New Year, New Stuff!

Don’t you love the word “new”?  To me, the word “new” always makes me think of things that are unmarred and as near to perfect as anything can be in this thoroughly imperfect world.  It also means another chance, as in the New Year; all those resolutions we make (and break!) to do better, to accomplish what we couldn’t last year.

And new also means more blogging fun! I’ve got a set of jewelry and a bracelet from Petit Chat, an applier hud from My Pretty Pixels for Catwa eyes, and two pairs of shoes from S0H0E Shoes!  This much deliciousness is just amazing!

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From Petit Chat, we have the Flakes jewlery set, a necklace, bracelets and earrings set.  They look stunning, especially as you can change their colors to match your outfit (as I did!).  Gorgeous and delicate as flakes of snow on a mitten, these are a must- have!  You can find these at The Project Se7en event , which runs from Dec. 30 th through Jan 20th:

Website :

Petit Chat also has the Carly bracelet, a fiber/pearl/metal bracelet that can be worn by both men and women.  It’s also simply divine!  The hud to change colors for all the parts gives you a wide choice of options to match your outfits.  This is a must-have!  You can find it at The Chapter Four, from Jan. 4-31st:

flikr :
Website :
Facebook :

and you can also find even more gorgeousness at the Petit Chat mainstore:

My Pretty Pixels (MPP) has a fantastic hud applier for Catwa eyes; you now have even more options to get gorgeous eyes!  This hud has the Bright eyes coloration and soooooo many options – even mixes of colors to add even more options!  You can find such amazing stuff, like clothing, jewelry, buildings and more!


Last, but very much certainly not least, S0H0E Shoes has provided us shoe lovers with two more options for gorgeous feet in the new year!  Dollie is a sweet little pump, with a bow near the instep strap to just tie up all that adorable-ness!  The enclosed hud allows for changing all parts of the shoe to match your outfit.  Elle is a more grown-up kind of pump, with a narrow stiletto heel, bow and gems – and a cute little design on the heel!  Elle also has a hud to change all the parts of the shoe – perfect for all those sophisticated outings!  You will find both of these at the S0H0E mainstore:





So what are you waiting for?  These items won’t remain new forever…!

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