{LBB} is Truly Outrageous @ Twe12ve!

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Last time I blogged about {LBB} (La Bella Boutique) at Twe12ve, I highlighted the Truly Outrageous Outfit, a sparkling dress, shoe, and earring combo with one heck of a WOW factor!  And now I’m featuring the Truly Outrageous Makeup set that is meant to go along with the outfit.  This makeup is certain to get you noticed, with six eyeshadows and fourteen lipsticks (via hud)!  I included a couple of pictures that are meant to show you how versatile this makeup is (thanks to those lovely mesh head sliders!); one is the makeup blended about halfway, the other the makeup at full force.  I’ve also included a picture of the makeup in different lighting to show you some of the glow factor this makeup has.  It’s stunning and a fantastic accompaniment to the outfit.  I dare you to fade into the wallpaper with this gorgeous makeup – even without the outfit!  If you want to be Truly Outrageous, be sure to visit Twe12ve today – you only have seven days left!  Here’s the LM:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brewery/79/200/21.  And if you’d like to go to {LBB}’s mainstore for even more amazing items, go here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everstream/182/212/3001.

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