There’s nothing Plain Jane about Petit Chat!

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I RP on two sims that contain Santa Ramona Valley RP,  ( and where one of the sims sports an university.  As I was RPing the usual ‘student studying but bored’, I saw how especially the Jane glasses would enhance my study RP!  And of course, I couldn’t leave the Carly earrings out – I had loved the Carly bracelets, and to see that Petit Chat decided to increase the offerings for that set was terrific!   The earrings can have their wires and pearl colors change, just as in the Carly bracelet; the Jane eyeglasses allows you to make all the parts match and the lenses dark, or maybe clear lenses and mix-and-match colors in rows along the frame.  Did I really work my RP scene?  You bet I did, and I still maintain that it was the Jane frames that gave me the edge!  Well, and of course the earrings – no reason to go RPing without looking great!

How can you get these items?  Well, let me tell you!

The Chapter Four – The Hidden Chapter, held Jan, 14th-31st, has the Carly Earrings here:  You can also get more information here:

flikr :

Facebook :

The Underdog Event has the Jane glasses and runs from Jan. 14-Feb 16th here:

Flickr Group Photo-stream –
Blog / Webpage –
Facebook Page –

Don’t wait too long; nothing lasts forever, especially not these events!

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