Beautiful decor (and a great group gift!) from Petit Chat and sexy fun from {LBB}!

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For your viewing pleasure today, I have a gorgeous rustic furniture set from Petit Chat and a sweet pair of shoes from Petit Chat as well for the February group gift!  The monthly group gift is a product revamp (usually a color/texture change), available only to members of Petit Chat group – this month, it’s the Sophia heels in a very spring-like camo color pattern!  Just join the group at the store and pick it up!


The other offering, the Rustic Set, is a very cute set for your indoor or outdoor decor!  It comes with a table, bench, chair, table runner, towels, fruit bowl and hat.  All the pieces are individual, so you can use whatever you want.  You can get it at the Versus Event February round (Feb 1st – 28th); taxi is here:

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February is just made for fantasy, at least where I live – it’s usually cold, dreary, wet, more cold, throw in some possible ice storms or snow … well, you get the picture!  So, since the weather is frightful, I tend to fantasize about going to a nice, warm, sunny beach somewhere – and I imagine I’m not alone!  Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) understands this, as The Gacha Life event this month is Fantasy (TGL – Fantasy)!  There’s also Valentine’s Day to consider this month, so EBP also has the Truth or Dare Affair (TODA4) and The Stupid Cupid Hunt (TSCH7) going on as well.  I’m featuring two of those events in this blog with two products for TODA4 and one for TGL – Fantasy from La Bella Boutique {LBB}.

For TODA4, {LBB} has the above pictured Angel outfit – shoes, leg decorations, panties, corset, and sparkling static wings (think Victoria’s Secret!) that are sure to make you dare to wear them and let your sexy truth out!  All parts are color-controlled by hud, as are the lights on the outfit.  I added in the other offering, Bento wings that have a hud to control movement and light and a movement AO – when you enable both, the effect is stunning!  I just wish I could capture it in this picture!  To grab yourself a set of each (cause you know someone in your life would LOVE to see you in this!), just catch this cab:


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And for TGL – Fantasy, {LBB} has given us the Shemone Queen gacha set, inspired by Michael Jackson.  I was having fun pretending I was in the “Smooth Criminal” video in this outfit!  This outfit can inspire quite a few fantasies!  This gacha comes with:

– ULTRARARE: FULL FATPACK (can be purchased for 350L)
– RARE: Full Outfit in black (no HUD)
– COMMON: Hat, Bodysuit or Boots in 13 different colors
– SPECIAL PRIZE: Glove Applier for hands

The hat comes with a resize script, and the full outfit has materials enabled for better details.  You can really sparkle in this outfit!  To grab it, catch the bus here:


But remember, people – all of these items will be gone at the end of the month – and February is a short month, so HURRY!!

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