Enjoying Petit Chat at Holly Kai Park

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I was asked to blog two really adorable items, Petit Chat’s Cute Balloons (Faces & Colors), which are available at The Chapter 4 from Aug 4-31  (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamlove/96/148/1236) and the Fishbone full set, which is available at The Secret Affair Aug 5 – Sept 5   (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nymphai/33/71/3276).  I was thrilled to blog them – but I had a little conundrum.  The balloons just didn’t fit into any of my studio setups!  But then I remembered a great place I’d been to recently, Holly Kai Park, and thought, yes, that is the perfect place!  Even though it is still under renovation, there are still amazing sights to see and fantastic places to explore.

I first stopped by the Caninara Bar, a place that is so gorgeous and cozy!  Artwork lines the walls, most on sale, and a huge fireplace makes for a very cozy and intimate feel.  It doesn’t seem cluttered or crowded, though, and I love how it feels in there.  I wore my balloons once I got out of the bar, then continued to hold them as I climbed up to the Medici Collection of artworks.  Lovely artworks – you really should see them!  I danced for a bit with the balloons in my hand.  They are so cute!  The faces especially make me smile every time.

But to enjoy the rest of the park, I had to put the balloons up, as they really didn’t fit in the artwork I went to explore, Reflections At Midnight by Frankx Lefarve.  This artwork is amazing!  At first it just looks like a moving oval of overlapping scales hovering above a glass and marble foundation – but when you sit on the oval, it all changes and the real artwork emerges.  I love things like this, it just blows my mind and makes me appreciate the creativity of the citizens of SL even more.  I featured the Fishbone full set, earrings and necklace, which also comes with a hud to change the various parts of the necklace and earrings to customize to your liking.  They are playful and yet gorgeous, a fun set to wear anytime!  I also hung out for a bit at the Seanchai Library, where many events, readings, etc. are held – so comfy!  Just grab a glass of lemonade, a s’more, and relax…!

But I digress – make sure you get to The Chapter 4 and The Secret Affair and buy these amazing items!  And also make sure to stop by Holly Kai Park and enjoy the sights; you’ll enjoy them even more once the renovations are finished.  (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//238/199/22)

And if you want more adorableness from Petit Chat:

Petit Chat

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