She’s a Black Magic Woman!

She walked into the woods that evening to her sanctuary, her favorite place to cast spells.  Her cauldron had already began to steam, and she grinned as the witch hat floated up and down on the clouds of steam.  She giggled as the tentacles tried to get out of the cauldron, but her spell was too strong to let them do more than wriggle around the rim.  Her hands shaped the familiar flames and she played with them for a while, merging then separating them again.  She practiced letting them float from her hands, loving how the flames were getting even more responsive to her and her thoughts.  She practiced until early in the morning, getting more and more proficient; she laughed as the flames danced to her will.


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This story would not have been possible without the generous and gorgeous offerings of Twe12ve (running from now until Oct. 31; LM:  and the following talented designers:

Face Spider Eye tattoo and body Spider Rose by Body Cult Tattoo & Fashion Lounge:

Morgana hair by !!Firelight!!:

Lippy Lipsticks Makeup06 by .::GO Makeup::.:

Halloween Witch Cauldron  by Khargo:

Vivian outfit by {LBB}:

FireLight poses and props by ~X.T.C. PoSes~:


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And of course, two new gachas from one of my fave designers is an event that I must mark in my blog!  La Bella Boutique has two new tattoo gachas, one on the theme of Alice (which is so apropos this time of year) and another on the astrological signs that are sooooo cute, of course they had to be called Cutie Signs!  You can see some of them above, including my fave sign, Libra. 🙂

{LBB} Alice Tattoo Gacha is at Hashtag event from Oct. 16th to Oct. 30th at this LM: and {LBB} Cutie Signs Tattoo Gacha is at the Mystery Fair event at this LM: 

Do not delay; it all ends far too soon … !

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