It is finally fall – I think…

Sorry all, I’ve been having fun with the roller-coaster weather we’ve been having and haven’t been able to blog the past few days.  😦  I have to do some make-up blogs if I want to show you all the amazing awesomeness that SL’s designers have produced for our buying pleasure.  🙂  So you might see me a couple times on social media and in-world.  But hey, can you really complain when you can see such amazing stuffs as the ones in the picture below?

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I discovered an absolutely perfect Halloween store, Khargo’s Halloween store.  If you only know Khargo from their tech-y stuff like the free scanner or the tip jars, you are in for a treat!  The skybox I took these pictures in have fabulous poses, for singles or couples, surrounded by stone walls, iron gates, hay bales, skeletons, tombstones and pumpkins … and of course the fire in the middle, a necessity on those nippy fall nights!  I’m enjoying the fire in my JACKALOPE Sara outfit – I do love the cheeky sayings on some of the hud-controlled appliques for the shirt!  The skirt also has hud-controlled textures, so you should be able to find a texture that just screams HALLOWEEN! at you!  My hair is from EscalateD; Darla has what seems like a million color possibilities, thanks to the hud that controls base color and streak color!  My makeup is from Alaskametro, the “Kiss of Death” lipstick, and VileCult, the “Rebella” eyeshadow.  The gorgeous makeups are both in amazing Halloween colors in easy-to-use appliers for Catwa and Omega for both and additional Lelutka applier for Alaskametro.  The necklace is from The Little Bat and the pentacle bindi and earrings are from Astara; Astara has huds to change colors of the bindi and earrings.  I feel ready to get into the Halloween spirit as I relax by the nice, warm fire … now I just need some mulled apple cider and popcorn balls! 😀

And where can you find all this yummy stuff?

The skybox is from Khargo Halloween Store, LM:  The other items are at Trick or Treat, a Dark Passions event, LM:  Or, you can also check out the stores at their LMs:





The Little Bat:


Trick or Treat only goes until November 2, so don’t wait!  And that skybox is perfect for a truly Halloween party!  Hurry – only 10 more days to go … !

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