Give me treats…or you get tricks!

Well, I did leave treats out…but apparently the local spiders (which have grown quite….large!…) weren’t too thrilled with the candy cauldron I have out and decided to let me know their displeasure with a nasty trick when I went out my door…

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Oh my!  Am I in trouble deep!  Will my (*<*) 1313 Sabrina Slippers – Maitreya help me run fast enough to get out of this [AD] [Black Widow] SpiderWeb?  Maybe the moving bats on my JACKALOPE / Animated Batty Leggings / Maitreya will hypnotize the spiders, or the colors of my [QE] Trina Sweater -Halloween- Maitreya will confuse the spiders into thinking it’s more than one person in the web!  (Besides, the sweater is so cute, I think I should get a free pass just for that!)  I do have a Lilith’s Den – Coffin Bend Nail Pendant that might be able to help me cut the web strands…or maybe the gorgeous manicure from DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Fall In Winter’s Hollow’s hud will make my nails strong enough to dig through the web!

What will happen…?

Will I be a spidey snack???

But then how can I do some more shopping for the uber-cool stuff from the Trick or Treat event (where I got all the sweet stuffs from above)?

Da-dum…da-dum… (oh noes, not the Jaws theme!!)


Oh, whew!  It took some fancy talking and a promise of a big bag of flies, but I was finally released!

So remember…if you see giant spiders on your front porch, get some flies, quick! 😀

LM to the event:

Store links:

(*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane:

[Angelic Designs]:


[QE] Designs:

Lilith’s Den:

Dark Passions’ Koffin Nails:




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