Jewelry to comfort you when you are feeling down…

Into every life a little rain must fall…even in an avi’s RP life!  So, what do you do when things get a little dark and dreary?

Well, go shopping, of course!  And Petit Chat has some absolutely gorgeous pieces to lift your (or your avi’s) spirits:

First is the Poppy set, earrings, necklace and bracelets with texture HUD to change the metal or strings.  I personally have a deep connection to poppies, as every Veteran’s Day it used to be the custom to pass out paper poppies to remember those veterans who have given so much for all of us to have our freedoms and rights.  My beloved grandfather was one of those veterans, and I know he sacrificed much during WW II.  Now, every time I wear this set, I will remember him.  But it’s also a really gorgeous set that is whimsical and fun!  If you want this set, just go visit the Whimsical event, from Feb. 18-March 18th (

AND…if that isn’t enough…there’s a new group giftie!

The Atlas cuffs, which you might remember were released earlier, have been re-tooled with a new HUD for the limited edition monthly group gift, until Mar. 15th, at the Petit Chat main store.  Here’s the store info:    Petit Chat slurl :
Petit chat blog :
Petit Chat Flikr group :                                    Petit Chat Facebook :

PC Leila full set_001
PC Leila full set

And last but certainly not least:  The Leila full set!  This earrings and necklaces set has a HUD to change the colors on all parts of the set.  It’s so beautiful and delicate, yet would look great with casual clothing as well.  Versatility is a big plus with me, as I’m sure many of you will agree!  The set is available at The Chapter 4 event, from March. 4th-31st :  (  You can also find more info here:

flikr :
Facebook :

So…don’t wait!  March 31st is coming all too soon…!

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