It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween…!

As anyone who knows me knows, I adore Halloween.  With all the potential of candy Easter has, but with a LOT more fun, and none of the emotional baggage that comes with holidays like Christmas, who couldn’t love Halloween?  It’s every child’s fantasy – dress up in something you’re not and go get candy.  And since I refuse to grow up (just older, sadly!), I find Halloween just my style!

So I was thrilled to see that designers are beginning to bring out the witchy, wonderful weirdness that is Halloween – YAY!!!!   So let’s “fall” into the fun!  (Stop groaning.  I know you’re all used to my terrible puns by now!)

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First is a dress that isn’t totally Halloween-y, but when you see how sexy it is, I’m sure you’ll be able to work it into a costume!  The Le Fashion Whore Bambi dress  is part of the XXX event from Oct. 15 – Nov. 5, and is sooooooo HOT!  It comes in two styles, fishnet and solid, and both styles have the deep slits running up from each leg and fastened with lacing.  The dress, metal grommets, and lacing all are color-changed by HUDs.  The fishnet dress is especially daring…I couldn’t face the camera, literally or figuratively!  If you’d love to add this slinky dress to your wardrobe, here is the info you need:

LM –



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Next, we have two outfits, one named after the infamous city of ‘witches’ and the other quite ghostly, despite its innocuous name – Le Fashion Whore Salem outfit and BLOSSOM Celeste bodysuit  The Salem outfit is a bikini draped with a very daring draped dress and gloves…if this is how the modern witch dresses, sign me up!  The Celeste bodysuit has straps from the waist to both legs, controlled by HUD as to whether they are visible or not as well as color, and a strapless bodysuit color-controlled by HUD…which would make it hot enough, but the front of the bodysuit also has a moving ghost applique!  You can make it show or hide by HUD too – loooove those huds!  You can find these outfits both at the Twe12ve Event, which starts on the 12th of each month.  For more details, just follow the following links!





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Petit Chat has a couple of offerings which aren’t quite Halloween-themed, but I am certain you have a costume that is begging for them to be added!  The Pride cuffs, at The Chapter 4 Event from Oct. 4-31st, are leather straps with metal fasteners and a metal ring woven into the leather.  All parts can be changed via HUD, which gives you a ton of options for mixing and matching!


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The Petit Chat Themis Armlets, available at The Underdog Event from Oct. 14-Nov 4th, are metal armbands wrapped in a snake-like shape with circles of braided metal surrounding gemstones at each end.  The metal armband, wire wrapping, and gems are all controlled by HUD, which means when you dig out that smoking-hot belly dancer costume, you will have the perfect armlets no matter the color!


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Trick or Treat Lane - 2017 - Crop Square

And finally, an event that is named after the signature Halloween line – Trick or Treat event!  I just really HAD to jump up and down when I saw the offerings – and even more excited when I saw not all of the offerings were clothing-related!  I mean, doesn’t your house want to join in the fun too?  Of course!  With a gift from each designer, i really felt like it was Trick or Treat!  I took pictures of some of the items in a series below, with appropriate windlight setting, of course!  I added the tree and the leaves on the ground; it made the scene all that spookier, I thought.

Livid – Jack o Lantern sweater, Pumpkin skirt, Green leggings, Wicked Pointed Suede Boots (there are more leggings, sweaters and skirts, all just as sexy/comfy!)

The Half-Moon Market – Cauldron of Dancing Mushrooms, Animated (also comes in static, but the animated is so fun to watch!)

Rivendale – Bat Key, Hovering and Worn (you can see them flying around my shoulders)

Lore – Complete Cemetery (yeah, that goes without saying – so cool!)

~DN~ – Autumn Effects (the cool leaves falling around my shoulders!  There’s more effects also)

:[P]: – Swyrl Horns 24k Gift (also comes in smooth and ridged swyrl horns, color HUD included…and I adore these horns!)

Event LM:




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And here are the LMs for all of the stores!

Le Fashion Whore:


Petit Chat:


The Half-Moon Market:




:[P]: :


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