It’s time for spring!

Of course, you know what that means – a new wardrobe!

I use any excuse for a new wardrobe 😀

And I am so fortunate to have some great items to blog that make great additions to my wardrobe!

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Above, I’m wearing Kitty Creations’ Paige outfit in Rose.  Sadie Dubratt, the woman behind Kitty Creations, does do medieval/Gorean fashions, but she also designs modern clothing, such as this outfit – jeans, corset and bolero jacket.  Sexy and fun to wear!  Sadie has weekly sales; that’s where I got this outfit.  These weekly sales are anywhere from 25L – 99L.  Trust me, these clothes are worth going to check out!  (  I paired this outfit with S0H0E SHOeS’ Tamera Boots, an ankle boot with adorable cutout heels and toes.  The boots have a hud to change the color of the boot main body, heel, sole, instep and metals.  You can find these adorable boots at the mainstore:

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The next set of items are very very spring-like, and fantastic additions to any wardrobe!  First, if you have a yen for sea-type things – or just for too-cute headphones! – you will love Petit Chat’s Sea Melody headset!  Sea shells cup your ears in comfort while the band that holds them together looks oh-so-chic!  The hud changes every part of the headset, giving you dozens upon dozens of possible looks – who wouldn’t love that?  These gorgeous items can be found at The Secret Garden, May round (May 1 – July 20): .  Do be aware, though, that the items can only be found with a hud; it costs $500L but the prizes are very nice – worth the price!  S0H0E SHOeS has two offerings in this set of pictures: the Tia sandals, with a nice chunky heel and stylish straps.  All parts of this pair of sandals can have their textures changed via HUD, so they can color-coordinate easily with any outfit.  This set is at the mainstore also: .  The other offering is the Piper Barbed pumps, a diabolically, deliciously decadent pair of pumps that wrap around your feet with….is that barbed wire?!  It is!  Gorgeous and decidedly different, the heel, body, and wire can all be changed via hud to make this pair of pumps go with any outfit you choose!  These are for the Darkness event, May 5th-28th:  And last but by no means least, Le Fashion Whore has released the Sadie Spring dress, a gorgeous dress with the most exquisite textures!  And with the hud, you can change the sleeves, bodice and skirt, so if you feel like doing mix-&-match with the dress, you can!  All textures are very spring-like and fun to play with.  You can find this dress at the Le Fashion Whore mainstore: .

Spring does not last forever, though, so hurry up and get these lovelies!

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