Oooh, my stocking overfloweth …

and I am having a great time dealing with the flood of goodliness that is surrounding me!

I have Christmas yummies from Petit Chat, My Pretty Pixels (MPP), La Bella Boutique ({LBB}), and a preview for two more awesome Evil Bunny Productions (EBP) events!

First, Petit Chat is offering as a gift for The Chapter Four December round the Christmas version of the Instinct Ankle belts (buckle changes color with hud).  As with most events, you need to have the Chapter Four group membership to get this and other gifts from the event.  The belts come with compatible version for most of the mesh bodies and an unrigged version .  The Chapter 4 event runs from Dec. 4 – Dec. 31.  LM:

Store LM:

PC Instinct Ankle Belts, Christmas version_001

MPP offers a lot of beauty and whimsical fun this season, including Strass Lingerie and Short Night Dress, for when you want to be the present s/he’ll want to open most!  Lingerie has appliers for most major mesh bodies and the dress comes in most sizes, including mesh and major mesh bodies.  I’m also modeling the Halloween nails for Slink because I realized something: there are green and red colored French nails with white tips!  Lesson learned, for me: never count out something from another holiday that might also still work for the current holiday!  I included the Glossy Lipsticks in Pink, plus the new version of Christmas in Mouth – you get several colors to choose from for ribbons, and the two paper options are gold and silver.  Whimsical and so cute! And only $3 for group members!  Find all these and more here:

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{LBB} has more Christmas holiday goodies for you to enjoy as well:  2 lipsticks, 2 outfits, one set of nails, and an adorable teddy with card!  The two lipsticks are Retro Lipstick, with its bright splash of color on a pale background, and Noel Lipstick, with a gorgeous harlequin diamond pattern of color!  Both have many selections via hud.  The nail polish is from the Red Xmas Nails applier; it makes my nails so festive – and I can pick from the five festive patterns via hud!  And the Christmas Teddy is almost ridiculously cute, and the card has several themes that you can display via hud.  The two outfits, Goth Snowflake and Naughty Santa, are both complete with shoes and trust me, anyone would love to see you in them under the tree, both with a hud to help you find the perfect color!  And just look at that Santa – he’s really smiling and his eye appears to be twinkling … !  These are all available at the mainstore as either store releases or gifts, and here is the LM:

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And then, last but not least, EBP  has two more events to add to the other two offerings already running, and they are seasonally glam!  The Gacha Life – Season, which began Dec. 5 and runs to the end of the month, is a gacha-fueled fiesta of fun, as you can see from the two offerings from a designer in the picture below.  So gorgeous!  Twe12ve – Glam Event began Dec. 12 and runs to the end of the month as well.  I think the dress – with and without wrap – and the drink in hand (offerings from two of the designers) definitely say glam!  I’ll write more about those designers later; meanwhile, why not go to one (or all!) of the December EBP events?  You’re sure to find something to make you go ho-ho-ho!  LM’s below:




EBP Twe12ve:

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