Gothic Garage event is on NOW!

In case you’ve been sleeping or something and missed it, the Gothic Garage event is going on now – and wow, is it something to see!  The event is so chock-full of amazing gothic-y goodness, you will kick yourself if you miss it! It runs until February 6th, so make sure you get yourself there!  Here’s the LM:

And if you want to see some of the amazing items you can find, here’s just a partial list of the creators and their items featured in the slideshow below (more coming soon!)

:-:SUGAR:-: Lotus Panties

[WitchCraft] Witch Tattoo

adoness : macaria : naturally  (light blonde hair)

adoness : thalassa ALOHA : naturally (darker reddish-blonde hair)

Astara – Athena Top

BtD Eternity Begins Tonight: Everlasting Collection (lilies in vase, bench, candelabra, folding screen)

Deadly Nightshade GGS Tapestry – Red

F&M*Pentacle Necklace

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t this just must-have?  So hurry and get there – there’s no time to lose!

And if seeing these items has whetted your appetite for more, here’s the LMs for the stores featured:






Deadly Nightshade


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