It’s a Haunted Gacha Life!

Do you want to know what’s just wrong?

Well, even if you don’t, I’ll tell you – combining my favorite holiday with gachas!!

How is a Halloween-adoring, gacha-addicted person supposed to stay away from this event???

Well … I don’t, of course!  And really, why should I?  After all, with these amazing items available, I’d be crazy NOT to attend!  And of course, buy. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The event I’m talking about is The Gacha Life, a bi-monthly gacha exclusive themed event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.  This month’s theme is Haunted – and you will be haunted with regret if you don’t make it to this event!  Look at the amazing items up in the slideshow and see what I mean – this is one stupendously packed-full-of-goodliness event!  This event goes on until October 31, so don’t be late!  (And no, I don’t mean late as in the phrase “the late so-and-so”  😛 ).  Here’s the LM:

For more info on The Gacha Life:

Gacha key gallery:


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