Fun in the sun with Jenna Trikini, Rhiannon Necklace! But first, a PSA…

Ostara's Altar Event Poster 2018 - Final

PSA Alert!

Yes, Dark Passions Events is bringing us the Vernal Equinox celebration, Ostara’s Altar!  It starts today and runs until April 3, with tons and tons of wonderful fashions, home decor, and more…and a great hunt!  It’s the softer side of dark fantasy, with dozens of fantasy fashion’s most talented designers participating.  Make sure you hurry – April 3 is not that far away!


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Meanwhile, on the beach at Santa Ramona…I’m taking in some setting sun in my Jenna trikini solid from BLOSSOM, a gorgeous sexy one-piece (that shows about as much as a two-piece!) that will make heads turn on the beach as you pass by!  It has a color hud to change one side to one color or pattern and the other side to another, or you can change the whole trikini, as I show on another day with the Jenna Trikini semi-transparent:

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Yeah, soakin’ up the rays, gettin’ in some sun…!  This is available in a solid fatpack, a semi-transparent fatpack, and a megapack at XXX Event, from Mar 15 to Apr 6:

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This next part that I’m blogging has a special meaning to me.  Trinity Yazimoto, the designer behind Petit Chat, designed this and named it after me.  If you thought that I cried when I found out…well, you’re right!  It was such a great honor by one of the nicest, most talented designers I know.  It is a gorgeous pendant with a design reminiscent of the symbol for Rhiannon in Celtic lore on a string; all parts of this pendant and string can be changed via included hud.  It is available at The Fantasy Collective event for the March round, Mar 10 – Apr 10:

And as always, you can find amazing items from these incredibly talented people at their main stores:






Petit Chat


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