More loveliness from Winter’s Hollow to brighten up your Yuletime!

There’s still some time left to get these goodies, but not much – so let’s get to it!

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First, [QE] and [QE Home] bring you color-coordinated and gorgeous offerings for both your home and you!  [QE Home] brings you the Handcrafted Christmas Tree in Floral Arcana – the tea candles on the branches are an especially lovely touch!  Or you can forego the candles and put up the tree without.  🙂  There’s also the Tassled Rug in Floral Arcana, perfect for under the tree!  And to continue the color motif, [QE] has the Daphne Sweater Dress in Winter Magic, with the Silvan Boots, also in Winter Magic.  Gorgeous!  You can go to the store here:

WH 2c_001

:{MV}: {Alternative Fashion} offers up its own stunning outfit and scarf for your fun in the snow, or even fun inside away from the snow!  The Solstice scarf is a hunt gift; there is also a Solstice dress and leggings outfit that fits most female mesh bodies available in the event :{MV}: store.  Warm and cuddly, it’s perfect for a Yule-time good time! The store location is here:

The event location is here: but hurry – time waits for no one … !

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