Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

LOL, this is a rhyme very popular when I was a child…although looking back at it with a grownup’s eye, it seems rather self-defeating.  If anyone were to smell our feet back then, they’d probably pass out – and how would we get our treats then???

Well, luckily for those of us in SL, we can’t smell anything, much less feet, and we don’t have to do that anyway to get fantastic treats!  At the Trick or Treat event, there are tons of treats for you to go and pick up, just by the click of a mouse – much better than silly rhymes!  I decided to do a walkabout around the event and show you all the fun you can find there!

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I tp’d into the sim to this place – it certainly reinforces the spooky, haunting vibe!  From this vantage point, you can see down two of the streets full of shops selling all kinds of gorgeously scary and fun stuff to get you into that Halloween mood.

Trick or Treat event site_002

I knew there were trick or treat free gifts, like this one from Fallen Gods, so I went wandering around to collect all the free loveliness!

For some reason, the Patsy Cline song, “Walkin’ After Midnight” came into my head…

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Some of the shops had some absolutely brilliant decor – this shop put out one of its offerings, a jack o’ lantern monster…super cool!

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Others had the above displays – a descending spider, a fireplace that managed to look haunting as it looked cozy, a hanging doll – whatever did she do to deserve that??? – a wreath with Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, a tiny coffin, and my favorite, a hound dog wearing a big hat with a raven perched on the top.  The dog just looks like he’s suffering all this to happen, but he’s not so thrilled about it!

Trick or Treat event site_016

This one, though, took the prize for me – remember, don’t worry about the witch, it’s the CAT you need to fear!  And that bat on the sign is tres adorable!

Trick or Treat event site_003

This bird was annoyingly loud and seemed to keep watching me as I walked past.  Considering all its brethren that were flying around in the air, I was seriously hoping I wouldn’t be starring in the SL version of “The Birds”!

I just happened to see the Mistress of the Dark…I mean, one of the creative minds behind this event, Bcreative Wilde!  She looked like she was thinking, “Oh boy, am I tired!  I need to stretch out and relax a bit!”  Of course, you can see why she’s a bit worn out…

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…when you see some of the between-and-behind the stores displays!  Gorgeous and disturbing and haunting, they show such attention to detail!

Trick or Treat event site_014

I’m pretty sure no matter what hand these fellows hold, it’s a Dead Man’s Hand…

Trick or Treat event site_013

OK, now the song “Radioactive,” is playing in my head…

Trick or Treat event site_011

…who couldn’t love a black cat cleaning itself in front of a grinning jack o’ lantern!

If you need a jump-start to your Halloween mood, you should definitely come see this event!  Here’s the LM:

It’s only on until November 3, so make sure you hurry!

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