No, say it ain’t so! GGS ends tomorrow!

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Sadly, tomorrow is the deadline for Dark Passions Events’ Gothic Garage Sale – but there’s still time to get these gorgeous fashions!

From ::SO::, we have Charcoal Skullies Spiked Skull Heels and Stitched Netting Long Sleeve Shift Dress, sophisticated and oh-so-Goth!  Store: (because there’s even more goodliness there!)

From Hexen comes either the Black or Golden Spell outfits (I modeled the Golden Spell outfit), which literally covers your body from neck to toe!  It features shoe-and-stocking combo, panties, dress, and choker.  Store:

And from zOOm, the gorgeous and slinky Indila dress, with a drawstring feature up the whole front of the dress and off-shoulder sleeves, glittery texture and bold striped textures you can change via hud.  Store:

And for the next few hours, you can find these and more at:

But HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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