The eyes have it…but the tops and skirts give them a run for the money! (and let’s not forget the shoes and bracelets…)

I sometimes feel, as a blogger, that opening up a blogging item is a lot like Christmas…sometimes even better, because all the time I get the most fantastic items – like these amazing eyes from Le Fashion Whore!  A release for the Darkness event, which runs from April 5 – 28, these eyes, in hypnotic, beast, human, and deep sea for men and women, come with Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers, so no matter the mesh eyes you prefer, if they are Omega-enabled, you can wear these eyes with pride!  They come in a variety of colors as well, so check them out!

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And if that isn’t enough fabulous-ness, ::BLOSSOM:: has a sexy skirt and blouse set for the Darkness event as well!  The scalloped-edge skirt and strappy top have a hud to give you tons of options for the skirt, zipper, circlet for the straps, the straps, the top…you’ll be in heaven (if you’re like me) changing all the colors to suit your mood, like I was doing when I walked into this party scene!  You’ll find this an indispensable part of your wardrobe!

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Next up is Le Fashion Whore’s Britney Belted Skirt and Sasha Studded Bra for the XXX event … and WOW!  This suit is perfect for those cocktail-fueled, crazy party nights – and I guarantee you will be the center of attention!  After all, with an extremely short short miniskirt with a mesh panel the only thing covering up your ‘naughty bits’, who can blame you if you draw all eyes to you?  This event runs from the 13th of April to the 6th of May … so I’m sorry, but you do have a little bit of a wait.  But this outfit is soooo worth it!

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And yeah…this part is a bit of a tease also, as these too-sexy-for-your-feet shoes, the Tammy Platform Pumps from S0H0E SHOeS, are also for the XXX event … but really, can you blame me?  These shoes ROCK!  Sexy suede stilettos with the added touch of a very beautiful abstract-type metallic platform … and you can change the platform, the shoe, and the heel for literally dozens of amazing looks!

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And last, but so way not least, Petit Chat has released the most adorable initial and image bracelet!  This bracelet has solved what for me was an irritating part of personalized jewelry – I disliked always having to buy the bracelet or necklace and then turn it in the the creator so I could get it personalized.  The hud with these bracelets (one for the right wrist and one for the left) gives you TONS of options for symbols and lettering, so you can make these bracelets all your own! You also get metal options for the bracelet and blocks for the letters/symbols.  Imagine the fun you can have with these!  These are at The Chapter 4 event, from Apr. 4th – 30st:

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So much shopping, so little time … so don’t hesitate! or you’ll be late!


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