More wonderful and beautiful items from La Bella Boutique and Petit Chat!

Yes, La Bella Boutique {LBB} has more in store for you lucky shoppers at Twe12ve!  And Petit Chat has two gorgeous offerings that are for two different events but go so well together!   Shall we take a look-see … ?

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First, here are the last two offerings {LBB} has for Twe12ve, the Cheshire Cat nail polish and the Drink Me nail polish, both with appliers for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Vista and Omega – so no one need feel left out!  The Cheshire Cat has five designs, the Drink Me has 12 colors with the very memorable “Drink Me!” bottle with label on it.  (You can see two pics of each of the collections above)  You can find them at Twe12ve until the 31st of this month: or for more fun stuff, check out {LBB}’s mainstore:

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Next is Petit Chat’s offerings for The Chapter 4 and Boardwalk events – The Vintage Glass Frames and the Emma set, respectively!  The Vintage Glass Frames are gorgeous, with a wooden frame holding in the stained-glass design.  It looks remarkably much like antique windows in older houses in the town where I live – they are so stunning!  And so are these frames.  The fatpack is 20% off, and Natural & Teal versions are 69 L$ (2 for the price of 1), Candy & Mint versions 69 L$ (2 for the price of 1).  You can find them here at The Chapter 4 until Jan. 31 –   The Emma set is a delightful set of chairs and tables with a doily and cake stand, all copy-able and just too cute!  I’m featuring the Mint and Chocolate tables and chairs; the doily and cake stand is on the Chocolate table. (Just saying that makes me crave a chocolate-mint anything!)   You can find these lovelies here at the Boardwalk event – Home and Garden Faire until Feb. 15:

But why wait?  That just causes needless stress!  So hurry and go shopping TODAY!

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