Assorted adorable-ness!

But first, a PSA – have you wished there was another group for advertising your blogs?  The Blogger Hub came along to thankfully give us an outlet to post our blog links and advertise for bloggers, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was another group to add to your promotional influence?  Well, wish no more!  There is a group, That’s What I Like! Blogger&Designer, in Second Life for bloggers to promote their  blogs and designers to promote their designs; here is the URI: secondlife:///app/group/087be636-b8aa-13c1-9261-cbc50a854a25/about

But now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

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And at my favorite group of stores, S0H0E Shoes, BLOSSOM and Le Fashion Whore, they have more fabulous items to fuel your fashion fantasies!  We have first Le Fashion Whore with the Olivia crop top, a top whose asymmetrical hem will certainly have people stand up and take notice!  Paired with the Sophie belted jeans, you will certainly stand out in any crowd as a fashion-conscious woman!  Both have huds to change color and both are available at Twe12ve, which opened on the twelfth and ends at the end of the month:

BLOSSOM and S0H0E Shoes have put their creative minds together to create two outfit-and-shoes combo; first is the BLOSSOM Giselle babydoll paired with the Dollie shoes I already blogged last time – but hey, when something is sooooo totes adorbs, what else can you do but blog it again!  AND the two have made the colors in the Giselle babydoll match the colors in the Dollie pumps.  The Giselle is a gacha at XXX event; the rares have the option of turning the top transparent as well as changing color, as you can see above in the pics.  Who wouldn’t want that? XXX started on the 15 and goes to the 6 of February:  The second outfit and shoes, both at Tve12ve (LM above), is the BLOSSOM Michelle Zippered Dress and the S0H0E Shoes Sindy boots.  Both the dress and the boots can be made matching – or not! – by choosing the hud buttons on both huds.  This outfit is retro cool and in it, you are certainly ready to go-go go!

And last, but by NO means least, is the S0H0E Shoes Roxy boots, sexy thigh-high boots which has the option, by hud, of changing toe, heel, buttons, body and sole to match any outfit you desire!  You won’t just be hot in these boots – you’ll be NUCLEAR!  These boots are for the XXX Event (LM above).  If I were you, I’d hurry – nothing lasts forever, and certainly not these events!




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