Two – yes, TWO! – hunts and two gifts from Petit Chat!

Man, how I wish I had blogged this on Tuesday – it could have been a two-fer Tuesday!  But it’s still awesome fun and great value!  So, let’s see what all is on the awesome-ness menu:


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First of all is The Jerky Turkey Hunt 8, from Evil Bunny Productions, that runs from Nov. 3 – 30.  This hunt highlights the US Thanksgiving holiday that occurs in November.  This holiday used to mean celebrating our blessings and giving thanks for them; these days, though, it mostly means stuffing yourself to the bursting point and then snoring in front of the TV while some football teams bash each other.  But hey, we can still get a fantastic hunt, thanks be for that!  And all the amazing, fantabulous stuff you can get!  I’m wearing !!Firelight!! Quantu hair, in red and brown – I’m wearing the red.  Gorgeous, yes?  And it pairs so naturally with the Clementine dress from Changed Seasons – such a gorgeous confection of lace!  And it’s even comfy when I’m lounging around on Little 2 Large’s Food Coma Recovery Station (and yes, I totally laughed my head off at what they named that couch!).  An adorable pumpkin cart from Dreamscapes Art Gallery is so wonderful for providing a sweet decoration resource!  And speaking of adorable and pumpkins, PS…Nails has a perfect manicure for Turkey Day!  And finally, [NK] has a truly lovely frame with the word “Autumn” and a few leaves drifting down … such a treasure trove of beauty!  The hunt begins here: .

I decided to photograph the offerings from Petit Chat with these items, as both of the items were very fall-like and apropos with the other items.  First is the November monthly group gift, which you can get by visiting the main store:  The Harvest Heels – Romantic edition is gorgeous, with beautiful roses on a cream background (there is a hud to change the sole/heel, string, and beads), and totally free!  Just join the group – this is one of the few groups in SL worth joining, IMO, because every month is a new freebie and it’s exclusive – you can’t get it unless you are in the group!  And Petit Chat also has a set in Chapter 4’s November round, running from Nov 4 – 30.  The Acorn set is a necklace and three-strand bracelet made of beads and acorns!  Just look at the necklace close-up above – it is tres cute! It comes in several colors; I wore yellow, as I seemed to have a golden girl moment there (and no, not the TV show 😛 ).  To get this loveliness, just follow the LM: .


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And there is even more fun available!  The ‘stuff group is having a Womenstuff Hunt, which runs from Nov 1 – 30.  No group tag is required, and the gifts are  $0L or $1L — prices are listed next to the hints here:
The picture of the hunt object is also on the hint page.  I’m wearing three of the items you can find in the hunt:  Zuri’s Winter Wolf Mesh Pendant, **Mistique** Leala Black dress, and ALANTORI Sharona Hair in black.  Gorgeous, yes?  So hurry over to the plaza:, go to the Womenstuff lounge, and find your first prize!

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