Hunting for Grumpy Santa and ‘building’ a snowman from Khargo … can you say, “Ho, ho,ho”?

Poor Santa.  He has to keep his elves working on gifts, figure out who has been naughty or nice, traveling all over the world no matter the weather, dealing with reindeer … no wonder Santa has become grumpy!  Thanks to that, though, we can have the Grumpy Santa Hunt from Evil Bunny Productions!  And on a grumpy Santa hunt, what else would you look for but a lump of coal?  In each piece, you’ll get a fantastic prize from participating designers – prizes that are whimsical and fun!  The hunt runs from Dec. 1-31st.  Now, before you start hunting, I highly recommend you join the Evil Bunny Hunts group.  It’s fantastic for help and keeping up-to-date with all grid-wide hunts (which you will so want to do!):

Now for this hunt, there aren’t any links inside the coal, so you will need to use the hunt order note card you are given at the start of the hunt, and use the hunt blog for hints – and to see gift photos!                                                                                                                                

Hunt begins here:

Here is a preview of some of the awesome gifts you can find!  (Info later on these gifts and more coming soon!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And just in time for the season, this adorable snowman, complete with snow base, twigs and grasses, is perfect for your yard decor!  You can get this cutie at the Khargo Christmas Store:                                 But like any good thing, especially seasonal, it won’t be here long.  The store is chock-full of other great Christmas stuff as well, so don’t delay!

Khargo Snowman_001
Khargo Snowman




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