that even are animated!  The dragon, above, flaps its wings and raises and lowers its head, maybe trying to point out the sign at its feet: “Donate or Burn!”  The mushroom tip jar glows with a magical luminescence, which should draw attention all by itself.  Just gorgeous!  LI varies, as do the themes, so go check out Khargo’s gacha machine at the event.  LM: (until the 28th).

(and if you are like me and prefer your tip jars to be copiable, here’s what you can do, from the Khargo nc in the gacha items:  “By design, gacha items are transfer but no copy. so you can give away or resell. However, should you want a copy version, please send your tip jar to Keanu Kharg and he will replace it with the same tip jar but with copy permissions.”)


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Petit Chat’s Shabby Kitchen set is perfect for summer dreaming, with a basket of oranges, a rolling pin, a tray with a pitcher and tumbler, all resting on a counter with a stool to sit on.  All parts are individual so you can put out only what you want, and some parts even come with menus (click on the parts to bring up menu), such as the sits on the stool or the colors of the pitcher/tumbler.  This gorgeous set is at The Chapter 4 event, February 2019 round on Street 2X1.  LM :  Only the full pack is available, at the low price of 285L!   The event is open from Feb. 4th – 28th, so don’t wait too long!

And if you’d like to take a look at the stores’ other items, here are the taxis to get there:

Khargo Tip Jars slurl:

Petit Chat slurl :

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