More holiday fun with Petit Chat and La Bella Boutique! PLUS – a preview of TNL 3 goodies!

Want to have that perfect sexy outfit, including shoes?  Maybe some festive lipstick, or some gorgeous nails?  A boho suitcase sounds like the perfect accessory, and of course your house and yard could definitely need jazzing-up for the holidays!  La Bella Boutique ({LBB}) and Petit Chat (PC) have you covered!

Not only that, but I have a fabulous preview of The Naughty List 3 Event!  Read on and see!

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{LBB} has really turned up the goodies for this holiday season – so many, I can’t even fit them all in one blog!  I’ll blog the rest later, but for now, let’s look at the fabulous outfits I’m wearing while I (and my clones!) decorate the Christmas tree!  From left to right, the Christmas fashions are as follows:   (standing) Snowbunny outfit, Sexy Elf outfit, Dark Snowbunny outfit and St Nick outfit; (sitting) Dark Snowbunny and St Nick outfits.  Gorgeous and sexy – bet someone would love to find you wearing them under the Christmas tree!  They even come with shoes, so you can wear and go, and huds, so you can get that just-perfect color to tempt your significant other … or whomever … !

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And of course your nails could use a bit of that ho-ho-ho spirit – so {LBB} has your back again with several nail kits to give your nails that seasonal polish!  These are just five of the lovely polishes you can get: Xmas Festive, Xmas Candy, Xmas Glam, Xmas Bells, and Snowfest, all with appliers for the major mesh hands and all except Xmas Bells coming with several options.  Your nails will thank you for thinking of them this holiday season!

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And finally, your lips need some holiday fun too – so here are three of the lipstick options {LBB} gives you for a glam-rific addition to your seasonal wardrobe.  They will definitely make your holidays bright!  Holly, Candy Cane, and Snowman lipsticks come with appliers for all the major mesh heads and will make your lips a focal point of your outfits – and when you stand under the mistletoe, you will want your lips to definitely draw attention!  These lipsticks, nail polishes, and outfits are either store releases, store gifts, or group gifts (a good time to join the group, yes?) and you can just hop on in and have a holly jolly time shopping!  LM:

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PC, meanwhile, is jazzing up your decor with these amazing holiday items!  First, the December Group Gift is the Boho Briefcase, a gorgeous confection of eight possible textures (via hud) that can brighten up any outfit!  Join the group and it’s yours – and I really do advise joining the group, it’s a total bargain!  PC also has the Christmas Logs, a set of table/chairs, coasters and cups, blocks, and wall hangings that will give your home a rustic Christmas feel!  Add in the Santa’s Signs – some to hang on walls, some to put in the ground, with snow and without, with different sayings, and you have yourself a Merry Olde Time this holiday season!  LM:

APOLOGIES:  I must have been so dazzled by the fantastic offerings that I neglected to include the info for the events that the Christmas Logs and the Santa’s Signs were in.  Mea culpa and a dozen lashes with a wet noodle!  Here is the info for you:

Santa’s Signs are at The Secret Affair event, from Dec. 5 – Jan. 5.  LM:

The Christmas Logs are at Chapter 4 event, from Dec. 4 – Dec. 31.  LM:

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And here is a preview of The Naughty List 3 event, with the most delicious, gorgeous, and wickedly fun items that you really must have!  Just look at the items above – wouldn’t you love to find these under your tree or in your yard?  And there’s a lot more – check it out and see!  LM:

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