It’s no hocus-pocus!

Forgive me – I’ve been watching the movie Hocus Pocus on TV – I’m a fan of Bette Midler and have made this movie a tradition every Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday of the year!  Dress up, eat candy, and no obligation other than to open the door and pass out candy.  It’s perfect!

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This blog post, though, is no hocus-pocus – it’s just chock-full of wondrous items that some of the most talented designers in SL have made!  First of all, the items I am wearing:  I worked my way up from feet to head.  I tried on two different stockings, one from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, called Fiona – adorable striped stockings with a gap over the knee!  Just too cute!  AND a hud to change colors!  Then Secret Oktober has this truly cute stockings and pumps, one set in orange stockings and one in purple. I love the jack-o’-lantern motif on the orange ones!  I’m also wearing [QE] Hura set Flouncy Dress Dip-Dye, with a hud to change all the parts of the dress into one of six Halloween-y colors.  I added Deadly Nightshade’s Infernal Prince horns with optional crown and particles and also the store’s Halloween Cat aura.  So cute!  There’s also bat and ghost bat auras as well.  The hair is Jessi, from Sn@tch, with a hud to change your hair into gothic-y loveliness; the eyeshadow and lipstick are from UniCult, the SpookyLooks eyeshadow and Spooky Gloss lipstick (there’s also Spooky Sparkle lipstick too!) which come with huds to change colors.  And of course Spyralle’s Bone Goggles, with hud to color-change parts, is a very chilling topper to the outfit!  Oh, and lest I forget, F&M has a Live Necklace gift … and I kid you not, the necklace MOVES!  Like worms crawling all around your neck!  *shudders*

For the decor, I rezzed out Rivendale’s Witchy Lair, a two-story  Gothic building with an underground part and aboveground part connected by a trapdoor.  Very spooky, especially with the windlight settings I used! (it also comes in a skybox option). Outside the building, I placed F&M’s Halloween Date Rotten Tea set and Table & Chairs.  Yummy moldy muffins, wormy tea … ah, just like Mummy used to make! ( xD ).  I put up Spyralle’s Halloween Star Lantern set in the doorway – it seemed to make such a nice, soft glow in the surrounding fog!  [Circa] created a really sweet “Midnight Coven” coffin armoire and chair set (with parts to click on!) and a moon phase wall shelf that seemed to set the proper tone in the front room of the building.  I paired them with [QE Home] Boho Decor set – hanging tapestry, rugs, and throw pillows, then added the Happy Halloween Wall Art grouping, also from [QE Home].

Ahhh, such a homey place – the wind whistling through the eaves, ghosts moaning in the belfry – home sweet home!

All of these items and more can be found at Dark Passions’ Trick or Treat event until Nov. 2, LM: .  And if this whets your appetite for more items from these designers, here are the LMs for each store:

1313 Mockingbird Lane:

Secret Oktober:


Deadly Nightshade:







But don’t dawdle – Nov. 2 is approaching fast!

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