Sexy, daring, and hot as all get out! Fashions for the wild child in you!

I don’t usually do posts like this…but you know, everyone has a wild side just waiting to get loose, and these fashions are perfect for that wild and daring side of me!

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First up (or off, depending on your viewpoint!) is Le Fashion Whore’s Chain Me Up panties and BLOSSOM’s Love Heart Pubic Patch applier.  The top is from Meva. called Dolly Bra and Chain – I thought it looked perfect with the panties, especially with the bra part off!  The top, if you like it, is at Meva’s main store: and the panties, with color-change hud, can be found at XXX Event, which begins on the 15th of the month and runs until the 6th of April:  The pubic patch, which comes in red, blond, black and brown on the applier hud, is available at the BLOSSOM main store:

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S0H0E SHOeS’ contribution to the XXX Event (LM above) is the Champagne Knee Highs, a deliciously strappy boots? shoes? well, whichever you call it, it’s sexy as all get out, with rows of studs on the straps and a color-change hud to change the main, straps, studs and platform parts to any color combination you can desire!  Le Fashion Whore’s second contribution to XXX Event is the Savannah dress, which comes in very racy fishnet or a more demure solid…but of course the back on both shows off your ass-sets very well!  The straps, bow, and main part are all controlled by a color hud for tons and tons of color options.

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And last, but certainly not least, is Kitty Creations’ contribution to sexing up your outfit choices!  All of these are available at the main store, and some are even on sale for either $99L, $30L, or $25L!  But even if not on sale, they are super-hot AND affordable!  The skirts are super-short, with no panties underneath for most of them; some, like the Endearing Soul in black or She’s Provocative in white, are just lace…what a way to show them what you’ve got!  Even the Siri, which looks so innocent, can have the bra part removed, and voila! you are topless…well, mostly, lol!  Sadie Dubratt, the owner, also has many many other fashions that are sexy, as well as medieval items for the roleplayer in you, home decor, etc. She also has men’s fashions for Gor or medieval roleplay…so it’s worth your time to check it all out!


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