Winter’s Hallow goodies and a lesbian bed set from Kitty Creations!

Yes, that probably is a very weird title – but at least it’s accurate!

First off – the Lesbian Lover’s Bed II.  This bedroom set is made by Sadie Dubratt of Kitty’s Creations, a good friend of mine who designs items that are gorgeous, with animations you may not find anywhere else!  I love her imagination and I love the items she designs from that imagination!

The bedroom set (which, btw, can be used by those who are not lesbian as well) includes two nightstands, a mirror, two chests, a bookcase, and an armoire – which also has poses in it!  There are also extra pillows that you can rezz that will make your sleep, or whatever else you are planning, more comfy!  In case you want to match this to your other furnishings, the bed texture hud has 8 texture sets and there is a second hud for matching the pillows.  Sadie also  provides custom texturing starting at 1000L an hour plus textures.

Sadie also makes men’s and women’s fashions as well as home decor – so be sure to check her out!  (The dress I’m wearing in the pictures is from her designs!)


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Now for a bit of a change of topic – I just love blogging for Dark Passions Events!  The designers who enter the various events always come up with amazing, lovely, detailed items that are just jaw-dropping.  And this round, Winter’s Hallow, is no exception!  As you can see below, the fashions, which range from dresses to jewelry to a stunning outfit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, range in style and provide a must-have for a variety of tastes.  And who knows, maybe you’ll find some new tastes when you check it out!

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LM to event:

LM’s to the various stores:

1313 Mockingbird Lane:




Z.S (Zombie Suicide) :


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