Winter’s Hollow is alive – Joy to the (SL) World!

I love when Dark Passions has an event – besides the fact that the designers at the events are amazing and so creative, the sim is utterly magical.  BCreative Wilde has a magical touch when it comes to the event sim, as you can see in the photos below:


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Not only that, you can get such amazing items there – to buy, to find in the hunt, and to receive as gifts, as you can see below:


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TNB starts out our shopping trip with the Butterfly Wonderland dress, butterflies embroidered on a striped white on blue fabric – it’s so delicate and pretty! !TLB (The Little Bat) has two items, Holly mesh nails with hud for Maitreya and Slink and Spiral Horns with hud.  Lovely!  EscalateD has Kinzey hair, all included pack with huds, and two gifts, the solstice gift Ashara with winter edition hud and the hunt gift Avacyn with the special huds and a style hud – the gifts will not be available after this event.  I’m wearing Kinzey hair and it is fabulous.  ~DN~ (Deadly Nightshade) has Nityr’s Staff and Spells – the Spells is a hud, which you attach first, and then the staff.  You can do some really impressive stuff with this staff/hud combo – attack, shield, or even teleport!  adoness has the vonks : integrity hair, with several parts and color huds; there’s even a hair tint hud!  Senzafine has the Eirwyn gown with color hud – I feel like a queen in this gown!  And to cap it all off, SynCo offers the Fire & Ice set gacha, a collection of either diamond or ruby gems in a jewelry set of bindi, choker, earring set, septum piercing and tiara.  Fabulous!

If you would love to see the items above and the sim, just teleport to here:  But don’t wait – it’s all over on the 31st!

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