Playing in a winter wonderland!

Now as most of you probably know, if you’ve followed me for a bit, I do not like winter RL.  It’s cold.  It snows, which eventually either melts and re-freezes or packs down; either way, it turns into ICE.  Ice is evil.  Ice makes me fall and hurt my back and head.  Ice causes wrecks.  Ice is the bane of my existence!

But I love winter in SL!  I can sit in my nice, cozy, warm house and still play in the snow with my avi as proxy!  No frostbite, no falling, just fun!  And I found two items from Le Fashion Whore and one from S0H0E that increased the fun and frolic for me: Le Fashion Whore Eden Jumper and Olaf group gift, and S0H0E Shoes Grace fur boots!

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I just love these items!  Now Olaf doesn’t have a hud – he just comes as he is – but the Eden jumper and Grace boots certainly do!  The jumper has red, green, and white backgrounds with images of Christmas AND sleeve and trim options as well!  The boots change color on the main boot and fur trim and have two different metal textures for the chain.  I had so much fun playing in my fake snow with Olaf…and not a bit of chill in sight!

This is my kind of winter!

Olaf is in Le Fashion Whore store – just join the group and you can get him!  The boots and jumper are both at an event for Team Diabetes, a worthwhile cause to raise funds for diabetes research.  The Winter Showcase goes until December 10th, so don’t delay!

And for more awesome stuff, this is where you go:

Le Fashion Whore

F A C E B O O K:

F L I C K R:

M A R K E T P L A C E:

M A I N S T O R E:

G R O U P: secondlife:///app/group/f5f67230-0756-89f5-b6ea-be416f7306fc/about






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