{LBB} wants you to take a break from winter and think spring & summer fun!

Yes, winter is still the reality where many of us live, and I imagine (unless you are a hard-core winter lover!) you must be as tired of winter as I am!  Fortunately, La Bella Boutique {LBB} has just what you need to enjoy summer fun – and even some makeup and tattoos for those summer nights!  🙂

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And let’s just start there with the {LBB} Luna Tattoo & Makeup.  This is just absolutely gorgeous, with two different color lips, four eye colors and a mask-like tattoo on the top half of the face, with and without eyebrows.  The applier huds come in the major mesh heads and omega. It is stunning and certain to make you catch people’s notice!  Plus, it’s a fabulous accessory for masked balls and parties!  It’s an exclusive at the Anti-Event from March 17 – April 7.  So you have a few days before the event …!  LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zen%20Soul/118/68/25.

{LBB} also has the Floral Bikini, with a hud that gives you 14 color combos and the option to turn the water droplets on or off.  Gorgeous tropical prints will transport you to the islands, with sun and waves … or at least transport you in your mind!  This lovely bikini is an exclusive at the Spotlight Event from March 7 to March 22.  LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvhara/56/135/25.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s the {LBB} Cherry Blossom Nails, a sweet reminder of spring, when cherry trees bloom, filling the air with their gorgeous scent.  With the huds for the major mesh hands and omega, you can decorate your nails with this promise of the spring to come – and the polishes are utterly fantastic as well!  This is a new store release, so you can take this taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everstream/182/212/3001.  You can also look around and find even more amazing items from {LBB} there too!


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